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  1. Go for it. As Av8rix stated we have Never gotten it on Holland with a comp. Princess and Carnival are hit and miss.
  2. Hello all..Didn't weigh until this morning. Down 1.2 pounds. So slow but at least going the right way. Prayers to all with this heat that has set in. We are facing monsoon season here as this tropical depression(?) moves in. And we have movers coming Monday! Should be interesting. Take care and have a good week...Susan
  3. Morning Belle. Moving a couple of hundred miles. Inherited my Mom's home. Needs renovating so moving most of our stuff to storage there. About the same sizes so keeping some of Mom's is forcing me to get rid of some of mine. (It needed to go anyway). We have been retired for about 7 years. Used to say we cruised full time. Not happening now. At least with all this going on i don't feel like we have missed anything. I have to step back all along and remind myself that my problem is that I have too much stuff while some people don't have enough. Then I realize how blessed we are.
  4. Continuing to go through and pack 39 years of accumulation before movers come on the 21st. I should have gone through this stuff many years ago. Hope everyone is having a good week.
  5. Must be associated with an offer. We have a compted veranda but just talked with Blue Chip regarding premium package and 15% off is all we were offered.
  6. To answer my own question...I called Blue Chip today (didn't know they were open on weekend) the discount on premium is 15%. There is no discount for drinks and more. The elite discount is 10% on premium which is what is being offered through email.
  7. There is presently an email with a 10% discount I believe. I was wondering if Blue Chip would discount the Drinks and More package. This was not included in the email. Is anyone aware of the answer? I will probably have to call Monday..
  8. 3 card poker or let it ride(not sure they have it) during day or night.
  9. Can you share what the table minimums are on the ship at present? Thanks
  10. Hi all. Lost that 1 lb that I gained last week and 1 more to go with it. I too have a sweet tooth so I think that is why Nutrisystem seems to work for me. Lunch is usually a "candy bar"...that I can do. I lost about 30 pounds on it several years ago but did unfortunately gain it back. But it took several years and about 30 cruises before I got it all back. Now it is time to pay the piper. If I have to suck it up every 4 or 5 years but get to enjoy myself inbetween I can deal with that. I still haven't gotten back to my walking on a routine schedule. I also do better when I do that. H
  11. We have gotten the offer several times. We are booked for a b2b2b. Hope they happen!
  12. I'm not familiar with this. What perk is that?
  13. Again thank you for the input and the time that it takes. My question is regarding the casino experience. How many people are allowed to sit at each table and what are the table minimums?
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