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  1. We had this cruise also on the books. Now, replacement is not at all close to what original cruise was. New ship, dates and the “ usual 7 day Mediterranean circuit “. We are holding off on touching this one for awhile.
  2. Hi Steve, So sorry to hear about flight problems but, not surprised. Especially international flights are constantly getting messed with. BA idea of First Class within region is just regular seat upfront with middle seat blocked. Not so First Class but, OK for a few hours. Rear of plane with limited recline is not Premium Plus by any means. I agree with you on change. I am on Flyertalk everyday checking on all the changes going on. We have had flights cancelled, changed to different airports etc. I check our trips every Sunday night, as that is when changes take place. Just had to fix 2 more. They rely on their customers not knowing policy. When I wanted to change to day after, they said no can do. I reminded them change of over 60 minutes allows me to do this. Then, OK, no problem. Our trips to FLL and then out of MCO for our cruises have changed 3 times. It seems like everything is "whatever" in customer service.
  3. Comcast is #1 on my list of horrible service. I have been dealing with them 4 times this last week just to get back what I had. They cancelled voice, lost # then replaced with different number, then turned off cable. When I walk into Xfinity, they wave Hi and know my name. Ha Ha Ha, at least I get put at top of list .
  4. It makes me think if this type of thing happened on an airline . Purchase a First Class Ticket and select seat. Airline then moves you to row 31, middle seat. No mention of change to you. When you call to complain, they say no changes but, they will still give you a free drink back there. So, everything is OK, right?? NO ONE would put up with this.
  5. Divina ? Those are Executive Suites On Meraviglia now….Pretty sure cabin is RS. Just guessing😉
  6. Ha Ha, thanks. I agree, it is nice to have the shade . With Covid, thought it was nice to have some privacy and seclusion. The staff are always wonderful.
  7. There are a few cruise sites that will compete for your business. This is how we found our TA. Hint- read between the lines😉
  8. Ours said - Reserved for 15011 (Cold day in Malta ) Hoping it is the same when we sail in November.
  9. Bon Voyage 🛳 🥂🍾🏝 Are you port or starboard? RS Cabana not already reserved for you? We thought is gets automatically reserved for the week with Cabin # posted. Sorry for all the questions. We will have starboard for our cruise😉 Looking forward to your posts.🎉
  10. Good to hear....this is one treat we enjoy. It makes sense that they had to put off production of the ships until they knew they would sail again... So we get freshly made ships!
  11. Wondering if those who have received chocolate ships can report back. Some reporting that ships are now poor quality chocolate? Thanks
  12. YEA!! You have had quite a time this past year and a half. Felt so bad for you trying to get FCC straighten out ( For a year) ENJOY! have a great cruise and raise a glass to all of us here at CC still anticipating our upcoming cruises 😉
  13. I think it is the Meraviglia.
  14. Ahhh, good catch. Free and Sea is fare without any promos added.
  15. That is one difference we enjoy with MSC. When MSC offers free drink and WiFi package, they do not add “gratuities “ at time of booking. Not added during cruise either. Daily Service Charge is also more reasonable. NCL does charge for “free drinks, dining, WiFi and excursions” promotions. They charge gratuities for these, can add hundreds to cruise. Many complain that these are not actually free promos.
  16. Looks like those of us doing B2B will need updates as time goes by. Thanks to all who cruises for updates.
  17. The box of 6 has 6 separate boxes. Each with QR code. Make sure to follow instructions for use. There are YouTube videos for instructions. Avoid contamination, wash hands throughly before testing. $25 a test you want a definitive result. we are sailing Nov 13 (Meraviglia) and staying on for 8 day Nov 20 repositioning to PC. we will use 2 before cruise, 2 for second leg ( if needed) and 2 upon return home, to make sure we don’t need to quarantine. *it has been reported that the test does not need to be person listed on purchase application. See other threads for Binax NOW Rapid Antigen. B2B cruisers have reported that MSC provided test between cruises.
  18. Look at Drink Comparison Chart for MSC. Go to main site, click On Board. (Top of site) Click on Drinks and Dining and page opens up click on Drink Packages. see Orange sentence for Drink Comparison Chart. Chart of all drink packages now and then change in Oct/Nov. By region and package names ( easy, easy plus etc) and time of sailing. If you are looking when your ship changes over to new packages, go further down and click on When ships are changing over…menu of FAQS list.
  19. Thank you for this detailed response . It helps to hear first hand experience. As everything MSC, this could change. MSC had been doing rapid tests at pier, then discontinued this practice Now, these tests are our responsibility. Back up plan…. We are still bringing our own Telemedicine Covid Rapid tests, just in case.
  20. All cabin numbers posted are Fantastica Balconies as per MSC deck plans. Ugh! What a mess.
  21. One could argue that the increased cost of YC cabins takes Service Charge into account. As YC prices have greatly increased. Daily Service Charge amount depends on region and when cruise takes place.
  22. Rx test is telemonitored. You have to have them watch you open box and take the test correctly. If you are referring to actual test, I believe it is the same.
  23. They list sailing as Sold Out when they shut down booking activity to assess status of cruise. This happened to us before. Could be they are dealing with Salsa people concerned with the fact that MSC is selling cabins on “their cruise”. Hoping for the best for you guys.
  24. Not paranoid, just covering all bases. I would want to know I am good to go before flying to Barcelona! Now I miss Barcelona….what a beautiful city. Enjoy your cruise.
  25. Security should be no issue. Amount of reagent probably 1 ml. According to Abbott, reagent amount <1ml. Checked box labeling….box has Rx only listed. Prescription items are exempt from TSA liquids restrictions.
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