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  1. YES! Last cruise, my roomie had pre-ordered a couple of bottles of rum and some sodas to be delivered from the Fun Shops to our cabin upon arrival. There was a $30 delivery charge we didn't have a clue about, or would not have bought it. Won't ever do that again.
  2. There could be some chair movement above, but I personally would take the Lido balcony. I LOVE being on Lido. And that little hallway has very little traffic. Usually have a door at the Lido end that most people don't realize actually goes to cabins.
  3. Are those slatted wooden looking doors on the Breeze cabins real wood or metal with a wood finish? Also, do they actually move? As in, can those slats be moved? I know there is a solid door, just can't remember about those slats, and a friend is asking about them! She also wants to know if her door decoration magnets will stick to them. I know. Maybe if they are metal. Of course not if wood! My friend is actually my boss. Please help me get an answer for her!
  4. Not on this one but we are booked on the Mardi Gras on Sept. 30th for the 15 day repositioning cruise down to Port Canaveral. We've never sailed out of New York before. Can someone tell me which pier Carnival sails from? We'll be flying in the day before and need to start the search for hotel, hopefully somewhat nearby. I have no idea where to start since I've never even been to NY! I would love to hear any suggestions on hotel, and things to do the afternoon we arrive. I'm so looking forward to being on the Mardi Gras!
  5. Finally going out. About 24 hours late, due to fog. A friend's sister and BIL are on there. Chilling. What else can you do! They said CCL cut the Progreso stop. Still, I would take it not being at work!
  6. I don't think of jeans as elegant, so I dress "fancy" with either black long skirt or black slacks with a fancy, sparkly blouse/top and sparkly jewelry too! I normally don't get to dress fancy in my regular life, so it's a fun time for me to dress up. I especially enjoy doing a lot of people-watching on elegant night to admire all the pretty dresses and handsome men in suits! It seems to put everyone in a better mood also! Just my thoughts.
  7. Last September, a friend and I were on our first Alaska cruise. We chose the dates we did specifically to go to Glacier Bay, even though it departed 4 days after her birthday. We still called it her birthday cruise! About 3 weeks before the cruise, I emailed Legend's maitre'd to find out how I should go about ordering a small birthday cake that they could surprise her with in the MDR. Yes, with the candle and the singing too. I gave the dates of our cruise and names, and asked how do I arrange this---order then or on the ship, pay then or on ship, check with dining room, servers---I just had no idea and was looking for guidance. Next day, he responded "Yes, we can." No other explanation at all. I figured I would just get a small cake onboard and have it in the room. I can't remember if it was night 1 or 2 that our server came to me at the table in front of everyone and said he would bring "my" birthday cake! I kept telling him it wasn't my birthday. Trying to secretly tell him it was my friend's birthday. We were at a 6-top of all ladies, and everyone pretty much figured out what was going on. It was actually funny. They brought out a fabulous chocolate with chocolate cake and sang to her. She shared with everyone at our table; servers brought more plates/forks and cut and served it to all of us. Maitre'd Manuel later came asking for me and asked if everything was okay. Of course---it was wonderful! And they did not charge at all for any of this. Later, my friend was given a $50 spa certificate; she used it to buy some kind of $62 hair treatment and was very pleased. Basically, they ran with my inquiring to the Legend Maitre'd and handled it beautifully.
  8. And we just got the same inside-to-OV upsell offer again yesterday! Wondering why this many and we are still 3 1/2 months away from our cruise. Again, we declined because it was for only one of our 2 sailings. We are keeping our same room for both cruises!
  9. Can anyone report on how the new seagrass booms are working at MC? Mark has responded to several new reviews on Trip Advisor that they have just installed those to help with keeping seagrass away from the beach. Just hoping for some customer feedback! Thanks! LaRose
  10. Thanks for the info. We were wondering how they handled the wine carryons too---I'll pass the word along! Oh, my, FOUR sailings! I would love to do that, but it has to wait until I can get retired. A few more years. This will be #3 & 4 on Fantasy---since she was my very 1st cruise, I've always had a soft spot for her. Can't wait!
  11. Do they tell you what time to go off the ship the day before, do all B2B people meet in one place and go out together? Do staff take you or go on your own? How did you get your new sail and sign card for the 2nd cruise? Sorry for all the questions, but we are doing this for the first time in Dec. and are unsure of the procedures. Thanks!
  12. Hi, I have a question about doing the back to back on the same ship. A friend and I are doing the same thing in Nov./Dec. From what I've read here on CC, we should get some kind of letter the night before the first leg ends with instructions on how to debark and then re-embark. Some have said they have all doing the B2B gather in a specific spot then escort them off to get checked back in with new sail and sign cards. Is this how yours was handled? Do they do this early or wait until most of the others are already debarked before taking you back to security/checkin? Thanks for any clarification you can give.
  13. Sorry, Blarko, I've been away from CC for while! Friend and I will be on Fantasy out of Mobile. I did get another email with the same upsell. We didn't take it either because of being on just the one sailing. We prefer to stay put in the same room for both cruises! I called my "person" at CCL and asked if there was any way to extend it to both sailings; she said no!
