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  1. But she has a great personality! (Usual blind date come back!)
  2. We've only cruised on GOT 23 times, so don't have the insight that the 2 or 3 timers have. Would cruise her every time she leaves Baltimore.
  3. Sounds like Alpha Gal. My wife and I both have it. Carnival worked with us on choices!
  4. That is so much not true. We sit in the Scooner Lounge and watch the feeloaders going by. The folks there get a downgraded. We are D+ and buy our stuff!
  5. I think all of this is because we purchased the $18.00 deal!
  6. Our L&S option is only one option and totally unacceptable. What should our next best choice be?
  7. Yesterday over $1K for a cruise canceled in March. Buy some thing and it instantly gigs your Credit Card....cancel and and it takes 4 months. Interesting!
  8. Southwest air is the best choice from East Coast cities. Nashville is a hub. Sometimes we score $59.00 rates to Baltimore, New Orleans, Tampa or Boston. Find an airport for an International Flight that has a Southwest connection. Nashville is very convienent to BNA airport and a fun place to visit!
  9. Got the email from Allstate and entered it. it worked!
  10. Jamman is correct. Easy Peasy.
  11. I don't think they go to the bathroom. They pee and poop.
  12. Oh well......have only done 7 b2bs!
  13. Piece of cake. Best to introduce yourself to the new steward. Between your current and new they will make it easy. Just make sure you empty the safe and the bathroom stuff to your suitcases.
  14. I never see "Print General Information" box. Please give some more information. Thanks!
  15. I think it's amazing that once you charge something it's posted to your account immediately, but credits take forever to be realized!
  16. I booked a cruise yesterday for us and 2 grandkids. The school has since restructured the kids school calander and we can't do those dates. We made a $600.00 deposit with a refunded gift card and today they say if we cancel there will be a $300.00 penalty. What gives?
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