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  1. I am enjoying reading your review. Wanted to pop in and say how much I LOVE your teal print dress! It looks fantastic on you! The octopus earrings are a huge plus!
  2. Thank you for taking us along! We will be on Freedom after you. My son and daughter in law have concerns re crowds and noise. This is DIL's first cruise and we are hoping it will positive. Hope you have an amazing time!
  3. My apologies if this question has been asked before... This will be our first cruise with RC. Can I use Starbucks GCs at the Cafe Promenade? I realize that Starbucks doesn't have a stand alone on this ship. Thanks!
  4. I've only started reading through the boards after a long (Covid- if I can't cruise I'm not reading stuff) break. I know this isn't as easy for you to do but for us, travelling from NB, we drive to Portland, ME and fly from there. The difference in cost, even with exchange, is shocking and we don't have to go through the mess of Pearson. I love where I live but when it comes to flights...ugh!
  5. Some great thoughts here. Never enough T-shirts and always pack more undies than 1 per day-when you are in the "glowy" time of life like me, they are a must!
  6. Thanks to my fellow Canadian! We are taking our first RC cruise on the Freedom and your review has given me a nice idea of what to expect.
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