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  1. who can help me please? there are 2 roll calls for the same sailing i can not find the current one looking for 1-2-19 celebrity 9 nites on silhouette
  2. celebrity is much more upscale than rcl food is better on celebrity i prefer celebrity
  3. hi thanks for your posts. do you think you can post some menus please. thank you. i am interested in the dining option where you can cook your own steaks? do you know how much per person they charge? also do you have any daily programs to post? thank you enjoy your cruise
  4. just when you think you have heard it all toenails nail clipping please. do you all count toilet paper squares? come on such silly questions reminds me of in the old days what time is the midnight buffet?where does the crew live?come on people
  5. hi anyone have any menus to post? thank you
  6. that is totally subjective like asking what is the best car overall
  7. hi where re the hal menus i do not see it thank you
  8. food is so subjective for each person. my major complaint on all ships food is never hot enough they have alot of people to feed they do the best they can to serve all. the food has gone down on all ships over the years and the price of food is going up and the rates on the cruise have not
  9. ok get real. you are ok. i have found a chipped tea cup and i reported it. as long as you did not get injured you are ok be happy. you should have take a complimentary meal you are barking up a tree get a life and go live in a bubble
  10. anyone have any menus that they can post for veendam for 2018? thank you that would be very appreciated
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