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  1. I did not enjoy the Suite Life on the Edge. Luminae was to large, all the way forward. Cant order off the MDR menu. No lunch menu for children. Lack of shade at the Retreat pool deck. Retreat lounge does not have a walk up to bar.
  2. We cruised on the Edge March 2019. We had a mid ship S1. I will only book another Edge class if our family wants too. If we do it will not be in Suites. I did not like Suite Class on the Edge. I have enjoy Suite Class on the other Celebrity ships. June 2021 we will be on Millie. I'm hope we like the changes made to Millie. Otherwise we will do more land vacations.
  3. These suites have an adjacent door that gives you access from inside the suite. This turns it into a family suite. The same type situation is on the M Class ships. You can book royal suite 6137 and concierge 6135. They have a inside adjacent door. I'm not talking about a inside cabin across the corridor from a suite. See photos the dark line through the cabins mean Connecting staterooms. As we know it is up to Celebrity to decide who has access to what. Best to talk to a TA or Celebrity.
  4. I might be blowing smoke. I remember talk about family suites. Might have been on a video I saw in MC. When it comes to the Edge. You can book S3 and inside cabin, suite 10170 and inside 10168. If you booked the cabins together and pay with one credit card. The inside cabin will have access to Luminae and The Retreat. Why have a inside adjacent cabin 10168 to a suite if the adjacent passengers dont have access to Luminae and The Retreat. I can hear a suite guest now saying. I booked the adjacent inside for my child and his au pair and they cant dine with us? Luminae and The Retreat are much larger on the Edge Class ships. Best to ask a TA or Celebrity.
  5. I'm interested in going back to St. Petersburg and visiting Disney Japan. Visiting my family in Måløy, Norway. We can always spend more time in the UK. I'm getting ready to make land travel plans for 2021. We had planned to visit NYC in Sept 2020 to see The Music Man on Broadway. We got a email this week. We now have tickets for April 2021. We had already canceled our UK vacation/cruise that was earlier his year. My plans is to used our British Airways certificate to fly Seattle to London in March. Visit friends and go to Canterbury, Warwick Castle and Blackpool. Then fly BA London to NYC to see the musical. That should use up most of the certificates. Fly Delta back to Seattle as they have non stops from NYC. Move our March 2021 cruise for New Zealand to 2022. Use our FCC on our Alaska cruise for June 2021. I'm all for wearing masks when needed. But I'm not going to vacation if I have to fly or cruise with masks on. If things are that bad I would stay at home and take care of my families needs.
  6. I was talking about the Edge. It was my understanding that they had already changed out the bar seats in the Sunset Bar on the Edge.
  7. I thought they were going to add a bar to the Retreat Lounge. Changing out of the bar stools at the Sunset Bar. I also thought Celebrity was making changes to the Casino Bar. Sounds like I spend my time at bars. LOL
  8. It might be a long shot, but I'm hoping Celebrity will add lunch to Blu and add lunch to port days in Luminae. This would cut down on buffet use.
  9. 1st, how is giving cash any different than handing your seapass card to staff. Is Celebrity going to close their casino on each ship. I have cash at home that I have not touched since Nov 2019 our last cruise. Wash your hands before and after touching cash. As to ship being half full an only needing half staff. If Celebrity stops the buffet and opens Blu and Luminae for lunch every day. The staff assigned to Luminae and Blu work in other areas of the ship when Blu and Luminae are closed. So maybe Celebrity will need more staff not less. What about staff working less hours a day to keep healthy. Covid is not the only virus that could be on a cruise ship or brought on to a cruise ship.
  10. I really wonder about some of the post here on CC. Some have their own agenda. Sure I would have like to vacation this year. I'm just not ready to get on a airplane or a cruise ship. I want to see how things go 1st. Just like the roll out of the Edge. I did not want to cruise the Edge when it 1st started cruising. We cruised on the Edge in March 2019. I'm planning on doing the same now.
  11. We have a March 2021 New Zealand cruise with Celebrity that we will cancel at some point. I dont plan on cruising until June 2021, an Alaska cruise. If friends from England cancel we might cancel also. I might fly 2 hours with a mask, but 12 to 17 hours no way.
  12. Our SS bookings have come with the 4 perks. It has been my understanding that you can at times book without the perks. Try booking a senior rate and check the price difference. Our June 2021 cruise booked in a SS. Senior rate is $3529pp without perks, with perks $3799pp.
  13. We have done about 7 HAL, the last was Eurodam about 2008. We have close to 30 cruises with Celebrity. If you enjoy HAL you should enjoy Celebrity maybe a little more. I know we sure did.
  14. I thought a TA only need 2 cabins to form a group rate?
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