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  1. NO....Pineapple does NOT belong on a pizza. imo 😱
  2. Me too. Proper disposal is the key. If other countries disposed of their trash properly we most likely wouldn't be too concerned about it.
  3. Exactly, the world has the problem. Not sure about CCL being the middle man. IMO, They seem to be capitalizing on the paranoia of this whole plastic thing. Which is why i called it "Genius marketing". I can see people buying more drinks just to try out their new straws...😊
  4. These were at Wal-Mart, Like $2.50. Everyone is in on it....😊
  5. Never did i say, "i dont like it". Being they don't have to spend the money on plastic straws anymore, It's pretty much all revenue now. It's all good, i really dont use straws anyway. Beer dont really taste too good through a straw. 😎
  6. I agree, the price dont seem too bad. I find ironic that now CCL not only dont have to buy plastic straws, but now they sell them. Genius marketing.😀
  7. Here's the question: Are they really concerned about the enviorment, or is this a revenue move? It just seems like they found another way to make some money. I can see some people saying "it's just trieing to please people", but not sure i buy that one
  8. This is awesome! Thanks Greg! I love the pics of the dark clouds coming over the island (i'm not gonna quote the post), but i always dug that about all the islands!! 😎
  9. Just for kicks, try posting your complaint on JH FB page. I bet he would love to hear it...😀😀
  10. It seems like an eternity ago that the Voyager was considered a mega-ship..😀 I remember cruising on the Voyager when it first came out. When i first started cruising, it seemed like all the ships were considered small compared to what they have now. Times are changing for sure!!
  11. They all have their pros and cons. We been on a few of the major lines (RCL, Ccl, Ncl, X, ) and we like every one of them. One thing i noticed on RCL, there seems to be more waiters/bartenders then CCL. Not sure if that helps you, but that is just my observation. I'm not a huge fan of comparing the lines. I guess it's because i never been on a horrible cruise. Just go ahead and try them all....😀
  12. I like steel drums, but when i was on the Dream there was one steel drum player that played same stuff over and over. It really got annoying after the 3rd day of a 7-day cruise. BTW, not a country music fan.I'm on vacation, dont really need to be depressed on a ship. 😊
  13. This sounds just like my wife. "Better to be safe then sorry", gotta hear that everytime. 😃
  14. To be fair, there are certain areas of certain ships where you have to go through the casino to get to where you are going. Also, not everyone knows the lay-out of the ship, so sometimes it takes them through the casino.
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