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  1. Hairdryer is fine, in the cupboard. Just got off Regatta in January 2020 around Australia.
  2. Luggage tags are the long skinny ones in the back of the " Blue book" we only put them on once at destination, as usually in the night prior. Yes there is a pull out laundry line in bathtub, in fact we only use the bath tub to hang our bathing suits. There is one bedside clock, touch it and it lights up. Quite convenient. We like the night light that is now in the bathroom as well. Plenty of plugs beside bed and on the desk.
  3. Enjoyed Regatta around Australia got off Jan 6th. CD Corey GM Claudio Bathroom size cannot change but glass doors very good, Food still fab, a bit less choice not a problem unless perhaps on world cruise. Staff as good as ever many familiar ones. (we're Platinum members) Met wonderful people which is how you enjoy your time. Weather hot every day, beats the Vancouver snow. Off Feb 26 on Riviera to Caribbean. Enjoy your trip.
  4. Porthole area is huge we left a lot of stuff there, a knapsack, hats, sunglasses and odds and ends, snorkel equipment. Noted suitcases in the picture provided, those fit nicely under bed. You have to lift one corner of bed and then slide them in. Has always worked well with our huge suitcases. (larger than those shown) Booked 4015 around Australia Regatta next month, room the same as third floor. Upgrade would be nice but not necessary.
  5. Check out the roll call, lots of info there. Have friends who will be boarding and they have already been notified while visiting Barcelona.
  6. Room service is available 24 hours you should have no problem once you have your room usually at the latest 3pm. Ships are ongoing at all times and have existing passengers on board to cater to. It will be fine. Enjoy your cruise.
  7. Our Regatta trip in Dec 6 will not include a spa credit (we've been used to $230 pp) a 31 day trip.The new spa will not take effect till after. However with our Riviera trip Feb 26 a 14 day cruise $150 pp has been added in writing to our amenities.
  8. The $230 pp I believe was after 15 club points cruises
  9. I have a 31 day cruise around Australia Dec 6 2019 on Regatta no spa credit even as a gold club member. This used to be $230 which we have gotten, so a cutback with the new spa company. The next trip 14 day Caribbean Feb 26 2020 on Riviera gives us each $150 and I have that in the contract in writing. Wish I could have one on the Australian much longer trip. I think it is a matter of the change over not being covered.
  10. We were on Insignia last year after refurbish--yes there are plugs for CPAP at headboard bedside . My husband has one and for past 10years this has been no problem. They provide you with distilled water as well. You can specify to O under special requirements and it will all be in place by your room steward by the time you board. This is a great cruise line that looks after you well. That's why we will be on our 21st O cruise in December.
  11. Suncity galtx We are on your cruise but rarely organize our tours till after our final payment date (July 9) just in case we are not able to go. So far we have never cancelled any of our 20 Oceania cruises, so we are hoping for the best as we are both in excellent health ( in our 60 & early 70). A busy schedule is another problem. Your tour in Adelaide looks good. We usually find the O tours as you very pricey. We usually take the credit for a tour or two and use the rest for wine at dinner and cocktails as we enjoy a drink after trivia in the bar to meet people. Marianne & Dick
  12. You can buy the 7 bottle package once or again later if required. Sometimes there is a wine sale as well half way through cruise and you can buy there. I presume this is to get rid of some not reordered wine selections, sometimes some good buys.
  13. One Valentines Day all the women were given red roses, (I guess that depends on where your ship might be). Also a small box of 3 or 4 chocolates which you might share with hubby or give to your cabin stewardess. This year I'll be in Rangiroa French Polynesia so I'll let you know--perhaps a local flower.
  14. Re: loyalty, ditto that's why we're on board Insignia for 32 days Jan 29th our 19/20 Oceania cruise. Probably again on Oceania next year circumnavigating Australia on Regatta. Yes we tried Az once and it was good but prefer Oceania, cheaper and more choice of itinerary.
  15. Re O'life flight in Papeete, no need to worry most of flight is O passengers and a charter is set up to take you there together. If ship is late flight will leave late. If booked on your own it is a different story. First trip we arrived on the late flight actually got in by 8 on ship by 9, walked right on ship where a late snack was set up for us late comers in Terraces. The second time we arrived early am and waited till 2pm to get on board a long wait.
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