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  1. I don't think they go to the bathroom. They pee and poop.
  2. Oh well......have only done 7 b2bs!
  3. Piece of cake. Best to introduce yourself to the new steward. Between your current and new they will make it easy. Just make sure you empty the safe and the bathroom stuff to your suitcases.
  4. I never see "Print General Information" box. Please give some more information. Thanks!
  5. I think it's amazing that once you charge something it's posted to your account immediately, but credits take forever to be realized!
  6. I booked a cruise yesterday for us and 2 grandkids. The school has since restructured the kids school calander and we can't do those dates. We made a $600.00 deposit with a refunded gift card and today they say if we cancel there will be a $300.00 penalty. What gives?
  7. I'd opt for the shorter drive. For the first time the experience will be the same. You can judge later.
  8. I received an $845.00 carnival gift card fairly fast. I used a bunch of their gc to book my cruise and some credit card payments. Haven't seen those refunded yet. Today I tried to book a cruise in February with a $300.00 deposit. Tried using the said $845.00 card and the site came back showing that the balance after using was $00.00. Anyone have any insight? FYI.....I didn't go forward with this reservation!
  9. We've only done about 9 b2b on different lines. Each exprience has been totally difference. Easy, difficult, stupid.waste of time, and had to wait off of our ship for about 6 hours because they lost our boarding cards!
  10. I think they have canceled the cruises for those of us who scored the $18.00/day Drink Package. Haven't seen a refund from that cruise....but I'm sure they won't reinstate that Drink Package!
  11. Are there any local FLL new outlets actively following this story?
  12. I went ahead and tried to book a quick 5 day cruise from a port We could drive to. The cruise plus the tax and fees came in at just South of $1000.00. Not bad I thought. As I went through the process it ended up that Carnival wanted a $600.00 deposit, more than half the price of the cruise. They are already sitting on over $5,000.00 of my money from a canceled cruise that I might never see. I think I'm done with them for now!
  13. Is the toilet water fresh or salt? Taste?
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