  14. A friend and I are doing a back to back sailing beginning Nov. 26th, about 5 months away. I had an email offer on the 2nd sailing about a week ago; it listed a specific cabin for the offer. Going from an inside on Empress to oceanview a couple of decks lower. I didn't respond to that one. Then, a couple of days ago I had a phone call offer, again to move from interior to OV. Depending on which deck I chose, it would be at a total cost of $42-$52. We would have taken that except for the fact that we have the same cabin booked for both cruises of our B2B so that we don't have to pack and move luggage! And the offer was only for one of them. Not worth it to us to have to pack and change cabins mid-point. Since this is 5 months out, and we're not completely paid yet, there could be another offer. Bottom line is we are happy with where we are, so not in a big hurry to change for a slight difference.
  15. Thanks for the info---just what I was trying to find earlier today. I knew I had not had the option to select yet. My cruise info on the CCL site tells me to check back after Aug. 28th to select time. I had not figured out the 90 day window. Happy Cruising! LaRose
  16. I just got an upsell offer for our Nov./Dec. back to back cruises a couple of days ago. To go from interior to ocean view for $60. We would have taken it except it was only for one leg of the B2B. But we have the same cabin for both legs because we wanted to be able to just leave our stuff in the same room and not have to pack between and move to a different room. If we could have had the same cabin for both legs we would have taken it. Waiting now to see if we get any other offers!!
  17. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Doing the report was just one more chance for me to relive the trip. You are going to have a wonderful time---the scenery is just overwhelming. I had only found a few photos of any fall color. I was afraid it might be somewhat drab that late, but mercy, the colors were gorgeous. Especially during our drive from Skagway. Not only the trees, but the mosses and lichens had turned colors. And there were still plenty of wildflowers blooming. In Juneau, we could have ridden the big excursion bus back to right outside the ship. But we chose to get off several blocks away---still thinking we might do the tram. Or at least have dinner in one of the restaurants we passed. But, it was drizzling and getting darker by the minute so didn't do those things. But there also were no pedicabs in sight, so we had to walk it. Next time, I would just stay on the bus and go back to the ship. That was my mistake in thinking I could walk that far! But you don't have to. Hand warmers----I took some of those packets for both hands and feet, and completely forgot to use them! Took them especially for Glacier Bay day. Most days of the cruise I wore a thin pair of knee socks with a thicker pair of crew socks over them. My feet were okay. I only took about 3 prs of the knee socks and just handwashed them in the bathroom sink at night, hung them over the shower clothesline, and they dried fine. I did take a couple of fleece and knit scarves to interchange; they were handy on the colder days on deck to put "granny style" over the top of my head with a hat or cap on top of it. Worked fine for keeping my head and ears warm! Have a fabulous cruise, and I hope to see pics and a report from you when you return!
  18. You are very welcome. And I understand----I'm still looking at everything Alaska! Maybe that wasn't my "one and only" cruise there?? Probably not! Btw, I just found another new Alaska trip report being done right now. I think her CC name is "parentsof5". You may want to check out her report; she's at about day 2 or 3 of their cruise. Her descriptions and photos are wonderful. I wish you a fabulous cruise; it will be incredible!
  19. Thank you so much for posting your Alaska trip report! I love your detail and your photos are wonderful. Looking forward to the rest. I "finally" posted mine about a month ago for our AK cruise from last Sept.! But, just can't get enough of AK photos.
  20. You are welcome. I've been going back through my pics and reliving this trip. It was just so much fun.
  21. We too chose to rent a car from Avis in Skagway and do the day drive up the Klondike Highway to Emerald Lake. I absolutely loved this day. It is an easy drive and the scenery is breathtaking. We took our bottled water from the cabin and, after picking up the rental car, drove to Skagway's one little grocery store to buy snacks to take along. Our plan was to have lunch in Carcross but the place was closed so we drove just a bit farther north for lunch at the Spirit Lake Wilderness Lodge. We both had wonderful Hawaiian BBQ cheeseburgers---best I've ever had! I had bought the $5 download of Murray's Guide and highlighted some things on it the night before. It is nice to have but not necessary. Every thing you see is a highlight!! Oh, be sure to watch for white dots on the mountainsides, then check them out with your binoculars. They will probably be mountain goats! We saw quite a few. Here is a link to my trip report; you might want to especially check out all the photos from our Skagway day---our do it yourself excursion! And yes I have tons of photos from this trip! https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2632022 You are going to really enjoy this cruise, I promise! Have fun.
  22. Wow, that sounds like a fun time! Yes, I would love to take my sister to Alaska. She has never been. The only problem is that she is always freezing and can't stand the cold! I suppose she could find a window seat to camp at, but I would definitely be outside at every opportunity. I think you will like Legend---she is an easy ship to navigate. I hope to be reading a trip report from you later on, and I want to see pictures and more pictures! Have a great cruise!
  23. You are very welcome! And, well, I "think" I'm an easy traveller, except for not getting to go nearly as much as I would like! Complaining won't get you anything except a big ole headache. I choose to be happy and just go with the flow. If something doesn't work out the way I would like, I just see it as an unexpected opportunity! And this was an incredible trip! Thanks for "traveling along".
  24. Thank you for the compliment! That's exactly why I wanted to share it. Plus, it's easier to see things from photos than from me trying to describe them. And I love reading other people's reviews---that's what I've been doing all afternoon! ;p
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