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  1. That looks fairly definitive. I suspect that requests for shared tables depend on identification of specific other guests (which has been available in the past to combine seating among guests traveling under multiple booking numbers).
  2. Here at https://www.cunard.com/en-us/cunard-world-club they offer worldclub@cunard.com or (800) 728-6273 as methods to contact CWC (for record updates, but perhaps it's a foot in the door). I may call the 800 number tomorrow to ask about matters.
  3. Apologies for what probably constitutes a cross-post, but what's the current situation with Britannia dining? Specifically, Is Cunard still seating larger tables in Britannia with unrelated traveling groups (if requested)? I'm interested in dinner table assignments as well as breakfast & lunch. Is second seating still being given over to anytime dining? Assuming two seatings of traditional dining we requested a larger table in second seating as recently as August and nothing was mentioned to indicate that a new dining concept was being introduced. Lots of changes afoot in access to Caribbean ports (in a bad way) so I'm trying to determine how much the onboard experience has changed before final payment comes due in November.
  4. So, business as usual? I'm inferring from that you're saying that if we've requested, say a table for 8 in second seating, that that request will be handled in much the same way as it has always been handled. I had thought that with masking and distance mandates there would be hesitation to seat passengers with those not in their traveling group. The CDC's Conditional Sailing Order is expected to expire in November, but it includes such requirements as "The cruise ship operator must meet standards for hand hygiene, face coverings and social distancing for passengers and crew" "The cruise ship operator must modify meal service and entertainment venues to facilitate social distancing." Recognizing that Cunard hasn't been subject to the CSO and that the CSO is expected to have expired before Cunard ships call on or board in US ports, I'm specifically wondering how the Britannia dining experience has changed aboard recent Cunard voyages (I think so far that only means Queen Elizabeth) and more specifically how it will change for our upcoming voyage. Hasn't there been some discussion that second seating will be Anytime Dining in Britannia? That suggests that diners on second seating might have different tables and different waiters from night to night. Will diners still be seated at shared tables, if requested, during Britannia breakfast and lunch? As a rising Diamond CWC member I can't help feeling that there should be someone I can directly ask.
  5. We did that as part of the normal registration requests, yes; most recently within the last couple of months when I added my friend to the booking. If it otherwise depends on us and others making a unique special request I presume it won't work out as intended.
  6. With the constraining COVID protocols in Caribbean ports we are reconsidering whether we will remain booked aboard QM2's Christmas voyage out of NYC. I haven't seen much discussion of how much the experience will change in the Britannia room. Can someone fill me in? In normal times we'd be looking for a table of 6-8 both at dinner and breakfast, and our booking requests a table for 8 at second seating. Are they still assigning couples to larger tables with other passengers, or has COVID caused all seating to be by individual booking group? I.e. will we, traveling as a couple, automatically be seated by ourselves? (Is that even logistically possible? I'm also assuming that QM2 will continue to have two traditional seatings although I've read that second seating is now "anytime" (on QE?).
  7. By the time they're folded and stapled the home-printed labels are six layers thick where they're stapled. I used to laminate but I reasoned that the odds of that many layers of paper being torn off is slim.
  8. Yes. On boarding you may go straight to your room.
  9. $20, actually. There was a time when the difference was larger.
  10. The information in my post regarding test requirements comes directly from a Cunard document.
  11. I found the link within the (US) Sailing With Confidence page this morning. The port list for the QM2 Christmas cruise is significantly affected: Tortola - Independent excursions permitted, antigen test required for independent excursion St Kitts - No independent excursions, testing not required Barbados - No independent excursions, PCR test required Dominica - No independent excursions, testing not required St Maarten - Independent excursions permitted, testing not required I will be having a discussion with my traveling companion over the weekend.
  12. On that note I received an "emergency notification" from Cunard this morning: Our updated policy now requires that all guests of all ages need to be fully vaccinated in order to travel on any voyage departing from October 13, 2021, up to and including April 17, 2022 for Queen Mary 2 and up to and including May 17, 2022 for Queen Elizabeth. Our definition of "fully vaccinated" is a minimum of 14 days following the second dose of the currently approved Covid-19 vaccines or 14 days following the approved single-dose Janssen Covid-19 vaccine being administered. Please note, a single dose of any other vaccine will not be deemed "fully vaccinated". Further details of our vaccination and testing policy can be found at https://www.cunard.com/sailing-with-confidence. We recognize that you may have guests in your traveling party that will not be fully vaccinated per these requirements, and will unfortunately be unable to travel on this voyage. We ask that you reach out to us to confirm the vaccination status for all gusts on your booking by calling us at 1-800-728-6273. If I've been keeping up, the changes from previous notifications include dates into April/May 2022 and the stipulation of "all guests of all ages" which at least in the US would preclude any passengers under the age of 12 as there is no vaccine for under 12 approved or under EUA. So at least in part passengers are being contacted via their contact info when the requirements for travel change.
