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  1. Doesn't this apply to all cruises booked in the UK? I think it's only in the US and maybe Canada that you can get the reduction if the price drops. And this has to be before the final balance date. This is why some people from the UK book their cruise through a US agent.
  2. Ray66

    Cunard Site Down?

    Not for me it hasn't. It's still doing it and it's driving me nuts. The first new message board we had a couple of months ago was fine for me but not this version. It changes from log out/log in/log out each time I visit. The board disappeared for a couple of days before our cruise and when I came back, it was this one. (Windows 10 on desk top PC). I don't understand why we have to look at other people's personal photos.
  3. Ray66

    Cunard latest new build

    Yes it's still saying Queen Anne on page 14 http://www.amem.at/pdf/AMEM_Cruise-Ships-on-Order.pdf
  4. Ray66

    QE refit update

    Thanks for the link. Interesting pictures Update news today on the Cruise Critic website: https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/news/3542/
  5. I was also on this cruise. Our embarkation went fine. We are diamond and were given a pink card to get us through priority. On the other hand, disemarkation was a real mess and delayed because I think they hadn't unloaded all the cases on time. I think it would help if they had announcements made over the speakers at this time as to how things are progressing. Lectures and entertainment were very good, especially we thought Walk Like A Man (who we watched both performances) and Pete Matthews a comedy juggler. All in all, a good cruise. Just a note to point out: we were on deck 6 aft and had chosen a room with a bathroom on the left hand side but it turned out that it was actually on the right hand side (as you enter). In June we had a room on deck 6 forward on the QE and had also chosen a room with a bathroom on the left hand side but this also turned out to be on the right hand side. I think I might remember in the distant past being discussed on here that deck plans on deck 6 are wrong.
  6. Ray66

    The return of Cunard Pens

    we just had one of these pens on the QV (Britannia balcony)
  7. Ray66

    Itinerary Change

    The change in itinerary might be due to Storm Adrian which is due to hit the UK from Europe. We've had lots of itinerary changes, some due to bad weather.
  8. Ray66

    Is it just me..........

    At least we don't get those annoying adverts on the right hand side any more. Just other people's "newest photographs".
  9. Ray66

    The return of Cunard Pens

    Do you mean the black and gold ones that are on your cabin desk along with a small notepad? When did they go missing on the QM2? They've always been available on the QE and QV recently. I sometimes bring them home.
  10. The person behind it is Australia mining tycoon Clive palmer. The topic has been discussed on here over the years. This from 2013: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/1722417-titanic-ii-to-be-constructed-in-china/
  11. Ray66

    Welcome back

    Yes, the box had links to other forums as well I seem to remember. Talking of Roll Calls, I'm amazed that they still haven't deleted the old messages from years ago which appear underneath the links to the three ships. Someone has yesterday added to that list of old messages instead of posting in the section for the QE. https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/forum/366-cunard-roll-calls/
  12. Ray66

    Boarding time

    This must be a new thing. We're diamond and have just got our e-tickets which state arrival time of 14.30. This is the first time since we became platinum that we have been given a late check-in. Needless to say, we wil be arriving at noon as usual. Platinum - seven voyages or 70 nights For those guests who have completed seven voyages or 70 nights on board, there are even more benefits that come with Cunard World Club membership.1 In addition to the Silver and Gold benefits, Platinum Cunarders enjoy: • A Platinum membership pin.3 • An additional two hour complimentary Internet time plan.4 • 20% saving on Laundry/Specialist Cleaning.8 • Priority check-in at New York and Southampton.6 • Private disembarkation lounge.6 • Complimentary wine tasting.7 • 10% saving on White Star luggage service. • Invitation to the senior officers' party.5,6,7
  13. Ray66

    E tickets

    "Please note: Voyage Personaliser will be unavailable from 6am until approximately 8am (BST) on Sunday 30th September. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause."
  14. Ray66

    Name of Cunard's new ship?

    A while ago someone put the following link to new ships on order. 2022 is still showing Queen Anne for Cunard - bottom of page 12 http://www.amem.at/pdf/AMEM_Cruise-Ships-on-Order.pdf