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  1. Nope. Although some of our cruises are only for 7 nights (last were 11 & 14), we still often do laundry as we often take off from here for 7-10 week vacations where cruises are fit in between the travels. No way can we make it for that period of time without doing laundry. That being said, would never cross my mind to be close to the laundry room. I've heard people complain about the noise when being to close. No thanks!
  2. paradiselivin1

    Terrace Pool on Regal?

    Small but quiet and good for a quick dip.
  3. paradiselivin1

    Question: Regal day of embarkment

    We are on board now and boarded on the 4th at Oceankaj. We boarded shortly after noon as we had already spent five days in Copenhagen. I would take every opportunity to see the city so store the luggage, see the sites and plan to board by mid-afternoon. Muster drill was at 4:30PM.
  4. paradiselivin1

    Regal Princess Internet

    We are currently on board and had received an e-mail and subsequent letter when boarding on the 4th to advise that there is complimentary access (one per person) to MedallionNet for Platinum and Elite guests. The letter states: "We are excited to have you join us for this Ocean Medallion preview cruise. You are among the first to enjoy new experience enhancements created to make your vacation more connected, engaging....." There have been a few minor glitches transitioning from my cell to my laptop but the folks in the Internet Café have been extremely helpful and I was soon working with my laptop to get onto CC and other sites. Using Social Ocean, we are able to use What's App, WeChat, Facebook Messenger and iMessage on iPhone. We are happy with the service to date and it would be hard to complain about any "glitches" along the way when we have unlimited access. FYI, we are all the way aft on Riviera in a balcony cabin if that helps for those who wonder about connectivity in certain areas of the ship. The only place I noticed less than stellar access was in the elevator......
  5. paradiselivin1

    Status of Ocean Medallion?

    Couldn't connect late yesterday in Oslo but working fine today at sea retracing our steps south. I'm liking the Regal after the re-design. Glad they did it!
  6. paradiselivin1

    Meet and Greet Activities

    I was extremely disappointed with the M&G I had arranged last month on the Crown. I wrote out letters to a dozen of the officers, hand addressed to each and gave them to the passenger services desk as soon as boarding to have them delivered. The M&G was set for the next day and had been "on the books" with Princess for months. Only three officers showed up (naturally, the CD who was the only one that spoke). No senior officers. And, yes, one person in our large group was insensitive/ignorant enough to talk about filling her private tour before the officers left the M&G. I've never had or seen that happen before. Sigh... Hope our next one in a few days goes better. Thankfully, I did not plan this one...
  7. paradiselivin1

    move over offer question - Regal Princess

    Thanks ~ can't believe we are passing this up. If we had still been at home, I would have been tempted and simply sent my portion of the SP tour to our travel partners but here we are and off we'll go. I do think it's funny as this cruise was not selling and they kept dropping the price until it booked and now they're looking for cabins...
  8. paradiselivin1

    move over offer question - Regal Princess

    Move to any 11-day cruise anywhere in the world and receive: *100% cruise fare refund (as Refundable Onboard Credit) *FREE stateroom upgrade (pending availability) *Princess EZ Air is protected 100% *Princess will cover air and hotel change fees up to $800 per person
  9. paradiselivin1

    move over offer question - Regal Princess

    Got a move over e-mail early this morning for our Baltic cruise on July 4th departing Copenhagen. We have been in Copenhagen for two days and have made self-touring commitments with other cruisers so felt compelled to stick with our original plans. Sweet deal for our BD balcony but couldn't see our way clear to do it. Wonder if I'll ever see another??:(
  10. paradiselivin1

    Caribbean Princess Issues?

    Me too. A blessing they were still close to port.
  11. Good to know. I was wondering the same thing myself as we also have flexibility and would like to jump at the last minute when possible.
  12. paradiselivin1

    balcony on regal princess

    "Standard" balconies are incredibly small on this class of ship.
  13. Same. It will be interesting with only a few ports on our TA to FLL but will sure it will be gone. We had so much OBC after using a FCD that we rolled that to another cruise. We still have about $1,310 in OBC. That should work!
  14. paradiselivin1

    Thank you Upgrade Fairy!!

    Someday..... Congrats & enjoy!
  15. paradiselivin1

    Food in Barcelona

    We just had dinner at La Flauta. Great tapas. The place was crazy with lines out the door when we left. Also walked by Vinitus which is our next choice. Same thing. People waiting in line. They are both very highly rated.