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  1. I've been visiting St. Lucia on QM2 for years (on those Christmases when it's a port of call) - I've never seen the ship enter the harbor.
  2. The normal booking perks pale in comparison to the perks (chiefly OBC - I get enough that it's difficult to burn through it all) available from booking onboard. My only sure solution is to sail in 2021 and book for 2022 during that voyage. 🙃
  3. From what I've seen you can book the same hotels yourself at a considerable savings to what Cunard charges for two people. Yes, it includes a transfer from the hotel to the ship (and from the airport to the hotel?) but the total cost of those transfers booked independently by taxi is in the order of $100-150. I don't concern myself too much about the trip to the ship. The hotel will want to be out of your room by 11:00 AM and a cab or private car at that time of day would get you to Red Hook considerably earlier than the assigned check-in time. You literally have hours before check-in is an issue. Coming up from Pennsylvania by car or train I've never been tempted by Cunard's hotel offers.
  4. Here's a new port (but it's not Newport):
  5. I wonder whether I'd be able to rebook my December 2021 cruise to December 2022 when it comes available without losing booking perks (I know, unlikely). It just works better for my schedule.
  6. I'm pretty sure we visited Porto Quetzal on Queen Victoria in 2011.
  7. The cancellation fee schedule has changed (favorably) due to COVID. See this page: https://www.cunard.com/en-us/contact-us/travel-health-advisories/interim-cancellation-policy Canceling your voyage – updated August 25, 2020. If you’re booked on a Cunard voyage sailing on Queen Mary 2 after April 18, 2021, on Queen Victoria after May 16, 2021, or on Queen Elizabeth after December 13, 2021, and wish to cancel, we have reduced our final payment due date for sailings through April 30, 2021, please see below. For sailings after April 30, 2021, our standard cancelation policy applies. Cunard shall be entitled to levy a cancelation charge as a percentage of the fare paid. The final payment due date is reduced for sailings through April 30, 2021: Voyages up to 30 nights: From 120 days to 60 days prior to sailing Voyages 31 nights or longer: From 150 days to 90 days prior to sailing The Cancelation Fee Schedule will be as follows for sailings through April 30, 2021: Voyages up to 30 nights: 31 to 59 Days to Sail 50% of net fare 15 to 30 Days to Sail 75% of net fare 00 to 14 Days to Sail 100% of net fare Voyages 31 nights or longer: 64 to 89 Days to Sail 50% of net fare 43 to 63 Days to Sail 75% of net fare 00 to 42 Days to Sail 100% of net fare
  8. It's always been possible to book Cunard from the US with a refundable deposit. I'd almost go so far as to say deposits are always refundable until close to final payment but I haven't really paid attention to the latest low-price booking terms. Cunard recently moved the refundable deposit expiration to about a month before final payment, but at any rate you're still outside that date.
  9. Most likely US comprehensive travel insurance would cover failure of the cruise line. It has been a covered condition in the past but I haven't looked at how cancellation insurance has changed.
  10. This one's a gimme but I always like seeing this view.
  11. Cunard ships have an indoor cigar (only) lounge. Cigarette smokers have one spot on an outside deck.
  12. If you had bought it before 2020 they would have paid, I think. But yes, most policies I reviewed in late February were already saying the COVID pandemic was a "named event" much like a hurricane or blizzard and not insurable. CFAR coverage would still be be valid regardless.
  13. Cunard deserves a mention. Queen Mary 2 only makes a couple of Caribbean cruises in the fall in a normal year - November just after Thanksgiving and over the Christmas-New Year holidays. Not super-premium like Oceania and Seabourn, but a cut above the true mass market lines plying the Caribbean. There would be around 2500 passengers on a ship about the same size as other lines' ships built to carry 4-5000.
  14. Underwatr


    Playing with the website a little, the only itineraries that are bookable are those that Cunard has a public intent to sail - Transatlantics beginning in April 2021 after the currently defined end of the announced pause. I didn't complete a booking but I expect it would be accepted and my deposit charged.
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