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  1. I talked to my TA a little over a week ago about adding a passenger to my Christmas Caribbean booking. I was on while he talked it over with Cunard reservations and by all appearances the 12-night NYC-NYC itinerary is going on as originally scheduled and I'd assume the transatlantics on either end of that. But if you look on Cunard.com it's not possible to make a new booking on that 12-night itinerary.
  2. Trying to predict the future. GF is 95% agreed to accompany me on my Christmas QM2 cruise (the delta fare is pretty small), no additional deposit will be taken, and final payment's not until way out in November. But COVID is resurging in the US so what are the odds that things will go as planned? I guess we'll know by the new final payment date..
  3. I was on the phone with my TA last weekend and he confirmed that final payment for my December QM2 trip has been moved 30 days out from embarkation as well. I also asked about the cancellation penalty since I had originally booked a US fare that was fully refundable up to the cancellation date and he said it is still fully refundable up to the new cancellation date.
  4. I had my doubt, but you're right: At https://www.cunard.com/en-us/contact-us/travel-health-advisories/frequently-asked-questions This is also at https://www.cunard.com/en-us/contact-us/travel-health-advisories/interim-cancellation-policy My existing Dec 2021 booking may be cancelled up to 120 days before final payment without penalty - I'm skeptical that this can unilaterally be changed to loss of deposit before 120 days out.
  5. 'Tis. I most recently (Dec 2019) saw the version posted by bluemarble and haven't seen a dry clean version in several years.
  6. My experience is only with the Christmas version of this cruise, but on that itinerary the formal nights are for the most part on the transit between New York and the first/last Caribbean port (makes sense on the holiday itinerary because the "Days" and the "Eves" are all celebrated at sea. During the five port call days there are usually no formal nights. I think it's doable with just a jacket provided there isn't an attempt to flout the rules. Note that the Kings Court pop-up restaurant is "smart casual" even on formal nights and offers a good value IMO.
  7. The obvious options are travel insurance policies purchased via a third party (which travel experts will argue are better coverage than policies obtained trough the cruise line, YMMV) such as squaremouth or insuremytrip. I will say that I once dealt with a medical emergency on a Cunard cruise with travel insurance via a third party and Cunard (actually, someone at Princess since it was a US booking) was still in contact with me on a daily basis in St Lucia until my wife was discharged from the hospital and my own insurance had completed travel arrangements getting us home. I don't know how they might have been able to intervene on my behalf but it wasn't as though I was at a severe disadvantage by not having Cunard Care.
  8. They do clarify jacket/sportscoat requirements however.
  9. Having taken a roundtrip Alaska cruise from Seattle, I'll mention that the post-cruise customs formalities (for US citizens, granted) were about as informal as you can imagine. Retrieve your baggage and exit the baggage hall past three or four Customs/Immigration officers. No inspection of documents, etc.
  10. I have a couple of bookings active and I'm able to access the Personaliser on the one I just tried.
  11. On the plus side I booked Christmas 2022-23 on QM2 this week. Still holding a solo booking for 2021 but that all depends on several factors.
  12. Back in Feb/March I mentioned fighting a bout of pneumonia. Turns out the infection camped out in one of my vertebral disks (T6-T7) and by the time the infection was diagnosed and treated that disk was destroyed as well as much of the two adjacent vertebrae. I had spinal fusion surgery (T4-T9) last week and I'm now I'm home recovering from that. I have some weird phantom nerve pain but I'm told that's normal and will go away as I heal. Since the spine in one's trunk doesn't flex as much as in one's lumbar or cervical region there isn't expected to be a significant impact to my daily activities. I should still be able to cycle, hike, kayak, etc. Hoping to make a trip by car (as a passenger) in mid-July. I booked Christmas 2022 aboard QM2 with a friend this week. 2021 is still booked as a solo trip so I have some decisions to make by August. My TA says that since there would be a fare impact to adding a second passenger to that booking, the entire booking would be repriced at current fares and I'd (most likely) lose the generous onboard booking perks
  13. If your perspective of an enjoyable cruise is Carnival, you may not enjoy Cunard. I'm aware of Carnival's focus on "Fun." Cunard knows how to entertain their clientele but they don't have much of what I think of as Carnival's flavor of "Fun." For a specific example that comes to mind: The Cruise Director (Entertainment Director) on Cunard isn't your pal. He/she is a professional whose duty is to present the finest of entertainment on your voyage. More reserved than wacky.
  14. Perhaps it changed since your post but currently the list/map shows Israel as Moderate and the UK as High while the US is color-coded as Very High.
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