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  1. I am more surprised about the feeling of entitlement by XX to believe they're a luxury cruise line just for including the gratuities and classic beverage package while hiding the cost in the increased fares. Jeeeeze, it's not even premium liquor without adding another charge. Now go equate the real luxury lines and compare the ALL (not always) included items: the ship's passenger size, air fare, excursions, accommodations, food offerings and quality service level. Granted you may pay more, but lately since AI, not much more or even less than XX is trying to get. I'd
  2. Back to the car analogy, I remember the day when A/C was an option in the NE US. When a dealer tried to pack the rust proofing add-on to increase the sticker, I said I don't want to pay for that so remove it from the cost. They did since it was an overpriced option that cost them very little money and they wanted to sell the car. That equates to the WiFi XX is forcing you to pay for. No out of pocket expense but a high priced profit. In essence, XX has become a car salesman. So the choice is pay sticker price for the cruise or buy someone else's "car." Howz that for a mixed m
  3. Yeah I equate the poster's action to guys holding up signs with numbers from 1-10 as women walk by.
  4. And that was my point. 😃 In essence I was somewhat agreeing with you about someone appearing to be judgemental. Personally if I weren't eating in the buffet, I wouldn't be perched there passing judgement for enjoyment. I'd be in a bar, the theater or in bed.
  5. What they more likely studied was how many passengers will they lose by forcing AI vs. how much revenue will they generate by having AI plus can they replace the lost souls with unsuspecting newbies who don't have the club status anyway; thereby saving the club benefit costs. On paper if they calculated correctly, it's a win-win-win for XX and a lose-lose-lose for others. Then for others, it's a wash.
  6. Ah the privileged class looking down on the masses.
  7. Over the past several years, XX from time to time, would offer perks as an incentive to book during the promotion period. By forcing the AI purchase of those perks, they've eliminated the incentive promotions. The prime example was their Black Friday promotion of nothing. Another difference with the gratuities, even though you'll probably pay them (unless you're like some from the UK who don't believe in tipping), is that you're paying them 90-120 days before the cruise instead of billing at the end of it.
  8. That sounds equivalent to the Ernest Tubs song using a paraphrase, "It's Celebrity, love it or leave it" https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2019/07/love-it-or-leave-it-has-a-racist-history-a-lot-of-americas-language-does/
  9. So Canada believes a ship in their waters that doesn't have any physical contact with their soil or by persons onboard, i.e. not disembarking, is hazardous to the health of Canadians? What happened to the "science" of social distancing?
  10. The Dam boats are at HAL. 😆 Eurodam Koningsdam Nieuw Amsterdam Nieuw Statendam Noordam Oosterdam Rotterdam Volendam Westerdam Zaandam Zuiderdam
  11. Sit. Stay. roll over. Jump through this hoop. If you are in the UK, hop on one foot. Get five PUP points. So other than the very few who are close to the next level...what difference at this point does PUP make? With the AI program or Suite Life diminishing Elite and Elite+ benefits, what's the use? Anyone heard of Ivan Petrovich Pavlov? PUP reminds me of his dog experiments. And there's the circle back. Here's your treat. 🤣
  12. Please explain how the law is in the public interest in today's society.
  13. XX was then. Those days will never return which is why I've moved upstream. So if I understand you, it's all about price and any cabin to get the price? Guess we'll never see you on Regent. 😁
  14. drsel your points are valid especially if #7 is a higher priority. I believe the discussion really boils down to a person's priority. I currently prefer fewer times at higher quality than quantity. Now with XX's Always Included and much higher pricing, if you were to select between XX and Regent, at similar cost, which would you choose? I'll compare an S1 suite I have booked on Apex in the Caribbean and a Concierge suite booked on Splendor through the Panama Canal. (Disclosure: The Apex is at the prevailing rate after they changed to AI.) Both include premium liquor a
  15. Isn't it time for Congress to change that antiquated law? Oh wait...Congress doing something in the public interest that doesn't pander to their lobbyists or cater to their personal power? hahahahahaha
  16. Depending upon who your TA is and whether XX gave them hidden OBC for a promotion to pass on to you, I'd ask the TA if the OBC came from XX or the TA and if it's refundable. Obviously XX OBC is non refundable (use it or lose it). However if it's from your TA and not in conjunction with an XX promotion, you can actually go to guest services and they'll peel out the cash. You don't have to spend it on XX if you don't want to. And that mi amigo, you can take to the bank. 😁
  17. Understood. I can go with the flow due to their unforeseen circumstances. It's what's below the surface that makes it acceptable. Maybe I'm being overly opportunistic. However I booked our first of three Regent cruises for May '22 so I hopefully expect things will have progressed more toward normal by then. Wish it were sooner though Not interested in looking at Silversea since RCG bought the balance of ownership. I saw what they did to Celebrity once they got out from under the five year contract provision after buying from Chandris. .
  18. GOARMY, Sorry your plans didn't happen. They sounded GREAT. It's postings by you and the other regulars that assure me I did the correct thing by booking our Regent cruises! I'm so even more looking forward to them. I anticipate Regent will continue to live up to the high standards once sailing restarts after Covid. I'm hoping this leopard won't change it's spots.
  19. Yep they "generally" do until they keep marketing to younger and younger passengers. The only thing that will save XX is the ever increasing fares that will keep them at Carnival. 😁
  20. Yeah, they were on Carnival and did try. That's why Carnival started limiting the number of drinks you could have in one day.
  21. All of my TA cruise payments actually show up on my charge card by the cruise line booked. I recently cancelled two Azamara cruises for May and December. The refunds, less penalty, were received within one week from Azamara.
  22. From XX's perspective it means simplify forced, added charges. 🤣
  23. It doesn't sound like Oceania would fit his needs either. While larger than the R class, the O class ship still is smaller than XX's new Edge and Apex builds. Entertainment, while perhaps better than Regent, won't be the "non stop entertainment activities, shows and events; with plenty of variety and options" he craves. The Edge class is built for cruisers like drsel. I don't understand why he's even on the Regent board since Regent apparently isn't for him. The mass market lines will supply him with plenty of the activity he desires.
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