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  1. The member guide says it is not transferable. Refer to https://www.rssc.com/seven-seas-society/member-guide
  2. Unfortunately, I do not think our government has totally figured this out yet. Onus seems to be on the airlines right now, and they are somewhat confused. Many other hurdles to get over. Awaiting word as to when Canadian ports reopen, current closure is until the end of Feb. Japan is currently closed to tourists from many countries. Each day gets us closer, and I look forward to using a FCC and finalizing travel plans.
  3. We made a 10:05AM flight from Barcelona to Paris. This was after a TA on the Voyager in 2019, we did not overnight in Barcelona, the previous ports were Funchal and Cadiz so the ship would have cleared before Barcelona. I think we were scheduled to arrive at 7AM, we kept our luggage with us and were waiting to disembark by 7, we got off shortly after. We had to show passports in the terminal and that was it. Caught a taxi, no issues since we were among the first off. We were on Air France, business class, and had expedited passes thru the airport. Would I do that again? Probably not, but this
  4. We just drove, rented a small car. We spent some time with travel books (Fodors, Lonely Planet etc) Hubby worked out rough route, to cover seeing both islands, with drive times between major sights / cities. We booked the first 3 place we stayed, since we were travelling over Christmas & New Years. From there we booked one or two places ahead, readjusting our planned timings as we went along. Over 2 months we saw pretty well all the major things we wanted to see. We love cruising in part because we 'unpack once' and I was a tad worried about this trip. But we had a system and it worked we
  5. People in suites, aka the retreat, can dine in the Aqua class Blu restaurant on a space available basis. People in suites can invite guests to Luminae, but there is a fee involved. I could not find the current fee on the Celebrity website, if I recall it is different for breakfast, lunch and dinner Curious to know why you are interested in Aqua class staterooms? We have done many cruises in Aqua, and 2 in a Sky Suite. In future we would probably go with the suite as it is larger, and for the retreat. Would give up access to the spa that comes with Aqua, but no big deal, especially
  6. I am an avid cruiser and I should have been on the Apex right now. Inset sad face here. I live in BC, and we have been in Phase 3 of our reopening for a while. Though, like many areas, we have many more daily cases now after being quite successful. New measures and restrictions are being implemented. (Groups of no more than 50 can gather, if the space allows for distancing. In our own homes we are to limit gatherings to household members and no more than 6 other people.) The info below is a cut and paste from the BC provincial government website. As far as I can tell,
  7. Probably! We were on the Millennium solar eclipse cruise in Oct 2012, was from Honolulu to Sydney with stops in Auckland and Tauranga in NZ. We spent about a month in Australia at the end of the cruise, in Sydney, Cairns and Brisbane areas. We need to get back there as there is so much more to see. This past winter we finally got back to NZ, spent 2 months there, had rental car and saw top to bottom, east to west. Absolutely amazing, and luckily we got back just before everything got shut down. We were on the direct flight YVR to Auckland. Very long, but worth the journey.
  8. We plan on staying home. We love to cross country ski and snowshoe so it will not be a hardship. We missed most of last winter as we spend mid December to mid February in New Zealand, an awesome land trip. We won't complain about this winter.
  9. We love the sea days to relax, and enjoy the amenities on the ship. No rushing - though the days seem to fill with one thing or another. Celebrity TA roll calls are very busy, and typically a lot of events planned for the typical 7 sea days. Our first TA was on the Wind Surf - 13 sea days.
  10. Our first cruise was on the Wind Star, a one week cruise in the Caribbean in 1993. It got us hooked. Our TA had tried for a while to get us to try cruising but we had concerns about dress code, set dining and how tipping worked. Wind Star cruises addressed all that, even then their dress code was casual elegant, it was open dining and the cruise fare included tips. We have done 4 cruises with them, and a lot more on Celebrity.
  11. We cancelled our October TA on the Apex, before Celebrity cancelled it. We received a FCC for our NRD, we were not given the option of a refund.
  12. I suspect Vancouver would gladly welcome ships once this pandemic is over. As far as BC is concerned, we are currently in phase 3 of reopening. It is in phase 4 that 'international tourism' will be welcomed back to BC. And phase 4 requires at least one of wide vaccination, community immunity or broad successful treatments. I imagine this could be subject to change, but lets hope we have the vaccine or treatment soon! We have cleared US customs in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver many times when we have traveled to the US. It certainly makes the departure process a bit fraught as it
  13. We are on the westside. (We moved here from Toronto. That is the ONE thing we miss about TO - direct flights to almost anywhere!) Anyway, that is heartening news. We were able to do it back in 2017, but not last year for some reason.
  14. I think we are almost neighbors. Last year we could not add our home airport as Regent did not allow it. We were on the Voyager TA, Miami to Barcelona. We were able to deviate our flight home, flew from Paris to Vancouver - 3 weeks after the TA ended, but we could not add the final 1 hour leg home from YVR. Would love this to change as we prefer the flights on one ticket in case there are delays and what-not. Coming home from Paris we were delayed and missed our connection, but Air Canada did put us on a later flight, without penalty. We are hoping for an effective vaccine or other
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