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  1. Underwatr

    Panama Canal Volcanoes

    If you include an "@" at the beginning of their username they get flagged and notified, which they might notice. Like this: @teamflames
  2. Underwatr

    More read this section so I am wondering

    We cruised with Pia on Caribbean Princess in 2012. She was a tireless organizer of onboard activity and independent excursions, one of which we enjoyed with her in Bruges. You can search for all posts from a particular user in the "Activity Stream" function but I didn't see any posts from any username with Pia (I forget her username, though).
  3. Underwatr

    Welcome bottle of bubbly in the Grills?

    "Most California sparkling wines are made in the Méthode Champenoise style with many of the wineries calling their product “sparkling wine” and some even use the Champagne designation." http://www.californiachampagnes.com "The Pleasant Valley Wine Company has been a trend-setter in the wine-making industry for decades, and it is currently one of the most renowned producers of prestigious and sought-after champagnes in America." https://www.pleasantvalleywine.com DOC protection isn't a legal restriction in the US.
  4. Underwatr

    Cunard ships and LNG

    Where will they put the LNG tank on the ship??
  5. Underwatr

    Welcome bottle of bubbly in the Grills?

    Except in the US, where anything goes. We have New York champagne, Wisconsin parmesan cheese and domestic (New Jersey?) Serrano ham. But I agree, as a dry sparkling wine Pol isn't even a very good dry sparkling wine. I've been in the habit of carrying on Veuve Cliquot, but the onboard price isn't that much higher than what it costs me locally. Taking corkage into account it becomes very reasonably priced.
  6. Underwatr

    Cunard Black Friday Sale

    Black Friday is such an American thing that I'd think Brits would object. Maybe there should be a Guy Fawkes day sale?
  7. Underwatr

    Welcome bottle of bubbly in the Grills?

    ... or pretend Pol Acker is Champagne. We bring your own, but that means it isn't chilled upon arrival.
  8. Underwatr

    Welcome bottle of bubbly in the Grills?

    PSA: Save your Pol Acker for mornings with room service orange juice. I bring a spring-loaded stopper to keep the bubbles in over several days.
  9. Underwatr


    Respondents self-selecting makes the survey faulty.
  10. Underwatr


    AKA the minority. You also assume no one responded "I don't know"
  11. Underwatr

    Cunard Black Friday Sale

    Never have, to my observation. This sale looks similar to that was on offer this past September.
  12. Underwatr

    Health declaration form at check in

    Some lines have stopped handing out the forms, for that reason.
  13. Underwatr

    Welcome back

    It's fixed on my phone now as well. Thanks for whatever you did!
  14. Underwatr

    Packing Cubes

    Unless you have a specific set of cube sizes available, I've found that packing cubes, while helping organize the contents of your suitcase for easy retrieval, don't really save space. You're likely to end up with unused little spaces within and between the cubes. I do have a carrier for folded shirts that keeps them wrinkle-free and organized but for socks, underwear and the like I think that quart or gallon ziplock bags work as well if you aren't inclined to just stuff them into a corner of the suitcase. Before getting the shirt folder I would carefully fold them and stack them inside a 2-gallon ziplock that I'd then squeeze the air out of. Organized and space saving.
  15. Underwatr

    Welcome back

    I discovered that, but in landscape mode the keyboard covers too much of the screen to see what in typing (all can see above the keyboard is the useless white banner) so I'd have to rotate back & forth. The blue line trick works well enough for me. A suggestion would be to make that top banner auto-hide (or at least less tall).