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  1. Your estimate of transit time from Gibraltar seemed off to me, so I found: http://ports.com/sea-route/port-of-gibraltar,gibraltar/port-of-new-york,united-states/ At 20 knots, 7 days. But the states likely to have the bulk of the pax from NYC to BDA all have higher vax rates than Florida.
  2. We were fortunate to have our “Wilderness Tour” on the 23rd and able to get the full length. They were doing roadwork in this area, but allowing the buses through. Quite and experience . . . unique for a flat lander from sea level.
  3. This link indicates the Bahama Covid requirements apply to private islands. https://disneycruiselineblog.com/2021/08/bahamas-imposing-new-restrictions-on-cruise-ships-including-stops-at-private-islands/
  4. Celebrity also offers weddings by the Captain in international waters.
  5. Grand Circle overnights three nights, so two full days docked, in Honfleur. One long day excursion to the beaches, the other an excursion to Etretat. Some people arrange DIY to Bayeux or back to the beaches. Vantage also overnights for at least one full day in Honfleur.
  6. I wouldn’t be so quick to get turned off by one brief quote about “the Grand Circle difference.” Read it all https://www.gct.com/grand-circle-difference As Gnome12 notes, Grand Circle Travel does only market and sell their product in the US and sells only in USD; no foreign currency. If OP doesn’t have a US bank, this precludes booking with GCT. English is the ship’s language regardless of where the cruise is; but how different is that from Scenic, AMA, or Viking (and perhaps other lines too)? The chefs on GCT ships go out of their way to accommodate vegetarians and vegans with diverse protein sources and they sometimes make custom dinners if the planned vegetarian entree doesn’t fit ones needs. During one of my cruises I was on a very restrictive diet and the chef met with me daily to discuss my meals for the next day. GCT doesn’t usually have affinity groups or large groups that might inhibit socializing. We have found most of the pax, even those traveling with friends, do enjoy socializing with the other pax. By and large the pax are a well traveled, inquisitive, diverse group of Americans. If they use hotels on an itinerary, say in Prague for a few nights or at CDG for one night for the bus trip to or from the ship in Honfleur, it is one large enough to accommodate a ship load of people that meets the standards and has the amenities Americans are accustomed to.
  7. We try to get admissions in advance to any popular site we know we definitely want to visit as long as it isn’t a weather dependent outdoor visit. Just be aware of that grand French tradition, the 55 minute strike.
  8. Assuming they can go off the ship and out on their own, no big deal. Mask when out in public in a group, and spit in a tube once a day is really no different than our lives are now in civil society.
  9. That mighty palace is where B&B is made . . . tasting should be available. At least it was when we did a similar excursion with a different cruise line.
  10. It’s a real tossup. DDay beaches, Jeanne D’Arc, cider and brandy, and Monet and Van Gogh versus Van Gogh, French Popes, the Resistance, and wine. Just want to note that Grand Circle spends two days/nights in Honfleur. One day for DDay tour, the other for DIY or one of their optional (extra cost). Also three nights two days in Paris on the ship. We also did The Rhône with them. We loved Lyon, Avignon, and Arles. Overnights in hotel with a full day in Paris, overnight and two full days in Lyon, two hotel overnights and a full day in Nice. Both those trips are longer than a week, and only one way on the river.
  11. I’m a bit confused. Isn’t entering the US on a trip from Bermuda traveling internationally?
  12. Jazzbeau, does the Fécamp excursion include the Bénédictine Palace?
  13. Yeah, that’s a great excursion. Given that the Canadian border was closed when the cruise started, was that excursion even offered?
  14. Who is the godmother/father? 🙄 Piers Morgan? Melanie Brown, aka Scary Spice?
  15. An investigation into a government official’s (in)action that may lead to criminal charges of “negligent homicide.” I can think of a number of candidates for that type investigation here in the good old USA; it wouldn’t be for floods, but . . .
  16. A lot of lovely bridges for sale over the Rhein and Donau.
  17. Are any of the countries on typical river cruise itineraries allowing unvaccinated Americans in?
  18. Coli, is Ariel Sands ever going to be redeveloped?
  19. notamermaid, Thanks for those links. My German was good enough to to find the “button” that was labeled “English.” 🤷🏻‍♂️😉
  20. Is this the thread that had a prior discussion on trains? Here’s an interesting article - “The Soviet spy steam railway that's still running” - https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/harz-railway-germany-cmd/index.html This photo is the US intercept post on Teufelsberg in Berlin, some 100 miles (as the crow flies) from the Soviet/DDR site mentioned in the article.
  21. When it is noon in Würzburg, what time is it Berlin NJ (Eastern Daylight Time)?
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