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  1. I think you are going to have to contact each hotel you are interested individually and check. You can try posting on Flyertalk as those people travel more. Even if it listed a shuttle, I would call and check. I booked a park and fly hotel several months ago and called to find out it DID NOT run a free shuttle to the airport despite advertising so. They gave you $10 towards a cab, and cabs were $27 each way. Lots of shuttles are shut down in FL. In fact, I'm having to use Miami Airport transfers to and from Port Everglades even though I am flying in early and staying late because there is a de
  2. Jacqui, I just booked the Noordam Far East Discovery from Singapore to Hong Kong Jan. 17, 2022 14 night cruise. I have never sailed in Asia before, and never been to Vietnam or Cambodia. Hopefully, with the cruise being so far away, this one won't get cancelled as I am on a roll of having 5 cancelled (after our TA was cancelled, then reinstated, but I had to cancel after making alternative plans.) This was actually a decent deal for a solo cruise.
  3. Right after I bought my stock, it tanked and it took years to get back to what I paid for it. But I've gotten back what I've paid for it in onboard credit over the years. I've done 2 14 day cruises over the years, although recently it has been only one. I did have the satisfaction of buying three shares at $8 each earlier this year when Carnival stock fell rock bottom.
  4. I wouldn't believe a word HAL says anymore. HAL sent me a email cancelling my cruise November 20, so I made other travel plans. On December 11, they sent another email saying the cruise was "uncancelled"-that it was never cancelled-and that I was still booked. They are offering no compensation, and my cancellation is on me. They are doing this to avoid giving out FCC. I wrote them and got a letter confirming this. It is disgusting behavior on their part-and blatant lies. to make it worse, they fixed one ship the same day-you can't fix a mistake a month later, and say the cruise was nev
  5. I wrote to HAL about this. What the gist is HAL is cheating people by calling this not a cancellation. Anyone getting off this cruise WILL NOT GET EXTRA FCC BECAUSE HAL SAYS THIS IS NOT A CANCELLATION EVEN THOUGH THEIR INITIAL EMAIL SAYS IT IS A CANCELLATION AND THE EMAIL A MONTH LATER SAYS IT IS A CANCELLATION! They won't give anyone anything, although if you write and complain, you can get a free Pinnacle dinner-but not one that costs extra! How they can justify this is beyond me, and they obviously did not run this by their lawyers because it does not hold water by contract law, and ev
  6. Morons are running this company. This is not a "correction", this is not an "uncancellation." You can't send out an email saying your cruise is cancelled from the company, and then send out another one 24 days later saying the cruise is "uncancelled" and you are still booked! And you got notice the same day! Then they are even more moronic than I thought!!!!
  7. And Kazu, I totally agree with you. The cruise is still not up on the website. An uncancelled cruise would remain on the website. They are using language to try to trick us. The cruise was cancelled, we have an email that told us so. An inadvertent error would not take 24 days to fix. We aren't that stupid. I am a lawyer. Part of our training is to interpret words and see if they were used in an ambiguous way. There is nothing ambiguous about cancelled. And how much do they regret this error? Very much, but not enough to give any sort of compensation on their part. I wouldn't say they regret t
  8. "Please accept our deepest apologies for this error. We very much regret any confusion this may have caused, and thank you again for choosing Holland America Line. " HAL thinks this makes up for their huge error? Two lines of apology? That they caused confusion? That they caused Perplexment, or disorientation or disconcerted? No, there was no CONFUSION. They said we cancel your cruise. They may have been perplexed or confused, but we were not. We know what "cancelled means. It means no cruise-make other plans. They cancelled our cruise November 20-
  9. I can't go. It has been a month and they say it is a simple error. First, a simple error would not take a month to realize they were wrong-we all knew they were wrong about the date! Second, they want everyone to jump back on with their reservation without offering not one bit of additional compensation. Are they crazy?? You can't say, hey your cruise is cancelled, and then say ONE MONTH LATER, no we are sorry , it is back on, you are still booked (and this is in COVID times) and expect people to think ,yup, I was hoping they would bring my cancelled cruise back (because they have brought
  10. I've booked guarantees with HAL for a long time and have done just fine with them. What I usually do is book a MM or NN cabin very early and as time goes on, and price drops, I get upgraded. Then sometimes I take an upsell. I went from an MM inside to a C once, but I didn't get that cabin until 3 days before I sailed. What I do end up with is the adjoining cabins so I have one less closet, but since I am usually sailing alone, it doesn't matter. Of course, that was the PRECOVID HAL.
