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  1. Sailing on the Pride heading south and on the return can be quite rocky when storms set up off the North Carolina coast, a lot in fall and winter....
  2. Are you on Sunrise??????? Sunshine sails from Charleston....but not in service now
  3. There is currently a "live from" thread from the Pride. You might ask if they have seen any kids activities. If your cruise is over Thanksgiving they might offer something but doubt there will be full schedule as long as covid restrictions are in place
  4. There are several `live from" and other threads titled so you can find a ton of information on this !
  5. Who knows what will be in place in 6 months. Pure speculation at this point
  6. My son has a home on Roatan on the other end of the island. No one can come ashore unless vaccinated and negative test. Apparently bubble tours if going on now, may be discontinued soon. Locals need the money desperately but too many tourists defying mask rules and passengers roaming Mahogany Bay drink in hand not masking up because they are "drinking"
  7. With all the talk re difficulty finding testing to be done before sailing I found it really bizarre that an arthritis specialist required me to get covid antigen test today! Not traveling, no one I know has covid! Kind of a nutty doctor, not sure will go back anyway. Stay safe out there!
  8. Because the others veer way off topic and people cannot discuss without arguing, name calling etc. New CC guidelines re covid discussion are highlighted in red above the board for all to review
  9. Everyone has to wear mask when in shops and restaurants on Roatan including in Mahogany Bay
  10. I would keep an eye out for protocols for December, until then it's all speculation!
  11. More cases here too. Obvious that unvaccinated people are going maskless because our percent vaccinated is about 55 and no one masks up at all. ICU nurses of all people are livid that major health providers want to require masks by September.
  12. Video is way way off topic re CPAP. I will leave this as it is for now but please get back on topic. Thanks
  13. To slide back to center, i.e. on topic, who else has a favorite CARNIVAL related entertainer ?
  14. Also required in shops around the island. Even though vaccinated here my son has to wear a mask inside shops etc when he goes back home there
  15. Next time this nut case video shows up entire thread will go, important content that could be posted with it.
  16. My son lives part time in Roatan. They don't have vaccine there yet and are being very cautious balancing needing tourism dollars and not having to lock down again. Many shops are still requiring masks indoors and these are outside Mahogany Bay, no exceptions
  17. Admin advised so locking this so doesn't become about scams in general
  18. If they offer tour to Mangroves and east end mostly by boat in Roatan, take it! Beautiful non touristy end of island where my son has a house near Oak Ridge
  19. This is all pure speculation at this point since no cruises have sailed. Please repost when we can get firsthand posts from those who have sailed. Thanks!
  20. The smaller tour companies are best for whale watching..ship tours cram a lot of people into the space and operate on tight schedules. . Some good options...book ahead though...are Harv and Marv's Alaska Whale Watching and Orca Enterprises. I'm sure under circumstances that they would refund if Alaska sailings get canceled. In Ketchikan we decided to go to Misty Fjords on our last trip, did boat tour and it was stunning If they let White Pass train go in Skagway be sure to sit on the left side of the car for best scenery. They may let it run but not let folks off in Canada?
  21. It is not a good idea to put personal info here on Cruuse Critic as we have no way of controlling who sees it. I have removed the booking number for that reason. Host Carolyn
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