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  1. I dont remember the fridges ever being not cold enough. We dont keep milk in there but have kept waters/sodas in there and they were always cold.
  2. I thought someone started a thread a while back stating that CCL had billions stock piled and can go for a long time. Not so sure about that now.
  3. I think there is enough information out there for each person to protect themselves. Not everyone has to rely on scientists or goverment to protect themselves. Common sense isnt so common anymore. imo.
  4. The worst part about wearing a mask is not seeing peoples smiles and facial expressions. imo How will you be able to tell who really is having fun without seeing smiles? With masks on they all look miserable...😷
  5. NO, i dont want a test to go cruising. I just think it's a waste of time because there is a chance it will be a false negative. Who has to pay for this testing? I'm sure it will be the passengers, they will most likely hide the charge somewhere in the booking. Just tired of all this paranoia. I'm not going to jump through hoops just to go on a ship we where spend thousands of dollars just to be lead around like sheep. For us, we will pass on the testing,mask wearing,and any other regulation they put in place. Cruising was fun while it lasted, But IMO it will never be back to what it once was.
  6. Me and my wife just had this discussion the other night. We both agree that there is NO way we would want to cruise if we had to wear a shield/mask. I just cant imagine moving it or whatever for every sip and nibble. It even feels funny while trying to have a conversation with someone you know, let alone strangers on a cruise ship. When you cant see peoples full facial expressions its tough, and you guys know how many people you talk to on a ship. So, maybe the clear shield would help with this, But NO thanks.
  7. I dont see Mr. Carnival (JIMBO) on that list? I guess he has to step his game up!!...😀... Nice article, congrats!!
  8. Was i begrudging? Or just stating an opinion? If you think i'm jealous of anything or anyone, you should really get to know me first...😀
  9. Not entirely true. How about 1st timers? How about the people that registered to this site just to see what is being said about the cruise industry in general during these times? It's all good, just thought it sounded selfish, no biggie.
  10. Oh the Horror!! Seems like lots of selfish complaining going on in here. There are some who cant even phathom what its like to have to cancel a cruise, let alone worry about 6 cruises...imo
  11. NO way. It would be a waste, it would be off half the time anyway while drinking. Can you imagine sliding the mask on and off every time you drink? 😀
  12. Ok, thanks!!! 😷😷
  13. “it shows they don’t believe there will be any cruising before next year,” Shillinglaw said. “It’s a huge move and not a good vision for cruising” — raising the possibility that other companies might make additional staff cuts. It really doesn't sound good. Stinks for all them workers. Sad times.
  14. I heard like only 4% of known cases are smokers. Thats astonishing!
  15. Is it possible they might change the law after this?
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