  11. My October TA was cancelled in May. I never got my refund until late September. I was booked on the Maasdam for a Mexican Riviera cruise in April 2021, and told my TA to pay the balance with my FCC from the cancelled transatlantic. Because HAL took so long to refund that, all that was on there was my $300 deposit when they sold the ship, and that was refunded in double. I had rebooked the 2022 version on the Volendam with no money as I was owed shipboard credit and that was cancelled-and HAL gave me nothing. So I should have around $10k and I have $2800 instead because of HAL's delays. My TA i
  12. Actually, I have a great TA. She has always gone to bat for me. I have never booked direct with a cruise line except when I booked with NCL for a 5 night cruise to earn legal education credit (and that got cancelled!) My TA has checked on this periodically-she is just more patient than me. This is what happened when the dust finally settled. My Rotterdam TA scheduled to sail Oct 17 was cancelled May 6. It was paid in full, and my TA said I would get my FCC in 60 days. I told her to put to towards my April 2021 Maasdam cruise. The Maasdam cruise was cancelled July 15, so had I gotten my FCC wh
  13. I had a test last Thursday, it was a rapid result PCR test, and I had my result in 20 minutes. I don't know what company made it though. It was accepted by Puerto Rico and Saint Thomas so I could get in.
  14. Well, I wrote the president and finally got some FCC. But they owe me $10,456 and paid me $2800.My TA had conversations with them, so I am sure this will change.
  15. That's assuming you get your FCC. I am now owed $8,250 from 3 cruises and I haven't gotten a dime. HAL may claim I am not entitled to all of it as I was not paid in full on these cruises as they are so far behind in paying FCC, but that is their problem-not mine. I booked them in a timely manner thru my TA. My TA cruise would sail October 17-that is 3 weeks from now, and it was cancelled about 5 months ago.
  16. I was booked for April 2021, but HAL sold the Maasdam. So I booked the same cruise a year later (the Mexican Rivera) on the Volendam, and that got cancelled two days ago. So I am 0 for 3 now.
  17. If you get tired of waiting, file a consumer protection complaint with your state attorney General.
  18. Yes, that is exactly what I think. I think it has become a big pyramid scheme for HAL-they are robbing Peter to pay Paul. My TA told me they are paying the credit card refunds first to avoid charge backs, but that is so stupid. All that means is that people like me will file consumer protection lawsuits or credit card charge backs or report them to their state Attorney General who will do the lawsuit for them. And they have made it worse for themselves. They promised me 125%FCC in 60 days. It's now been 4 1/2 months and they have not updated me once-all they do is keep canceling more of my cru
  19. You should have $2400 in FCC to put towards another cruise by my math.
  20. You should have $2400 in FCC to put towards another cruise by my math.
  21. Did you book this yourself? Do you have a TA? This is wrong on so many levels. On Chris Elliot's website, he has emails for executive contacts for HAL.
  22. Wow! Just unbelievable! What is the point in getting FCC then? You might as well take a refund. You may want to look into filing a consumer protection lawsuit. HAL cancelled your cruise, and gave you nothing. Or email one of the executives. Or email Chris Elliott, who has a consumer protection website. Or report HAL to your state attorney General.
  23. I now have 3 cruises cancelled by HAL. The first is my Oct. 17 2020 TA on the Rotterdam that was paid in full. It was cancelled May 6, and HAL offered 200% in FCC. They said they would pay that in 60 days. I haven't gotten any of that. I then booked an April 17 2021 Mexican Riviera on the Maasdam that was cancelled. I put a deposit done and was going to pay the balance off with my FCC. That was cancelled, and the offer was to give 200% in FCC plus another $250. They sold the ship more than 60 days later, but I had not received my FCC. I then booked a third cruise, the same Mexican Riviera crui
  24. HAL's website is still bragging about its superb Mexican ports-but by taking away the 10 day Sea of Cortez and the 14 day Mexican Rivera, they are absolutely ordinary. Trying to sell 7 day Koningsdam Mexico cruises for my 14 day Mexico Riviera is like getting a hamburger instead of a filet. And I wanted to sail on the Volendam, not the Koningsdam. I am feeling more and more frustrated by my cruises cancelled by HAL, their complete lack of communication, and their total lack of any refund. Do I get to benefit from a doubled amount of deposit if HAL never gave me my FCC before they cancel the
  25. I got my cancellation for my April 2022 Mexican Rivera cruise on the Volendam. That cruise replaced my April 2021 Maasdam Mexican Rivera cruise. So I've now had 3 cruises all cancelled by HAL, and still not a penny of refund. My TA was sailing Oct. 17.The new HAL philosophy is totally screw the solo passenger and only pay back the credit card refunds and never respond to emails. I am rethinking my HAL loyalty at this point. They aren't even offering the good deal they did for the Maasdam.
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