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  1. We've just been on Explorer - Japan. How tastes differ! We disliked the decor - everywhere is too dark. Coffee Connection is too dark, as is the Observation Lounge. We preferred our room (Penthouse) on Voyager - more open, brighter and a nicer bathroom and walk-in wardrobe. Compass Rose was very noisy, especially when seated where the ceiling is lower. It's a good job we're not all the same!
  2. Regarding DO Premium balconies, I've just done some dummy bookings on the UK Princess website and they do not show Signature benefits. We've been in Reserve mini-suites a few times and have never been able to book a table either on-line or onboard. It will be interesting to hear from someone currently onboard in a DO to see what they are getting!
  3. P & O has some great Caribbean itineraries but we wouldn't want a fly-cruise as we prefer to make our own flight arrangements. If this were possible it would ease the pressure on the charter flights. Does anyone know the reason P & O doesn't allow this?
  4. You already do and have done so for several years. All UK and EU citizens need an ESTA to travel to the US which is obtained before travel and involves photos and finger printing on arrival. Maybe the UK should charge US citizens?
  5. If you are using Saga transport you will need to check that it is OK for 2 large cases and an overnight bag, as their 'allowance' is for 1 case per person. If you are on shared transport with maybe 3 other passengers, this could cause a problem. When we contacted Saga to ask if we could take 1 small holdall in addition to our cases we were told to check with the driver when he contacted us to arrange a pick-up but, of course, this would have been too late to re-arrange our packing!
  6. We had a similar experience in 2016. We were booked on the Connoisseur land / cruise tour which included the Tundra Wilderness tour. About 6 weeks before Princess UK phoned to say the tour had been cancelled and we were now on the Natural History tour. We were not happy - my first port of call was the CC roll call where I found that no-one else had been contacted. Long story short - we had a refund for the missed tour and booked with Denali park direct for a longer tour on the same day. That wasn't all!! We organised our own flights and pre-cruise stay in Fairbanks so arrived at the Lodge at the start of the package to be told that we hadn't paid for the cruise - only the land tour (can you even do that?). After an hour of arguing / phone calls they finally agreed that we had indeed paid! Our welcome package had been sent to the airport although we had informed Princess of our travel arrangements. When we met the guide, he told us that the Tundra Wilderness tour had not been cancelled and we were still on it! We went with the one we had booked direct and were collected at the Wilderness Lodge (inappropriately named - neither in the wilderness nor our idea of a lodge)! As it was a longer tour we were not back in time for the dinner and show that night! At the end of the week long tour we so wished we had hired a car and done our own tour!
  7. Just back from Regal - robes in the room. I'm a UK size 14 and they were way too big for me!
  8. Pleased you're enjoying your time in Southampton. We're just waiting for our taxi to take us from home to Southampton. Maybe bump into you onboard. Hoping for a good cruise.
  9. If the noise is that bad then NO accommodation should be under the gym regardless of how much is paid.
  10. All the ducks we've seen have been knitted.
  11. If anyone has cruised on Princess it is likely there were ducks onboard and they didn't even know! wowzz - are you on Sky Princess' July trip to the Baltic? We may be on that too, just getting some prices.
  12. wowzz - thankyou for taking the time to post - have really enjoyed following you. Could you confirm that the kettle/tea/coffee making facility is still in all the staterooms - I did hear a rumour that this had been discontinued. Many thanks.
  13. We've seen dogs on cruises from the US but never from the UK. I checked P & O's website for the Assistance Dog Policy from the UK and I'm not surprised we haven't seen any dogs! For anyone who's interested: https://www.pocruises.com/accessibility/life-onboard/assistance-dogs
  14. Last year it was in the Symphony dining room, port side. It was very good!
  15. If the contractors are called City Fibre - they are part of BT. They are working their way around Leicestershire - causing chaos along the way. They have been along every road in our village. They don't connect to the individual properties but to the BT installations - street boxes, underground chambers and telegraph poles. We weren't given any advance warning of the work and haven't received any marketing info as to the cost, etc. Time will tell!
  16. My point is that you do not know who you are mixing with - in a cinema, restaurant, sporting events with no choice but you do have a choice whether you cruise or not.
  17. You probably encounter unvaccinated people every day without your knowledge. Going on a cruise with the possibility of unvaccinated guests is your choice.
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