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  1. Underwatr

    Queen Victoria Dining times

    Yes, you can bring your wine to the restaurant. Lately Cunard is saying the restaurant corkage will rise to $25, although on QM2 at Christmas I was only charged $20.
  2. Underwatr

    Current Veranda Menu on the Queen Victoria?

    We'll have dinner in the Verandah on QM2 next December, but only because it was included as a booking benefit.
  3. Underwatr

    Eastbound or Westbound Crossing?

    Or more simply, the difference between gaining five hours and losing five hours is ten hours.
  4. Underwatr

    New Cunard Website

    I think there's a deck plan link on the page where you select a stateroom in the booking process (assuming you know to drill down to that step rather than letting the computer select a room by default). Not the best time to be looking for one. Queen Victoria can be accessed (one deck at a time) here. Staterooms are color-coded by booking grade but there doesn't appear to be a key to the color coding. Similar page for Queen Elizabeth here.
  5. You're Silver for your second voyage. The Red cruise card is only for first-time passengers.
  6. Underwatr

    Carnival Credit Card

    I'm not familiar with it. What's the net return? I get 2% with the Citi Double Cash Card (and higher returns with other cards for things like travel & groceries) so it would have to beat that, especially if the Carnival card has a fee. Edit: Based on Fun Points redemption, it looks like it returns just a bit over 1%, 2% on cruise line purchases like bookings and onboard spending. My Costco Visa returns 3% on all travel, including the flight and hotel en route to the cruise.
  7. Underwatr

    Current Veranda Menu on the Queen Victoria?

    Lunch and dinner menus here: https://carncorp.app.box.com/s/i7qtqhwhjjc1k6ujy8lcub3ew3742me9
  8. Underwatr

    On Board Credit

    But not: - Medical center charges (at least in my experience) - Future cruise bookings - Excursions purchased prior to embarkation (these are paid immediately with a credit card on many/most lines) - Currency exchange (unless you manage to launder your onboard credit through the casino - not all lines permit OBC to be used in the casino)
  9. Underwatr

    Ship Horn Signals

    Or reminiscent of a car horn playing La Cucaracha, depending on your perspective.
  10. Underwatr

    Eastbound or Westbound Crossing?

    If you get up at 5:30 you'll have missed it. 🙂 In January I think we passed under the bridge between 5:00 and 5:15.
  11. Over the holidays I saw a marked de-emphasis of formal-night photos around the dinner table. They came by one night and took individual and couples photos at the table, but otherwise if you wanted a formal night photo they still had the setups on decks 2 and 3 for posed shots. I've gotten good at completely ignoring the photographers as you're getting off the ship in a port so I can't honestly say they weren't there, but I really don't remember any.
  12. It happened to us once. I went down to the desk to check on Dec 23 and about $400 or $500 of the expected credit was missing. Of course nothing really got accomplished shoreside until after the holiday but it showed up about midway thru the cruise and then we suddenly had a bunch of credit to spend in a few days. Onboard credit can be used for anything that costs money on the ship, aside from future cruise bookings, services in the medical center, and currency exchange. If you have wine with dinner or book an excursion after embarkation, those charges deplete onboard credit first.
  13. Underwatr

    QM2 in Canada Questions

    Bar Harbor is a tender port. In Halifax the ship ties up and no tenders are required. Those are the only ports on your itinerary that I've visited.
  14. 1. I don't think of it as "dinner clothes" but the dress code for embarkation day is "smart casual" or whatever they call it now (on the US site they're starting to call the two dress codes "formal" and "gala" but I will not join that party). I don't think it's unusual to wear a blazer and khakis to board, which -- surprise, surprise -- happens to conform to the evening dress code. If the ship leaves New York on time (5:00PM), you should pass under the bridge before 6:00, and there really isn't much after that worth missing dinner for. If you're in Grills note that dinner is at the time of your choosing so you shouldn't worry about others waiting if you're not at the table at nominal dinner time. In Britannia they request that you arrive in time to have your order in before 30 minutes after the nominal seating time, e.g., order by 6:30 for the for sitting (6:00 PM). But the first night is a bit of an exception (people arriving late or miss g dinner) since the sailaway fun is happening about the same time as dinner. 2.Will you be in the Grills? Are you interested in (paying for) the behind-the-scenes ship your? Speak to the concierge. If not in grills, I think you queue at the excursions desk before 8:00 AM on the next day. There will be a free ship tour in the schedule on Day 2, but this is just a tour of public spaces so a passenger new to QM2 can learn what's where without having to explore on their own 3. I'm not sure about this one. 4. The Golden Lion serves until 2:00 PM including (usually) on embarkation day. If you're not in Grills its a saner alternative to the buffet. 5. If your booking includes any onboard credit, visit the Purser early in the voyage to verify that the amount you're expecting has been applied. Preferably bring a confirmation from your TA which mentions the expected credit. If there's a discrepancy send an email off to your TA and he/she will coordinate with Cunard. The Purser's office will do the same on their side. 6. If your bring your own wine/champagne or soft drinks that you'll want to chill in your room it's helpful if the minibar contents aren't also in there. 7. Seems to me that we've been aware of the book club in advance although I don't remember how I learned that. I generally haven't seen a book club on the agenda on our annual Caribbean cruises. 8. Only really applicable if you're in Grills... 9. AFAIK a day's notice is sufficient; e.g., mention your dinner request at the previous day's dinner (We don't travel in Grills). There are off-menu items available in Britannia (Caesar salad, shrimp cocktail, fish, chicken breast, steak) but they're always available with no pre-ordering.
  15. Underwatr

    Any Problems with Customs since Govt. shutdown?

    Customs and Border Patrol are essential, but it doesn't mean they're getting paid.