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  1. So glad we took some on Arcadia for our part-worldie! Better for watching a movie on TV rather than the glaring bright cabin lights!!
  2. We have just booked 3 cabins! Been desperate to get back on Anthem since her maiden season in UK! Our favourite ship.
  3. We are going to Heraklion and Souda Bay on our cruise! They binned off somewhere else!
  4. Sorry for how I came across, but the unhelpful bit relates to the comments about printing from somewhere else. Comments from several people who just didn't get that its not a printing issue but an IT one. . It isn't a device issue or a location issue. We in the UK can only use Carnival Uk unless we actually booked through Carnival.com US. Will still be unable to access our booking wherever we try from. Anyway, again apologies.
  5. Wish CC allowed me to delete this post! It is NOT the lack of a printer, it is the inability to actually get on my Carnival account to do anything at all! Not just me but other family members and other UK customers!! CCL US do know about the UK issues. I will draw the line here.... I shall take our cruise confirmation docs from when we booked plus passports (for ID of course!) and collect luggage tags there. Thank you all for your replies, some helpful, some not 😬
  6. It's not the inability to print....can't get beyond the 'Don't worry be happy' page!
  7. We don't have that facility either and can't access anything full stop. I know on some US cruise company sites they have digital boarding passes but not applicable to UK cruisers.
  8. I guess that's me well and truly told off then?! Sorry
  9. Yes I did that thank you and Carnival acknowledge it isn't just me but a general uk issue.
  10. Due to travel on Horizon very soon, we are from UK and haven't been able to access and print our boarding passes! I have been in contact with Carnival UK and they have been trying to sort an IT issue for over 3 weeks now unsuccessfully! They say that 'strangely it is a UK issue but only if it is Horizon booked!!" Well we have Sensation booked too but just cannot log on to the carnival site at all and haven't been able to do so for 6-8 weeks now! Just get the below message "Don't worry. Be Happy" but I'm not!! Our travel agent and the girl I spoke to at CCL UK say just take passports...... I guess booking confirmation too?! And what about luggage labels?
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