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  1. Thanks for that, Pam. I couldn’t recall Dan’s version of events - now I know why 😏! Very true!
  2. I don’t recall this - who was fired?
  3. On its current cruise, Celebrity Constellation is due to dock in Sri Lanka but no passengers will be allowed off.
  4. I was referring to the reviews on Cruise Critic for the Roald Amundsen.
  5. Thanks, Bob, I’ll look forward to your reports. Lou
  6. I can’t answer your question but I will be hoping you do a review post cruise. There have been greatly differing reviews for Hurtigruten in Antarctica. I followed your round the world posts on Oceania and would value your opinion. Congratulations to you and Betsy. Lou
  7. Thanks for the advice. We were hoping to use air miles to BA as there are more flights available for us than to Santiago, then fly to Ushuaia and stay a few days there. It's definitely easier to take the included flights but have loads of air miles so were examining other options. Lou
  8. Thanks to everyone who’s contributed - it’s been great following your trip. The pictures are spectacular. It’s cheered me up in a very dull January! We are considering next year but would not want any flights or pre-cruise hotel. Do you know if anyone did it this way? Thanks. Lou
  9. Thanks. Like you we were under the impression that the camera would be on. We were told the pictures could be viewed on a very tall screen which clearly isn't the case. We went to a Hurtigruten presentation before the ship was built and this was definitely one of the marketing highlights! Very disappointed. Thanks again.
  10. I see from the reviews there is no mention of the underwater camera on Roald Amundsen. Is it working and, if so, what did you see? Thanks.
  11. Thanks to everyone for this informative thread and fabulous photos. We are looking at a Silversea trip to Antarctica next year but were wondering if there are any formal nights on these cruises. Lou
  12. I’ve been on P and O a few times and never seen a dog so decided to look at their policy. Sorry, I’m not tech savvy enough to post a link but for anyone who’s interested, call up their website and search for dogs. It’s not easy to travel with a dog from the UK!
  13. Thanks, I’ve done it now. The cruise I was looking at had no more cabins available in the category I wanted so didn’t show any choice. I changed the category and got the screen you described! The Princess and Celebrity websites are so much easier!
  14. Thanks for that but I still don’t get the choice! We choose select and cabin category but then don’t get a screen with the deck plan - just a screen with a red price bar telling me to ‘book now’ and the price! Below that is ‘what’s included in the price’ and ‘additional cost choices’. I think I’ll give up!
  15. Still can’t choose a cabin though ☹️.
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