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  1. We started in the 1970's on the SS Emerald Seas from the mentioned Eastern Cruiseline. Also enjoyed the skeet shooting. I had forgotten about getting the guest list until I was reading this post. Recognized several of our old ships...Amerikanis, SS Norway, and Premier Lines (Majestic, Oceanic). We would go to the ballrooms and watch the "old smoothies" glide across the floor in their tuxes and ballgowns. I was always so jealous of their dance abilities. Now we are just the "old dancers".....nothing smooth about it!
  2. Received this when Caribbean Princess was cut short due to Norovirus. ( 10 day instead of 14 day.) Can not use it on next cruise due to it being a casino offer. This credit expires February 2021. Have left requests for it to be converted to obc or to possibly extend the expiration day. Of course no response received yet. Does anyone else have this issue?
  3. Is anyone still getting these offers? I was hoping to be in the next round but still have not received one. We do receive free cabin offers from Holland occasionally.
  4. Good deal! Hope you get to sail.....we have a Halloween cruise booked😃
  5. I think I have read that the 5% discounted freeplay does not count towards tier points. The Panama Canal cruises sound like winners. Although we did a partial transit in the summer and it was the hottest day of my life!
  6. We received this offer. There was an option of listing top 3 choices and someone would call back. 2 days later got an email that my choices were being processed and someone would call me for confirmation before May 25. I later decided to bite the bullet and just call to schedule. I was on hold for about 35 minutes and did book an 11 day on Reflection balcony for cost of taxes. Since my husband had the same offer we also booked a 7 day infinite balcony on Apex for cost of taxes. Needless to say...no perks included other than casino tier level money.
  7. Ok...so I broke down and called today. Waited about 35 minutes and booked 2 more balconies. We now have 4 booked. I hope we get to sail at least one of them!
  8. We already have booked 2 cruises with this offer that came out about 3 weeks previously. This one has a new code on it so if they call we will book 2 more, if not, so be it....we are happy.
  9. I got the offer and filled out my 3 preferences on Friday. I got an email today that says they are processing it and will call with confirmation on or before May 25th. Hope they don't run out of free balconies😃
  10. I guess we were lucky. Didn't call at all. Yesterday we got our full correct refund to our credit card. Ours was for an April 11. Thank you Celebrity.
  11. Just got through for offer. I got put on list for upgrade...oh well. Even if they don't call we'll take what we got. Was on hold only 30 minutes. We took Enchanted for March 27, 2021
  12. My husband and I both received the offer. Does anyone know if we would both get the freeplay. We do both get play on Carnival but not sure about Princess. Thanks
  13. As a valued Blue Chip Club member, you are always eligible for benefits, rewards, and exclusive offers towards your next vacation. We’ve extended your Blue Chip Club earning period. Your ability to earn a new tier will now end on December 31, 2021 (extended from July 31, 2021). This gives you more time to play and earn a higher tier level. Call in and we’ll be happy to go over the details. This is what Blue Chip sent (part of the email)
  14. Paulrus and others...I finally found the email and it did say that the period to earn tier levels has been extended to December 31, 2021. Thanks...Susan
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