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  1. We did Thanksgiving on the Regal and ended up in Sabatini's. That was an excellent meal. 🙂
  2. I have ordered steak and eggs before. Got a nice little filet and 2 perfectly cooked over easy eggs.
  3. I have done this. We got a 2 week extension. Simply called the standard Princess number. We did this for a cruise last year that we were sure would be canceled anyway.
  4. My wife and I just loaded the app and went thru the process to load docs etc. What I noticed is that my new Samsung galaxy s21 loaded everything with no issue. I was able to upload my passport, fill out the other required info. And even make reservations with no issue. However on my Wifes older Motorola phone, I had to uninstall reinstall the app and reboot a couple of times. I wonder if the trouble is related to older phones? Or maybe phones that have a lot of apps installed? My S21 had everything installed for a couple of days. So very clean install.
  5. I think I read somewhere that the Contract ran out. And they are replacing with Sabatininis.
  6. Carnival Corp gives on board credit for 100 shares. Amount varies by length of cruise. Up to 250$. What's nice is the fact they allow you to stack the credit. So, 100$ for stock, 100$ for veterans =200$ etc.
  7. Hello everyone, I thought I recently saw something about being able to book sanctuary before we sail. Does anyone know if this is actually possible? Also anyone recently use the sanctuary? Is it the same old mad dash on the 1st day to book?
  8. They need to cancel my Jan 5th 2021 10day to the Caribbean 1st! LOL
  9. My Jan 5th 2021 10 day on the Sky is still a go! According to the website and no cancellation notice yet. LOL
  10. Yep, there it is! Thanks Thrak. 🙂
  11. How are you guy's confirming the credit on your account? Via the travel summary, or do they send an email etc when they apply it?
  12. I was booked on Sky the 1st part of Dec. We moved to a January sailing, and I doubt that one will sail either. Maybe our April cruise??
  13. Has anyone noticed the chapter 11 bankruptcy filing for Speedcast International? This is a company that provides internet access at sea. Ships, Oil rigs etc. I wonder how this will affect our access to the Internet once we start sailing again.
  14. Ding! Ding Ding! I forgot about this.
  15. Tried to book ezair for a April 2021 Cruise. After selecting flights it wanted payment today. 1st time I have seen this. Is it a new policy?
  16. We were not able to upgrade today, But they put us on a list and said they would call us back later this week. We called at around 9:30 PST. I suspect that the casino cabins were running low on the cruise we wanted.
  17. We got an inside, with 250$ in free play. Plus drinks etc. I did notice it was a little strange on payment. We paid all fees, Insurance etc in advance. Is this normal now?
  18. Our 1st Alaska cruise was on the Golden. The magic started with a free upgrade to a full suite, Had a very nice run in the casino. Including winning an Ipad and 500$ from the stupid Key Machine. We had most of the family with us and had perfect weather the whole cruise. Lots of good memories. Fair Winds and Following seas Golden. 🙂
  19. Yep, I have spent that on many a casino weekend.
  20. I plan on buying at 5$
  21. I have found that the steak being replaced with a burger is not that big of a deal. They have a nice beef dish almost every evening. Prime Rib, Roast Beef, Strip steak, Surf and Turf, Beef Wellington, etc etc.
  22. Traditionally held in the wheelhouse bar. Menu is the usual pub food. Bangers and mash, fish and chips, steak pie, and several other choices. I recommend the Bangers and mash with a Boddingtons beer. 🙂
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