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  1. The QE was due to be in Holyhead, North Wales tomorrow 22nd September but I think someone mentioned there has been damage to the pier there. Other Holyhead dates were to have been 8th September and 11th October. She's due back in Southampton on 24th September.
  2. Smoking on balconies isn't allowed. We like the sheltered balconies on the QM2 and always choose them (deck 5), and don't find them dingy or depressing. You're close to the sea with no lifeboats to obstruct your view.
  3. We love Cornwall too and used to go every year before covid. North Wales in our caravan for us now. Is that cruise ship on the horizon P&O's Britannia by any chance?
  4. QE in Liverpool today https://www.wirralcam.org/wirralcam2016/waterfront2.shtml
  5. The Canaries cruise is a two page spread in today's newspaper bookable through just that TA, with Russell Watson, Lulu and Jimmy Tarbuck.
  6. Queen Victoria and other cruise ships have been back and forth to Southampton from Torbay and other nearby spots in the Channel for over a year now. They will have been getting supplies in Southampton. This photo was taken in June 2020 from Weymouth beach And the following article from the BBC is from August 2020. They have about 100 crew on board. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53720419
  7. A rather misty view of the QE in Liverpool at present. https://www.wirralcam.org/wirralcam2016/waterfront2.shtml A question for LadyL1: Will you be in Holyhead on 8th September or was the itinerary changed?
  8. Looks like they're headed north and on their way back now.
  9. QM2 can just be seen passing behind QE.
  10. You can watch them both leave here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3m8y8fegwY QM2 And QE
  11. Ray66


    Bon Voyage to everyone! You can see the QE in Ocean Terminal from QM2's webcam in City Terminal. With a bit of luck, QE's webcam will be switched back on.
  12. QM2 is in Southampton's City terminal for 5 days according to the cruise ship schedule - 8th-13th August. QE is in Ocean terminal for 2 days - 9th-11th. And then back again on the 12th for her first cruise on the 13th. A good view of Disney Magic in the new 102 Horizon Cruise terminal.
  13. Agreed. She was more interested in talking about Costa and Princess. Watched it through the TV and had to turn the sound right down.
  14. This from Royal Caribbean website: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/gbr/en/faq/topics/southampton-testing-requirement For Cruises Departing From Southampton, England: We will contact you via email approximately 14-18 days prior to sailing with instructions on how to register and book your test. The email will provide clear direction on testing locations, dates and booking details to complete your appointment. Please ensure that you have provided us with your email address so we can share this important information with you.
  15. According to the sticky topic at the top, people were informed by email on 16th June that the QV is out of service until late April 2022 and that the QE would be used instead. https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2785541-cunard-cancellations-update-16th-june/
  16. There's information and a photo from someone on the P&O board about this.
  17. We always use CPS Parking and they move the car from one terminal to the other for you while you're on your cruise. They cover Cunard, P&O and Princess. ABParking cover Celebrity, Fred. Olsen, MSC, NCL, Royal Caribbean & Saga Cruises.
  18. I can see that cruise listed on a travel agent website. Not much availability left - no suites and in balconies just BB and BD showing. Oceanview and Inside still showing availability. So I think it might be an idea to phone a travel agents to book the cruise.
  19. An article here from the BBC quoting a couple who have just sailed on the Virtuosa for 4 days - 1,000 people on a 6,000+ capacity ship: "It wasn't all plain sailing though, she adds, as they had to wear masks everywhere, including while out on deck, which she says was "absolute madness". You could only take your mask off when eating, drinking, or swimming." Why the cruise industry is still navigating choppy waters https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57482017
  20. He already has done https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2782172-has-anyone-else-had-problems-logging-into-marella/
  21. Yes, we always use the M6 toll road - much quieter and quicker and worth the fee. I can recommend the Holiday Inn Winchester which has its own free car park and air con. I'm not a fan of Southampton hotels on the whole.
  22. The BBC are calling it a cruise ship, and this morning they went as far as saying it was a "cruise liner". Really it's just a large ro-ro ferry that operates in the Baltic Sea.
  23. from BBC website https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-57406705 Passengers on a cruise ship touring the UK have been told they will not be allowed to disembark in Scotland. The MSC Virtuosa's operator says Scottish government Covid rules block it from entering the port of Greenock. The government has said domestic cruises can only restart when restrictions in all of Scotland reach level one.
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