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  1. Wow. Hadn't known that. I wish that was a bright spot but miffed that we didn't get to go. Now 2022 looks to be in jeopardy. Oh well...2023; here we come...
  2. And where are the food pavilions and tiny beach shacks that you can rent?? Oh...and the lines of people waiting to get on the tenders to return to the ship??
  3. Makes sense to me. I am a huge trip planner and we road-tripped all summer 2020 while maintaining the quarantine requirements in all locales and still getting to spend 3 months on the road. Road trip around FL when we can and have plans to finally get on a flight in mid-May to get to Utah to road trip for another two months before heading back to upstate NY (home turf). We are both fully vaccinated; still wear masks & social distance. We should be on the 2021WC right now; booked for the 2022 and 2023WC's respectively. We want to cruise and will book when we know we can safely get out of he
  4. Fully vaccinated for two weeks. Looking to cruise. Live in Florida. Good luck to anyone who thinks we'll get out of here anytime soon.....
  5. We've also had our two doses of Pfizer with no side effects other than a slightly sore arm. It's been two weeks today so we are considered "fully vaccinated". We still wear masks in public as it is required in our area and think it's a good practice just to ensure everyone's safety. That being said; we are flying on a plane for the 1st time in well over a year when we board in mid-May to head out to Utah. Hoping that everyone else looking for a vaccine gets one soon and that we can slowly get back to a new normal.
  6. Sad. Was just reading updates on CC & saw your post. Only cruise booked for 2021 was the WC that would have departed in January. Not even sure at this point that the 2022WC will go. Never thought this would go on for so long...
  7. I would. Had my shots and can get to a port fairly easily in fL.
  8. There are only the 3 offerings for now. They started with the two 111 day offerings FLL/FLL & LA/LA and after a few hours offered the 97 day LA/FLL. Many of us booked as a backup for the 2022 WC.
  9. Sigh....while not surprised it certainly can be a game changer for a WC. Hate to spend so much just to "float" around the world without getting off. Not a fan of cruise ship tours & almost always skip the ship sponsored tours for DIY. Masks not a problem after a year of mask wearing but would only consider the new requirements on short Caribbean cruises to nowhere just to be out to sea again...
  10. Love when I can re-fare a cruise. I've been able to do that several times in the past including after final payment. It never hurts to look or try to get the fare reduced.
  11. Have had the same issue. DH gets the $250 credit and it can't be shared with me. Never been able to make that happen..
  12. Received a letter from HAL yesterday, too, although have never sailed on the line. Would have expected to get that letter from Princess or Carnival as those are the only two lines under the Carnival umbrella that I have sailed. But HAL? Guessing that means that they are the line that was hacked? I have so many free credit monitoring services running from all of the hacks from multiple companies and a government entity to boot..
  13. Received as well here in the US days ago. Wish my email for elites offering Alaska 2022 sailings came in such a timely manner. Received at 9PM EST last night. Opened to everyone this a.m.
  14. I don't like it either. Don't like the new, smaller font.
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