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  1. There's information and a photo from someone on the P&O board about this.
  2. We always use CPS Parking and they move the car from one terminal to the other for you while you're on your cruise. They cover Cunard, P&O and Princess. ABParking cover Celebrity, Fred. Olsen, MSC, NCL, Royal Caribbean & Saga Cruises.
  3. I can see that cruise listed on a travel agent website. Not much availability left - no suites and in balconies just BB and BD showing. Oceanview and Inside still showing availability. So I think it might be an idea to phone a travel agents to book the cruise.
  4. An article here from the BBC quoting a couple who have just sailed on the Virtuosa for 4 days - 1,000 people on a 6,000+ capacity ship: "It wasn't all plain sailing though, she adds, as they had to wear masks everywhere, including while out on deck, which she says was "absolute madness". You could only take your mask off when eating, drinking, or swimming." Why the cruise industry is still navigating choppy waters https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57482017
  5. He already has done https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2782172-has-anyone-else-had-problems-logging-into-marella/
  6. Yes, we always use the M6 toll road - much quieter and quicker and worth the fee. I can recommend the Holiday Inn Winchester which has its own free car park and air con. I'm not a fan of Southampton hotels on the whole.
  7. The BBC are calling it a cruise ship, and this morning they went as far as saying it was a "cruise liner". Really it's just a large ro-ro ferry that operates in the Baltic Sea.
  8. from BBC website https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-57406705 Passengers on a cruise ship touring the UK have been told they will not be allowed to disembark in Scotland. The MSC Virtuosa's operator says Scottish government Covid rules block it from entering the port of Greenock. The government has said domestic cruises can only restart when restrictions in all of Scotland reach level one.
  9. Iona seen from Queen Elizabeth webcam
  10. Just received an email from Cunard and they've lined up some interesting guest speakers for these cruises: Jennie Bond. South Cornwall scenic cruising. 19 – 23 Jul ◆ 4 nights ◆ Q119P Jonathan Haslam CBE. Scottish Isles scenic cruising. 30 Jul – 6 Aug ◆ 7 nights ◆ Q120 Professor Turi King. Sun Voyage. 20 – 27 Aug ◆ 7 nights ◆ Q123P Julian Bird. Scenic cruising and Liverpool. 27 Aug – 3 Sep ◆ 7 nights ◆ Q124P Dickie Arbiter LVO. The British Isles. 14 – 24 Sep ◆ 10 nights ◆ Q127P
  11. I've never been in an inside cabin but this photo was posted on this forum a few years ago
  12. Yes and to put it bluntly I would never stay there again. In my opinion, vastly over-priced. The room was so hot, we couldn't sleep plus there were many other bad points for us, lifts not working etc. But other people presumably like it so maybe we just had bad luck.
  13. I've never stayed there but I believe you can see the ships from the Holiday Inn, Herbert Walker Avenue.
  14. Just received a cheque today from Carnival UK for the original deposit amount. The amount had originally been paid by credit card.
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