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  1. What's that same cabin going for now in April '22? Isn't the lowest Sky suite going for about $3,912 pp? or $559pp/pd?
  2. Actually Regent is 100% suites. The Seven Seas Splendor has 375 suites with the smallest one being 307SF. The second bottom suite category is up to 361SF. Superior and Concierge suites are up to 464SF. Penthouse suites are up to 644SF. There are five larger suite categories. On the Apex, Sky suites range from 254-362SF. Celebrity suites are 394-498SF. Signature suites are 441SF. Royal Suites are 562-687SF. So if you want to compare rates between XX and Regent, look at the appropriate sized comparable suite sizes. Then for XX add Airfare, transfers, excursions at all
  3. Someone who has never eaten a 28 day dry aged USDA prime cut of meat can think a hamburger steak is luxury. 🤣 You're who XX definitely likes.
  4. Don't worry. The millennials will be there to pick up the slack according to the marketing folks at XX.
  5. Yes it is. However it is not my primary concern that they make a high profit. I'll let someone else do that. 😁
  6. Other aspects of a Luxury cruise line are the quality of service, guest/crew ratio, food quality offerings and overall atmosphere. By calling cruising a luxury product, that makes Carnival a luxury cruise line because they are profitable. When XX removed the assistant cabin attendant, that wasn't to increase service, it was to save money. When XX moved to cheaper cuts of meat and covered them with heavy sauces to hide the lower quality, it was to save money. When they reduced entertainment crew, it was to save money. When they reduced the amount of live entertainment, it was to
  7. Actually you book the Concierge D suite and they will give you the price of the F1 which is $6,049 for each of you.
  8. You're welcome. I put my money where my mouth is. I had booked two Regent cruises; One Mariner Concierge and one Splendor Deluxe Veranda. However after doing further analyzing, I've decided to upgrade them both to Penthouse suites because some had suggested the Penthouse was worth the additional cost. I now concur especially with the two category upgrade promotion. My TA will be taking care of those Monday morning! 😁 My DW doesn't know. We've never sailed a suite before so I want to surprise her. You should have seen her expression on our first cruise together in the late 80's.
  9. Did another price comparison since Regent lowered their prices overnight on this Panama Canal cruise. Upgrading to a Penthouse B with butler which is 561SF cabin and 52.1SF balcony is $628.06pp/pd. Again it also includes air & transfer and a five star hotel night pre-cruise in L.A. area. The December '22 Millennium Cruise for the S1 is now $646.30pp/pd non-refundable this morning. This cabin is 308SF.
  10. Thankx for the suggestion. However here's the result I got: The reservation number entered is not eligible for the Lift & Shift program. There are no alternate sailings.
  11. The PUP program now reminds me of something.....
  12. It's called CATALINA, CANAL & CAYMAN - Los Angeles To Miami. But be prepared for sticker shock.
  13. Thank you. I still will have a December Azamara cruise if they don't cancel it. It's a 13 night. I am Elite/Discoverer so I'll still shop Celebrity if I like my Apex February cruise and consider Azamara itineraries if the prices on both lines become more reasonable. But I suspect they'll need to raise the bar because I've now broadened my shopping considerations. We shopped around and did a couple of HAL cruises two years ago as the food quality on Celebrity eroded. We enjoyed them as a Celebrity equal but better food. lol
  14. I have an Azamara Greece cruise booked for June I'm about to cancel because final payment is 120 days out. I already have one fully paid Celebrity cruise for 2022 because I had to pay the final payment for a January cruise before a lift and shift. I'm not about to give RCL group another fully paid cruise just to get a FCC to be used within 18 months. AZ hasn't released 2023 desirable cruises for me so I'll probably just eat the $150 cancellation fee. However. today I instead booked a 16 day 2023 Panama Canal cruise on Regent as a result of my Celebrity comparison Analysis poste
  15. Thankx for the suggestion. Just got off the phone with an Azamara rep. He said there are no lift and shift cruises available to me for my booked cruise. My only options are to wait until after final payment, let them have my interest free loan by cancelling the cruise and taking the FCC good for 18 months from cancellation or forfeit $150 of my deposit before final payment. Since I already have two Regent cruises booked for Sept 22 and Jan 23, I don't see where the first option is in my best interest. So I guess I'll take it to the final payment date, cancel and take
  16. Here's the bar menu my Regent Rep sent me. He Also sent the Prime7, Chartreuse and Pacific Rim sample menus attached below in case you're interested. Bar Menu 08.15.19.pdf EXP Chartreuse Example Menu Dinner.pdf EXP Pacific Rim Example Dinner Menu.pdf Prime7Menu.pdf
  17. On Regent you can see the final price immediately. Don't click on request a quote. Next to that is the button: Plan My Cruise. When you select that, you'll go to a page to select your gateway airport for included air. When you continue, the next page will show you all of the cabin categories with pricing and size. If you click on the cabin category, you'll see all the information about that cabin. Don't forget, the pricing will be two categories below the actual cabin you want until this promotion is over. Also they're doing a 50% deposit at this time. I can't spea
  18. I have a final payment due in early February for a June Greece cruise. I'm doubting it will go but they want final payment 120 days out which they probably won't cancel until after final payment. I already have one 2022 cruise on Celebrity paid in full from a lift and shift past final payment. I'm not looking to support RCL group with another interest free loan. Since it's a six night, there's really nothing that qualifies for a L&S next year unless they bend the rules. Anyone have a crystal ball? I'm leaning towards the $150 cancellation penalty and moving on to another c
  19. I just did a price comparison for a Panama Canal cruise between a Celebrity Millennium S1 suite and a Regent Splendor Deluxe Veranda suite on the Celebrity board. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2767547-will-prices-ever-come-down/?do=findComment&comment=60691215 Regent was actually cheaper with much more included! The Celebrity Millennium cruise for the S1 is priced at this moment at $619pp/pd. The Regent Splendor is priced at $568pp/pd. So I booked the Regent cruise today! It looked like a no brainer to me. I selected the Deluxe Veranda because it was
  20. But Celebrity is a "Luxury" line. Ask them. 🙄
  21. The Celebrity Millennium cruise for the S1 is priced at this moment at $9,294.51pp which is $619pp/pd. The Regent Splendor is priced at $568pp/pd.
  22. In my comparison, the cost difference is the total bottom line, end price not per day.
  23. I just now did a price comparison between suites on a Panama Canal cruise on Celebrity Millennium and Regent Seven Seas Splendor built in 2020. Booking an aft facing deluxe veranda suite on Splendor for 16 days is $391.02 less than a Millennium S1 port side suite for 15 days. Both include gratuities and taxes/fees. They are one month apart. December 2022 vs. January 5, 2023. For point of reference, the Deluxe veranda suite is the second lowest category on the ship compared to an S1. The Millennium includes six ports while the Splendor does eight ports...not including embarkatio
  24. I have a different problem deciding since the itinerary through the Panama Canal is on the Splendor. We have really enjoyed the aft view cabins on several cruise lines; different size ships. However on the Splendor, the aft facing cabins ( besides the Master Suites) are only the low category Deluxe Veranda Suite G2. We were initially looking at a Penthouse C but there's only one left and it's wheel chair accessible. Besides we've not had a butler yet and don't need an excessively large cabin. Then we considered the Concierge because of the transfers, early reservations
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