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  1. Princess world cruise on the Island departing FLL in January was cancelled. Many of us jumped to the 2022...
  2. Certainly a lift for me as well. First time sending laundry out was this past December on our trip to Antarctica on Coral. How can you not smile with such awesome memories of that trip!😁
  3. Lanyard that came with the medallion. Didn't see the need to buy an "accessory". Worked fine. Liked skipping the line at check in!
  4. ??? My single comment had to do with the poor sound and visual quality. Extremely poor for the 1st event and 2nd was described as no better than that so didn't get the gist of your comments. Perhaps you meant to quote a different post. Sadly, I should be on a cruise to Greenland/Canada right now and they just canceled our 2021 world cruise. I'll get excited when I know I can cruise again. Until then..continued road trips and keeping fingers crossed for 2022 WC.
  5. I thought the 1st one was bad and the 2nd sounds worse. Glad I didn't waste my time again... an hour I'll never get back...
  6. We've done it both ways and other people have pointed out the pros/cons for each situation. I don't think I saw anyone mention that a benefit with EZAir is that we were allowed to fly into Lisbon 6 weeks prior to our cruise out of Barcelona. Incredibly flexible with the "alternate" city options so that you can start with a nice road trip prior to your cruise if so desired so you are not limited by having to fly into the city of the cruise departure point. However, for some of our cruises, it made sense to make our own plans ~ simply depends on the offering(s).
  7. @LACruiser88 I feel your pain as this was to be our 1st world cruise. Had our choice stateroom and was so excited by the itinerary. We reluctantly signed up for 2022 with an inferior room at a much higher price and hate that some of the great ports have been dropped. Hard to cry over being lucky enough to even be able to consider this cruise and still have our health to boot! Just look forward to "Next"....
  8. Nope. Didn't get it, as usual. Sucks to be elite....
  9. Coral. Did it twice and would do it again. Been on Coral three times and still love it!
  10. Don't remember which side of the train we were on (think right) but we were able to see; no problem. Just enjoyed the ride and was happy to do it. Have been to ANC several times. 1st time I did a 10-11 day road trip before heading to Whittier for the cruise and covered 2000 miles by car in that time. However, I had a day stretch waiting for my 2nd travel partner and was happy to explore the city ~ look for things there that interest you. I went to the Alaska Heritage Center and also walked some of the city. On my 2nd trip there, my cousin and I rented a car and spent a night down at the Alyeska resort and hiked and took the tram to the top.
  11. Ours took 69 days after requesting refund 4/1.
  12. Have done both on different cruises and much preferred the train. Beautiful ride. I frankly didn't care how long it would take as I love trains!
  13. I received an invite. Elite with only the 2021 WC still on the books as others were canceled by Princess or I canceled in April.
  14. As usual, nada... So glad to be a valued elite....
  15. No. World cruise on Island. Went on Sky Princess for inaugural sailing ~ loved it & you will too! Positive thoughts, right?🤩
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