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  1. Our Transatlantic from St Lucia to Southampton is cancelled so perhaps they'll be a change to the westbound trip too....
  2. I was rejected for Shareholder benefit on a Britannia and Iona seacation that had been booked with a BLC. However for the Princess one I was given $50! They said as I'd received up to 50% discount on the fare they were unable to apply any further promotions.
  3. MSC are allowing B2B cruises on Virtuosa. I know of someone who cruised when we did and stayed on for the next sailing, both 4 nights each
  4. Jevsy


    For goodness sake! My husband has been wittering at me about doing a Princess seacation (along with the Iona and Virtuosa ones but I said we can't do everything and time etc.... Now he knows about the BLC discount as well there'll be no stopping him!! 🤨😂
  5. Our first cruise was on Island Escape too in 2005 for our Honeymoon. More than 30 cruises later.... 😉
  6. After following this thread for a few weeks I finally phoned Nationwide this morning re- my Flexplus policy. I received an updated policy document in my new insurance Portal within the hour. This is an excerpt from it. ----------------------------------------------- Specific Requirements As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic some UK cruise providers now require travel insurance to provide at least £2,000,000 of cover for emergency medical and repatriation costs. In response to this change we are extending our limit for UK cruises departing in 2021. Th
  7. That's so lovely thank you! x
  8. In the beginning we all used to think we’re the dirtiest of the dirty and no-one will want to be near us....and as time went on we knew we’re the best of the best! Only a couple of staff ever tested positive! Thank you all for your comments x
  9. Yes I took advantage of the NHS discount, and I'm fortunate to be able to not work for 14 days prior if needs be so not book any shifts in! Some of this is clear as mud but I'm thankful to be able cruise at all
  10. Good morning! We've just booked our first MSC cruise for May and just reading the blurb it says *We will deny boarding in the case of Potential exposure to a suspected or confirmed case of COVID 19 in the 14 days prior to embarkation* As I'm a Critical care nurse with potential exposure but in full PPE how does that stand? Confused......
  11. We were booked on Anthem which was cancelled. We asked for our cruise planner purchases to be credited to us with the 125% enhancement knowing we had other cruises booked. They refunded us instead!! They then cancelled our Adventure Transatlantic, didn't tell us at all, just converted to FCC and emailed us the news! A law unto themselves..... Oh and we had 3 cabins booked on the same cruise next year, 1 booked direct with RCCL 2 booked with a TA. We found out yesterday they have cancelled our cabin for no reason and we had to ring and rebook....at a different price! Rather fuming at
  12. We were booked on Iona - a P&O ship (owned by Carnival) in May 2020, and November 2020, and March 2021....brand new ship which has still never had passengers on!! We're pretty confident of the next try September especially as it's a coastal cruise for UK passengers with no port stops! Mardi Gras is still on the cards for us in October.
  13. Maybe they're planning a launch in Europe considering there are 11 cruise companies doing cruises around the Uk this summer specifically for UK passengers? It's certainly been on my mind they'd do this with Mardi Gras.
  14. One arm of the Carnival brand P&O is launching a new season this summer on their flagship Britannia and their newest ship which hasn't even sailed yet Iona, the largest ships in the fleet! Only UK passengers with confirmed Covid vaccine. The guess is they've chosen the biggest ships to enable social distancing with their limiting of passengers and newer ships to help with working out how things will work best.
  15. I actually said to my husband last night "If you could fly tomorrow on holiday either to Kefalonia (where we had a fab holiday and are booked again in May!) or to Barbados for a Caribbean cruise which would you choose?" Hands down Barbados!!! 👏 Yes we could get sunshine, nice food etc in Kefalonia, he says, but I really miss the natter with other people (no community in hotels is the same as cruisers!) miss the choir, lectures, the views....the laughing as we first walk into the cabin to see which of us gets the door view with trying to block out the surrounding light! Just miss cruising!
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