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  1. Here's the bar menu my Regent Rep sent me. He Also sent the Prime7, Chartreuse and Pacific Rim sample menus attached below in case you're interested. Bar Menu 08.15.19.pdf EXP Chartreuse Example Menu Dinner.pdf EXP Pacific Rim Example Dinner Menu.pdf Prime7Menu.pdf
  2. On Regent you can see the final price immediately. Don't click on request a quote. Next to that is the button: Plan My Cruise. When you select that, you'll go to a page to select your gateway airport for included air. When you continue, the next page will show you all of the cabin categories with pricing and size. If you click on the cabin category, you'll see all the information about that cabin. Don't forget, the pricing will be two categories below the actual cabin you want until this promotion is over. Also they're doing a 50% deposit at this time. I can't spea
  3. I have a final payment due in early February for a June Greece cruise. I'm doubting it will go but they want final payment 120 days out which they probably won't cancel until after final payment. I already have one 2022 cruise on Celebrity paid in full from a lift and shift past final payment. I'm not looking to support RCL group with another interest free loan. Since it's a six night, there's really nothing that qualifies for a L&S next year unless they bend the rules. Anyone have a crystal ball? I'm leaning towards the $150 cancellation penalty and moving on to another c
  4. I just did a price comparison for a Panama Canal cruise between a Celebrity Millennium S1 suite and a Regent Splendor Deluxe Veranda suite on the Celebrity board. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2767547-will-prices-ever-come-down/?do=findComment&comment=60691215 Regent was actually cheaper with much more included! The Celebrity Millennium cruise for the S1 is priced at this moment at $619pp/pd. The Regent Splendor is priced at $568pp/pd. So I booked the Regent cruise today! It looked like a no brainer to me. I selected the Deluxe Veranda because it was
  5. But Celebrity is a "Luxury" line. Ask them. 🙄
  6. The Celebrity Millennium cruise for the S1 is priced at this moment at $9,294.51pp which is $619pp/pd. The Regent Splendor is priced at $568pp/pd.
  7. In my comparison, the cost difference is the total bottom line, end price not per day.
  8. I just now did a price comparison between suites on a Panama Canal cruise on Celebrity Millennium and Regent Seven Seas Splendor built in 2020. Booking an aft facing deluxe veranda suite on Splendor for 16 days is $391.02 less than a Millennium S1 port side suite for 15 days. Both include gratuities and taxes/fees. They are one month apart. December 2022 vs. January 5, 2023. For point of reference, the Deluxe veranda suite is the second lowest category on the ship compared to an S1. The Millennium includes six ports while the Splendor does eight ports...not including embarkatio
  9. I have a different problem deciding since the itinerary through the Panama Canal is on the Splendor. We have really enjoyed the aft view cabins on several cruise lines; different size ships. However on the Splendor, the aft facing cabins ( besides the Master Suites) are only the low category Deluxe Veranda Suite G2. We were initially looking at a Penthouse C but there's only one left and it's wheel chair accessible. Besides we've not had a butler yet and don't need an excessively large cabin. Then we considered the Concierge because of the transfers, early reservations
  10. My DW and I like to have a drink while we're getting ready to go out. It's just more convenient to have it in the cabin than to run to a bar and carry it back.
  11. Greyhound Crazy, upon doing my research I found that Concierge is better if it matters that you get priority booking tours or restaurant reservations, like the included five star hotel night pre or post cruise and the transfers. Another consideration I'm thinking about was suggested to me on a different thread. The size of the cabin; concierge vs. penthouse. The other difference is butler or not. We have more Celebrity cruises under our belt than several other lines. We booked our first Regent last month on Mariner in a concierge. I'm currently looking at a Splendor p
  12. I don't recall anyone saying they expected that. If I had to purchase my L&S at the prevailing rate, which was booked less than six months earlier, I would have had to pay more than twice the price for identical everything. I would have done what Marieps did if I had another cruise booked or gotten the refund if I could have.
  13. So if that is the case and the analysts are correct, then excessively raising prices, appears to me, to be counter productive to fill the ships going forward. Therefore I suggest the high pricing is to consume the high FCC volume at more than the 125% compensation with the non FCC cruisers caught in the vortex. Restricting the L&S and causing a large number of customers to be forced to book at prevailing rates or to forfeit their deposits appears to be alienating a lot of people. That's the short game not long game. Fortunately I'm not affected by all of this yet. My Januar
  14. Wouldn't you agree that everything about Celebrity flows from the top down? Starts at Fain and rolls to LLP who was put in her current position because of the great job she did cutting costs at RCL. She has continued that at =XX= very well. I judge people on their actions not their rhetoric. So I know her from her actions. Once the FCC's get devoured by the higher cruise pricing, do you believe she'll be able to keep her ships full and profitable?
  15. Maybe LLP is correct. The proof is if people are still willing to pay for her product regardless of reduced service/food quality and increased price. They do want the millennials.
  16. You're correct about the lipstick. You can't call your ships luxury with passenger ratios over 2.25- 2.5 per each crew member. Oceania Marina, Azamara Pursuit, Crystal Serenity, Silversea Silver Spirit and Regency Mariner are all around 1.5-1.6 ratio. Plus Azamara and Oceania are premium not luxury lines. Then there's the quality of food. Have you seen the sample menus on the luxury lines compared to Celebrity's? Regency has whole lobster every night, caviar, scallops and Alaskan King Crab! In the meat department it's all USDA Prime and Dry-Aged at least 28 days.
  17. tserface, I don't believe =XX= is doing it to simplify it for themselves. IMO I suspect it's about the all mighty $$$s coupled with the smoke and mirrors so the financially challenged cruiser won't be able to determine the real cost.
  18. When I was researching my first Regent cruise last month, I received a call from a rep working out of the Miami office who was very helpful answering my questions. He got my info when I registered on the site and saved the cruise info. He works Monday-Friday. He followed up even though I use my regular TA which I hadn't disclosed to him at the time. My TA said she didn't mind if I booked the cruise through the Regent Rep because he gets credit for the booking as long he takes the deposit. Then we transferred the booking to her. The Regent rep, before I booked, confirmed that h
  19. HMR74, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. He's got three shells and a pea. Celebrity's Shell Game. From Wikipedia, (The shell game is portrayed as a gambling game, but in reality, when a wager for money is made, it is almost always a confidence trick used to perpetrate fraud. In confidence trick slang, this swindle is referred to as a short-con because it is quick and easy to pull off.)
  20. It doesn't matter what the future Celebrity prices will be because there are enough alternative cruise lines as good or better for the same price or less. Even some at a little higher price are a better quality and better value. Variety is the spice of life. That is unless someone only considers cruising XX.
  21. I feel I got a bargain on Regency Silver Sea then for a 12 night concierge cabin with excursions, included airfare (2 pax) and a one night pre-cruise, five star hotel with all transfers.
  22. Our first vaccine appointment is Jan 20 with second round Feb 19. We feel fortunate. Hope y'all can follow soon. If they don't cancel our June cruise, we'll be ready.
  23. My travel insurance covers insolvency. The policy states: "Bankruptcy or Default means the total cessation of operations due to insolvency, with or without the filing of a bankruptcy petition by an airline, or cruise line, tour operator or other travel provided the bankruptcy or default occurs more than 14 days following Your Effective Date for the Trip Cancellation Benefits."
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