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  1. We'd like to do this but we both have Alpha-Gal allergies. Would we be able to get full benefits from that experience?
  2. I think two cards would be appropriate.......one for status, easily readable at 50 yards....and one for stateroom, purchases, etc.
  3. Move to Monterey, Tennessee! I'll send all of the Chamber of Commerce Perks!
  4. Punch away at guest services......never had a problem on any cruise lines!
  5. How do you position the lanyard so the gold is always in front?
  6. I'd like to borrow them (gold cards). How about rainbow ones for those who are PC?
  7. We were on a cruise where there were few pinnacles. A really nice couple, who were P's hung out in the D lounge and were very fun to be with for the whole cruise. A year later they were on our cruise and I went over to them in the lounge to say "hi" and asked them about any recent adventures. (They were avid bicyclists). You'd think I had dumped my drink on them. Later we saw them in the WJ with maybe 6 others of the P persuasion holding court with the RCCL folks who waited on the hand, foot, and toenail. Don't tell me that don't think they're entitled.
  8. Can someone post a picture of a real Pinnacle pin?
  9. I wish I could copy and market fake Pinnacle pins on E-Bay. I would retire and sell RCCL robes!
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