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  1. I have a small expandable Tumi. Its Travis Crossbody Alpha Bravo shoulder bag.
  2. I voted Luxury light. One of my problems are dress code. I'm just not interested in luxury if I have to wear a dinner jacket. So looking at NCL Haven, Azamara and PG.
  3. We cruised on the Edge last month. While I enjoyed our sky suite. I'm put off by the size of Luminae and The Retreat. Not sure if I like the direction Celebrity is going. The vibe was just not right. I'm going to canceling 2 Celebrity cruises both in Sky Suites. Our 15 night March 2020 cruise Peru to San Diego and our 17 night Sept 2020 cruise Hawaii to Sydney. I'm booking Paul Gauguin for Jan 2020. I still have not figured our a fall 2020 cruise or vacation yet.
  4. Our last cruise in March was in a sky suite on the Edge. Celebrity did have the every night items in Luminae. They seemed to have the crème brûlée also. Dont worry, if and it is a big if. I book another Edge cruise it will not be in a suite and it will be longer than 7 days. I'm was not happy with Celebrity Suite Life on the Edge. One reason was that Luminae was to large. Blu looked a lot smaller. Maybe more people will book AquaClass instead of suites.
  5. We had S1 11207. I think our location was good. My concern is aft S1's are so far from The Retreat and Luminae. Here are photos of our S1.
  6. I'm another one that agrees with you. We were in a mid ship S1 11207. While we did not have any problems with the bathroom or the bathroom door. We do enjoy the Sweet Life with Celebrity, but not on the Edge. Blu did seemed more inviting than Luminae. I might consider a 12 night cruise on the Edge for booking Aqua in 2022. I'm done with booking suites on the Edge.
  7. Here are some photos from our cruise on the Summit. We had cabins 1114 and 1116. The Aqua cabins were added after the M Class ship were already built. This is the reason that the dividers can be opened.
  8. What I heard is the old chairs were showing rust in Jan 2019. So that was the reason they were replaced. I think the table is nice. So much better than the tv tray we had in a S1 in March. I was my understanding that Celebrity did not want tables in the suites. They dont want you eating in your suite. Less work for the butlers. With Luminae closing by 9am or 9:30 for breakfast and still only open for lunch on sea days. Seems to be limiting choices.
  9. The number is 750 - 2999. I'm sure someone has a list. Your internet mins move to 240 or 35% off unlimited. Complimentary cappuccino, latte, tea, espresso. You get 1 additional bag of laundry.
  10. Just a heads ups that you might be losing the shower in the spa.
  11. For myself I love the S Class ships. What I have learned over our Celebrity cruises. I like the M Class of Northern Europe, Alaska and Asia. The S Class for the Caribbean and Mediterranean. On the up side of seeing Celebrity Edge. I thought the size of Blu restaurant was nice. Now with the MDR being 4 restaurants it will be a nice change. The high end shops are a nice way to spend extra OBC. And the best thing is the tender loading area on deck 2.
  12. The Millennium was a non smoking ship when it was launched. I'm not sure how long that lasted. That might be why you thought Celebrity was completely non smoking.
  13. And we were the lucky ones. Our Butler said he only had one. Yes this is the new Suite Class. The 2nd photo is from a S class Sky Suite breakfast on our balcony.
  14. I turned 60 last year. We are now both retired. We done just over 50 cruises. 30 of those cruises were on Celebrity. We booked a S1 cabin 11207. We were in a S1 non aft suite. The new T25 has a separate check in entrance for suite class. We sat down in the lounge and they came to us to check us in. The ship is beautiful, but being from Seattle we have seen many shade of gray. Our suite was nice. Our butler got us a tv dinner tray to have our breakfast on. Luminae and The Retreat are all the way forward. I dont tend to have any issues with sea sickness. I can see how some people my not want to book a suite as most suites are forward. As the Edge has twice as many suites. Luminae is twice the side and the Retreat was 2 decks. While the service was very nice. The food was ok and very limited. Celebrity did add the every night items to Luminae. The Suite Life is gone from the Edge class ship. The Edge class has lost the intimacy of the M and S class ships that we had with MC and Luminae. We have 4 cruises booked now. Non on the Edge class. I might consider a 12 to 14 night cruise in 2022, if they have them. I never did find a men's bathroom on the Edge with Kleenex tissue. Not even in the Retreat bathroom.
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