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  1. We have booked a September cruise on the Star also. I will be watching reports as we get closer to the final payment date. It would be a bummer to have to cancel.
  2. Great review, thanks. In my opinion, the biggest negative with NCL is all the space used for pay venues. If you are not interested in using them, which I am not, there's a large portion of the ship out of bounds. I'll be on the Encore in a few weeks and will find out for myself if the larger ship is something I like. It sounds like you had a good attitude which makes all the difference.
  3. Thanks for the info. I'm happy to hear the pool deck wasn't too bad. I'll be watching for your review.
  4. I don't remember how much more it was to book a balcony outright but as of the time we received the upgrade it was probably only about $100 more than our bid. I have been checking off and on and it goes up and down a lot.
  5. Hah that podcast sounds hilarious. I take extreme reviews with a grain of salt.
  6. The promenade deck is one of my favorite spots on a cruise, so disappointing that many newer ships no longer have it.
  7. Lurker here, enjoying your review. Glad you didn't badly hurt yourself, those arms do look a little dangerous.
  8. Great details - thank you! I am happy to see the waterfront area doesn't look crowded and the pool area just "normal sea day" crowded. I hope it stays that way. Do you know if the Vibe passes sold out? Sorry if you already answered this.
  9. I have to disagree about the prices going up. Our first cruise was in 1990 and I think we paid about the same for that one as our January cruise on Encore. Cruise ship revenue has probably gone up, more ships, more passengers etc but the price I pay for a cruise is basically the same as it was 30 years ago. This is anecdotal of course, rather than based on any research on my part. Some services are better now, some are worse but I still think it's a pretty good deal. It also means I can cruise more often than if the prices had kept up with inflation. 😃
  10. NCL has done this to me. I was checking out cruises and got a couple of calls within the next few days. I didn't answer but they left a voice-mail. I haven't ever had Princess do this.
  11. We just had our bid accepted for the January 19th sailing on the Encore! We were in an inside and are upgraded to a balcony. I think our bid was about the middle of the range so not a super bargain but still quite a bit less than paying it upfront. I didn't really figure we would get it, have never won one in the past, so I bid a little bit higher than I might have :) This is our 15th cruise and we have never had a balcony so I'm pretty happy about it.
  12. I agree that it is distasteful reading the interview. We all know that they are in business to make money but hopefully it is also important to provide the customer with a valuable service. Personally, NCL isn't my favorite but I avoid the extra fees and find them to be comparable in price and value to other lines. When they aren't then I won't be on them.
  13. We have flown in on cruise departure day before and it is too stressful for me. One time we drove to the airport a few days early to avoid a snowstorm on our side of the state and I was wondering why we hadn't just flown to the port city early. Another time we did fly a day early, flights were delayed (Michigan - snow storms) and we were arrived at the airport about the cruise departure time but a day early. It was such a big storm that the cruise lines were waiting for some passengers but I was still glad it wasn't us. Another time DH's luggage didn't arrive with us, luckily it was delivered to our hotel an hour before our shuttle to the ship. Not to mention all the delays and cancellations for normal trips that aren't cruises! Too risky for me. We try to always fly the day before, it's a nice start to the vacation.
  14. Exactly. I’m not a complainer and will take any day on a cruise but I’m there to relax and if I can’t find any place to do that I will not be happy. I will be very interested to read the reviews when the ship starts sailing.
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