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  1. I just went online to see what shots/jab the International certificate of vaccination or prophylaxis (CIS) has on file. My record only shows 4 shots. I have my own International certificate of vaccination or prophylaxis records. It is my understanding that where you get your shots are to upload to a state database. My Hep A & B, Typhoid, MMR, HIB, Yellow Fever, Shingrix and more are not listed. Has anyone looked at their own online shot records? I have carried my shot records all over the world since 1986. Not one country has ever asked to see my vaccinations.
  2. You might be right. So then I look to the dress code. Regent has informal and formal evenings and elegant casual. I personally like Celebrity and Azamara's country casual.
  3. https://www.celebritycruises.com/captains-club/exclusive-offers/bonus-points
  4. I talked to my TA just before Nov 17th. She said it had to be a new booking. I moved a booking to a new cruise, then rebooked. The cruise was the same price that I already had. Our cruise is Aug 2021.
  5. Another for E class being below par. We have 2 cruises booked on Millie and 1 on Connie.
  6. We have 1 FCC from a cruise I canceled. We have 3 cruises booked between June 2021 and May 3, 2022. All refundable deposits. We need 2 of the 3 cruises to happen if we are going to use up our FCC by May 4, 2022. June is a 7 night Alaska cruise, June might be to early cruise. It's up to the Canadian Government and the CDC. So the back up cruise is Aug 2021 Rome to Venice 9 night. We should be ok with this 9 night cruise as it is my understanding that the CDC has no say on this cruise. We will be able to use our British Airways certificate for airfare. Our back up to back up is a Pacific Coast c
  7. We have done this cruise with Celebrity 3 times now. Two times in the pass 5 years. The cruise prices for Hawaii/Vancouver or Vancouver/Hawaii do go up fast. One of the reasons we book as soon as they are released. Prices seem higher than normal, but this is not normal times.
  8. Yes the other day I was looking around as our South American cruise changed ships. So I pay $1274 to get a refundable option. See the people laughing at us in the photo. It tells me to book last minute. Book onboard and hope they dont charge $1274 for a refundable deposit. My glass is half full for I have 4 cruises booked that I can move around. Hoping to cruise in June 2021.
  9. While I'm going to miss the CC evening event in the Sky Lounge. And I hope that the Zenith's will be back in the Retreat soon. I also hope that Celebrity MC/ Retreat manager will have the option to invite Zenith members to the Retreat when their are only a few onboard. When I book a cruise I decide if I'm willing to pay that price and hope that at some point the cruise price might go down. The cost I pay is really for the enjoyment of that cruise. The CC program should not really come into play. I do try to not be part of the ME group. So many people need help at this period of time
  10. Great info. Cant wait for the new link. Thanks, Ben
  11. I was talking to my TA the other day. She told me to make any changes I want before Nov 17, 2020. So I moved one booking, then rebooked that cruise. LOL My new booking leaves 3 May 2022. I have one FCC and 3 cruises booked before May 4, 2022. So I need 2 of my 3 cruises to pan out. I'm now on the fence if my June 2021 cruise will happen. It was my understanding that Celebrity will reissue a new FCC with the left over FCC dollars.
  12. We cruised on the Edge March 2019 in a S1 mid ship.We enjoyed our suite. I did not like Luminae on the Edge. It was large and seemed more like a European Bistro. On the Edge you can not order off the MDR menu in Luminae. I have heard good things about Blu. Down side you dont have the view of the water like the other class ships. I myself dont plan on booking Edge class ships. If family wants too for some reason, it will not be in suite class.
  13. We are elite plus. If we do 2 cruises a year we will be zenith in 5 years. If it happens it happens. At this time we have 4 cruises booked with Celebrity. I do look at Regent, Silversea and Azamara. 1st the ships are a lot smaller than Celebrity ships. Our one Azamara cruise was nice, but boring when it come to things to do on the ship. I dont like the dresscode of Regent or Silversea. Every time I think I'm done with Celebrity. I look around and come back to Celebrity. I like the ship within a ship concept. I enjoy Luminae on the M and S class ships. At this time I think we have 15 to 20 year
  14. We have only done 1 Azamara cruise. We have been booking suites on Celebrity for the past 3 years. What I like about Luminae is that you can order off both Luminae and MDR menus for lunch and dinner. Edge class ships you can not order off the MDR menu in Luminae. You can request special order meals 24 hours in advance. What draws me to Luminae is that there is not a set seating time. I like the Luminae menu as a whole. My other half has better luck with the MDR menu. Having both menus is a win win for our family. I remember one evening not liking my main dish. I said please take this away
  15. I new there was something that was missing on Viking. Azamara I heard was getting rid of their casinos.
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