  13. The guidance for a booster (in the US, at least) is dependent on too many factors (age, comorbidities, occupational exposure, earlier vaccine type) for anyone to make a blanket requirement.
  14. It wouldn't accomplish anything to do the 14 day quarantine only to return to Europe. They'd have to repeat a quarantine upon their next transatlantic if the rules aren't changed. The CDC's CSO assumes closed-loop cruises operating out of US ports and ignores itineraries like QM2's in which point-to-point cruising is largely the rule and not the exception.
  15. I'm skeptical that aside from vaccinations we're really better off than when the CSO was implemented. I'm not sure the CDC wouldn't extend the existing policies into 2022.
  16. Don't neglect to take note of this bit of Cunard's update! The rules in each destination will determine whether you'll be ale to explore independently.
  17. On the other hand, reading the Barbados website concerning cruise ship transit visitors (defined as a one-day port call, not a passenger embarking or disembarking in Barbados), their current rules stipulate that only "bubble tours" (excursions pre-arranged, managed and monitored in the port of call to enure that no COVID exposure hazard occurs) are permitted by visiting cruise ship passengers. Barbados is a scheduled QM2 stop on 28 December, so either Barbados' rules will change, Cunard will cancel that port visit, or passengers will be on bubble tours. In your quoted section, note: some destinations may only allow cruise line organised experiences ashore, we highly recommend you purchase Cunard shore experiences prior to travel to ensure you always have the option to explore each destination. Barbados also currently requires a negative COVID test within three days of the port visit for all passengers exiting the ship for shore excursions; that seems consistent with Cunard's guidance.
  18. Reading https://www.visitbarbados.org/covid-19-travel-guidelines-2021 it appears that only "bubble tours" (pre-arranged, managed and monitored to ensure minimal exposure risk) will be permitted during cruise ship transit calls to Barbados (one of the planned December QM2 stops). "Travelers are strictly prohibited from disembarking the ship unless participating in a prearranged bubble tour." (Current as of August 20, 2021)
  19. This is getting into speculation, but the only way the 3 Jan eastbound is canceled is if the 13 Dec Caribbean trip itself is canceled (particularly since the 3 Jan eastbound is how the majority of people booked from Southampton on 13 Dec are supposed to get home). But that entire itinerary assumes that the US CDC will change the requirements for ships calling on US ports between now and December. As they're currently being implemented the CDC requirements don't provide for QM2's point-to-point passenger-carrying itinerary.
  20. As an aside, I received a call earlier this week from Cunard (UK, judging by the accent) asking with a touch of urgency (they couldn't quickly reach my TA) that my traveling companion provide her contact details in the booking at her earliest convenience. I don't think they're done tweaking the schedule...
  21. The excuse does beg the question - does QM2 have any "initial few voyages... closer to home" with the revised schedule?
  22. Interesting that the 22 Dec departure from NYC is still on as planned, with just 2 days added in Brooklyn for a health inspection of some sort. I'm assuming (for now) that this means Cunard is aware of some sort of new process following the end of the current conditional sale order (currently stated as 1 Nov 2021). Unless, of course, they're totally ignoring the current published guidance that requires any ship operating in US waters to sail without passengers for 14 days prior to entry. This guidance is completely incompatible with how QM2 sails so perhaps they've worked out something unique. According to RCCL, the CDC says they're "currently evaluating the need for options as ships want to reposition to the U.S. in the fall."
  23. Last time I was aboard (Dec 2019), $20 in any venue (I'm pretty sure including grills). Some sources (including Cunard) say $25.
  24. I carry on (wine) so I can enjoy a finer bottle with dinner at a significant discount from the prices in Cunard's own cellars. They set the corkage, I happily comply, and enjoy a 90+ rated wine instead of settling for the "popular" end of the onboard price list.
  25. Just a clarifying point as the OP's query isn't specific to a certain embarkation port. In Brooklyn the security check is prior to check-in. Also for Brooklyn, the openings of the X-ray scanners are much taller than you may be used to at an airport. I routinely bring a rolling case which must go through the scanner upright. The case is just over 16 inches tall and fits through Brooklyn's scanner with no difficulty.
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