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  1. Yeah I was trying to make a point in a second hand way that nobody knows the real facts. 😇
  2. Did anyone see anywhere that it said whether it is an all cash deal or if RCG is carrying some paper on the deal? Or even where is the funding source? To the best of my knowledge, there have been no financial aspects of the deal revealed except the total price. Anyone know specific info other than speculation? Azamara, I suspect, goes through a much smaller burn rate with only three small vessels compared to RCG, NCL and Carnival.
  3. No because I didn't ask that. I didn't book the cruises for the discount since I felt the fare was a value to me considering what I've booked. I know my TA is giving me about $1,500 cash back per cruise, my credit card is giving me 3% cash back and Regent is giving me top notch cruises. Anything else I get will be gravy. All I know is I'm looking forward to the 43 booked days on board Regent through Jan '23.
  4. I'm not booking online. I call my Regent rep. I get good info and recommendations from him. Then I transfer the bookings to my regular TA who gives us nice cash rebates. They both get credit for the booking. He for taking the deposit and she for the commission on the sailing. He really appreciates my support during these lean times. -)
  5. Not yet but once we've sailed, we'll ask for it to be applied to the subsequent sailings.
  6. We now have three Regent cruises booked but have not sailed Regent yet. However the second and third booking statements have Seven Seas Society numbers for us both. The first cruise booked, but will actually be the third sailing, has "First Time Guest."
  7. Guess you missed the wink? Or the tongue in cheek?
  8. There are business people that buy at the top and ride it down and those that buy at the bottom and ride it up. In the stock market that's referred to as buying low and selling high. Investment companies look for good opportunities to acquire businesses at distressed value. I'd suggest that this was the best time for them to buy Azamara and it was time for RCL Group to cut their "dead wood." Dead not because it's isn't a viable enterprise but because they weren't willing to do the things necessary to grow the business even before the pandemic. RCL Group tried to com
  9. But at least the ships are clean and drug needle free even if they're sold to someone else. 😜 Now when people start setting up tents in the passageways will I jump ship.
  10. Sailaway1706 Froh zu sehen, dass Sie ein bewusster Kreuzer sind. XX ist der Meinung, dass sie ihre höheren Preise rechtfertigen müssen.
  11. The shrimps on Celebrity got smaller so you order two. Guess you don't like shrimp on the half shell? 🤣 Why can't the new owners do both? Add another R class for the immediate increase in passengers and ports. Then plan a new build for the future. One isn't necessarily exclusive of the other. It's been less than a week since the announcement and they don't even own the company yet. The bottom line is it sounds like you'll be much happier sailing another cruise line. Bon Voyage as Bo likes to say.
  12. That's OK by me. I will never visit San Francisco again. So we're even. 😁
  13. Yeah. I had already edited after I realized some words I was thinking didn't make it from my brain to my fingers. It was shortly after 6am and I hadn't finished my first cuppa. 🙃
  14. I concur with Uktog about if cancelled it would not be due to the ownership change but the pandemic. I presume it's a European cruise you've got booked. Based upon the fact that all Azamara cruises are currently cancelled through the end of April, the likelihood is high it will be extended again. I don't suspect the vaccine has been widely distributed across the pond yet. My decision to cancel was based not just on the new ownership but mostly on the pandemic. I didn't believe flying from the U.S. to Greece in June was viable and the 13 day Caribbean cruise was beyond the CDC requ
  15. Our three night stay in St. Petersburg docked across from the Hermitage was awesome! We continually looked out our balcony door to the magnificent sight. It was also the backdrop for our White Night. So convenient for tours too instead of being bused into town.
  16. Celebrity's larger ships can't imitate Azamara's service and experience. The itineraries can't be paralleled either because of the smaller ports that can't accommodate the large vessels. How can Celebrity be moving upmarket with their guest/crew ratio? They have been chopping positions since RCL dictated the double/double program. They also sourced cheaper quality food unless you paid the specialty restaurants up-charge. What makes you believe they won't try to make Silversea more profitable by doing the same? Obviously they won't begin doing it immediately. However I
  17. The only tweaking I suspect will be what LLP did to XX when she was transferred from RCL to chop costs and increase profits.
  18. This was posted on the Azamara board by Azamara Team, verified account: Guests’ status with Azamara loyalty programs will not change; however, there will no longer be reciprocity with Celebrity Cruises’ Captains Club program. We can assure you that Azamara Circle members will continue to experience attractive and exclusive benefits and privileges under the new ownership structure. - Azamara Team My Azamara Le Club Voyage points include PUP points. I don't foresee them removing those. I suspect it will be a fork in the road where the Le Club Voyage journey continu
  19. I too agree. Even though I've sent my TA an email to cancel our December 13 day cruise. I don't believe the cruise would have sailed due to the CDC restrictions anyway. However I'm still interested in sailing Azamara again once the dust settles and I can see the realistic pricing come back. I'd also give it some time to see what the new owners will have done to the AZ experience.
  20. Back in the day being trapped with Laura Petrie wouldn't have been a bad thing. She was a dish. lol
  21. Yes they are. However companies always do this to soothe the masses when change occurs. The real key is whether the actions match their assurances. Too soon to determine. That's when I will believe the rhetoric.
  22. Here's our dilemma, we have a 13 night AZ cruise out of Miami this December. The P1 cabin is at a really good rate. I realize that the CDC has restricted the cruises to 7 days. So I don't expect the cruise to be viable. History has been that the RCL Group companies have waited until after final payment to cancel a cruise so that you've paid full boat to get a FCC. Since the cruise will be cancelled. Do I wait for the new owner to be responsible to refund the balance above the $150 cancellation penalty, take it while RCL still owns it or stick my head in the sand and hope everyt
  23. You think they'll be increasing the Azamara apparel in the gift shop?
  24. The environmentalists that pushed the change did want to reduce tourism which they could care less about. They want the island lifestyle not be inundated with masses of people that ruin the lifestyle and ecosystem.
  25. That coming from someone who has never sailed Viking or Azamara and not yet Oceania. I've sailed Oceania and Azamara and they have competed with O. The culture and enjoyment on Azamara was better than our Oceania experience.
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