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  1. I believe this is their account, last post March 2020. @Celebrity Cruises
  2. Hi from the Okanagan. Back in 2016 we did Viking Amsterdam to Budapest, followed by a TA on the Silhouette, Rome to Ft Lauderdale. We spent a few days in Budapest and then a few more in Rome before the TA. In 2019 we did a TA on Regent to Barcelona and then flew to Paris for a river cruise on Uniworld. We love both types of cruising, and they do have some differences. I would say timing is more structured on the river cruise since most people take the included tours. For meals there is usually a window when breakfast and lunch are served. In our experience, there is a presentation
  3. From another app that list my cruises and itineraries, looks like it was 7AM to 5PM. And we were in Victoria the next day. We were scratching our heads about it back then.
  4. On the Infinity? Did you go to Butchart Gardens that day from Nanaimo? If so, I think we spoke to either you or the other couple that evening. It sounded quite harrowing to us. Three years ago the couple in the suite next to us never made it back to the ship when we left Bermuda. Their butler (a very chatty fellow) had to pack everything up, security got their passports out of their safe and left them with the port. Forever curious to know what happened to them.
  5. In our experience the main show in the theatre was at 9:30. There is some additional info in this thread. dinner and showtimes - Regent Seven Seas Cruises - Cruise Critic Community
  6. We have enjoyed many cruises on X. The answer to your questions might be 'it depends...' Our usual experience has been spring and fall cruises outside of school holidays, when there are less large groups or families and things are a bit 'quieter'. If yours falls in this time frame, it would be a great experience. For our cruise around South America over Christmas and New Year's, it was not quiet, and you would not find a cozy bar on the ship. It was a similar experience in July on a cruise to Bermuda. During that cruise it was crazy busy and noisy around the pool.
  7. We have sailed mostly in Aqua on Celebrity, we had a good deal the first time and we liked it especially for Blu so that became our standard. Like your comment about Celebrity suites, you have to chose your Aqua cabin carefully as they seem to put them in less desirable locations. We also decided to try Regent, based on positive recommendations from friends, and a great itinerary that was 63 nights long, no repeat ports. It encompassed 4 separate legs and prices were adjusted since they each included the airfare. In addition, our cruise fare included 3 days in Beijing at the end of
  8. In my somewhat limited experience, not everyone who participates received points. If I recall it was more a case of top 3 teams or individuals received points. After a 2 week TA we had enough for 2 t-shirts, and donated a few leftover points to people behind us in the redemption line.
  9. We also do our own research and when we are ready to book it we know the date, the boat and the cabin type we want so we don't need a full service TA to help us through the planning and booking . We've used a big box store that gives a cash card to be used at the store, rather than an on board amenity.
  10. We too started small, with Celebrity our first was a 3 night Pacific Coastal, from there it was 13 nights, then 16 nights, and finally doing B2Bs for 28 nights or so. That was typically a European cruise with a TA tacked on. Then we dared a longer B2B2B which was 38 nights. Disclaimer, all this after we retired, and we don't have kids. Spending it so the tax man does not get it! When we decided we wanted to see a bit of Asia is when we realized that Celebrity would not work for us there. There were typically shorter segments, repeated itineraries and breaks in the schedule - which
  11. Regardless of where your cabin is, with double and triple docking you might well end up with a view into the cabin opposite you. One thing our friends mentioned with their Viking cabin on the lowest level, as the water level was really low, it sounded to them like rocks from the river bed were being stirred up as we sailed and it was very noisy from that.
  12. I learned recently in another forum that Canada has something similar to the PVSA, called the Coasting Trade Act. I don't fully understand it, but non Canadian flagged vessel might not be able to sail in Canada without a foreign stop. The Globe and Mail regularly has an ad these days for a Canadian company that offers 'classic Canadian riverboat' experience of 4 to 7 nights on the St Lawrence and Ottawa rivers, departures from Kingston, Ottawa and Quebec City. That might be interesting, but I am so looking forward to ocean cruising restarting. I am hopeful for our cruise on the Splendor next M
  13. The latest update to the Scenic website (the Canadian version that I see) was on Feb 3, 2021. It includes various cancellation through April or May 2021. We are booked on a Scenic river cruise, Amsterdam to Basel on Aug 30. I suspect we will cancel or shift just before final payment is due at the end of May. At a minimum, we would want to know we would both be vaccinated by our travel date, but it is not likely we know that before the end of May.
  14. Announcement today that Canadian ports will remain closed until Feb 28, 2022. 😞
  15. In our experience, generally 1 show at 9:30PM. There are a few exceptions, crew show for example, and a couple of others that were earlier. 6 or so? Some nights there is no show, occasionally show a movie instead, first and last nights if I recall.
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