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  1. Wonder why the HAL excursion cancelled but yours went? We did this same excursion years ago and it was fantastic!
  2. I think the main point is that the odds are way in the house's favor, so why bother!
  3. Great article! I copied a portion of it here to prove the previous point about casinos not changing the odds: "The odds for a particular slot machine are built into the program on the machine's computer chip. In most cases, the casino cannot change the odds on a machine without replacing this chip. Despite popular opinion, there is no way for the casino to instantly "tighten up" a machine."
  4. I have heard this concept before and quite frankly I do not believe it. They would have to adjust each machine and that would take alot of time, plus, more significantly, the casino does not have to do this as the "hold" is so great on slots that they are going to win anyway if you play long enough.
  5. THANKS! We are doing a Tropical Caribbean 7 day in Dec, so hopefully the bouncing will not be too bad. Will miss the larger decks though and the separate powder room. Did you have to keep the front facing window closed at night? Also, how was the room steward service? (we have found that in the remote Neptunes sometimes they stewards are not "up" on Neptune benefits/announcements/mailings.)
  6. Just got this same one yesterday.
  7. Yes, very interesting but I was hoping to hear pro and con comments from someone who has sailed in them.
  8. Back to topic - has anyone had the deck 11 Neptunes on the Koningsdam? They are 11005 and 11006 and are the ones I am concerned about with a Neptune guarantee.
  9. Neither have we. I thi k the earliest we have received one was 5 weeks prior to sailing. It was not very good so we waited and received a much better one (which we accepted) about 2 weeks prior. We do tend to sail in off peak times and I think this is why we almost always get upsell offers. Depends on the ship and category you are in also.
  10. I agree. I do expect to see alot more upsells being offered thought - that makes alot of sense (and cents) for HAL.
  11. Strange - it has always been the same for me in the past.
  12. I am not a pilot, but have been on many small planes of this size for work and I have to say that 900 feet is very low and I sure would never fly in those conditions. I wonder if HAL had any of the same excursions going on the same day and time????
  13. Glad to hear that HAL finally got smart and made that a permanent postion. In the past, the Neptune staff have been friendly, but not always as well informed as they should have been,
  14. OMG! We were on this tour about 3 years ago and it was a great experience, but the terrain is very dense and difficult. We will pray for the group!
  15. I think they did away with the Mariner requirement, so anyone can dine for lunch the first day, if it is open.
  16. Same here - I never ask for substitutions as its no big deal and slows down the service. I used to go to dinner with another couple whose wife ALWAYS had to substitute something - it got to be a joke as she was never consistant with it. I think it was just a "thing" for her to be special or something.
  17. I use a HAL PCC and have for many years. I have gotten very good service from them and even once in awhile will get an extra OBC from them (got $50 pp on an upcoming cruise). I like being able to email them with a request and get an answer or the change done quickly (10 minutes often). Plus, if there is a problem, they seem to know who at HAL to contact to get it addressed. On the other hand, I understand that some TA or large agencies online can get you better deals sometimes, so you should check that out in your area. Of course, these agencies sometimes have limits, such as the time delay as already mentioned. It really depends on your situation which is best. We have 2 main reasons that we stay with a PCC. First, since we often get a casino discount or free cabin offer, the TAs or online agencies have a tough time beating the price. Second, we normally use the "upsell" process to score better cabins at very attractive prices (we have done this on most of our cruises), so it works better through a PCC. Some of the larger online agencies do not bother to pass these upsell deals on to their customers (too much work I guess) and also the time delay (the offer has to go through them to get to you versus a direct email to me from HAL), makes it alot tougher to get get done - these offers go VERY FAST, often in a few minutes. Again, one size does not fit all, so do your homework for your situation.
  18. My brother picked his using Club Orange on the Dec 5 sailing of NS.
  19. Thats a great deal! Better cabin location alone is worth it IMO.
  20. On a real late port night we like the Tamarind as being up so high on the ship we can enjoy the lights/sights of the city. Was very nice in San Juan,
  21. We stayed there in 2019 and it was fine and we felt very safe.
  22. Agree. We like to do the specialty dinners on the first and last nights, if we have Open dining (like to meet other diners on the first night if fixed. We try to do the MDR on Gala nights. We did Sel de Mer once and really liked it (as I recall we got 50% off on lobster being 4 Star - hope I am right on this). On the first night, as pointed out, things are often a bit unorganized, plus it is usually easy to get a reservation. On the last night often the menu is not to our liking, plus its a nice way to end the cruise.'
  23. Lisa - thanks SO MUCH for your postings. It has been great reading them all. A couple of quick comments - first, I am so happy that the Pinnacle has upped the quality of the food (especially the beef). After all, thats what we are paying extra for. Second, on our 2019 cruise bar soap was also eliminated, but the room steward would get you one if you asked.
  24. I have carried on some medium sized luggage, but they do have to fit though the security scanning machine. One time I let the pier workers handle my carryon bag, after I had handled it myself on the airplane, to the hotel, and to the pier and guess what - they lost it! Found it late that day, but I was kicking myself for not taking it the last small segement!
  25. IMO, its worth the extra to step up to a Neptune in your case. One comparison - in the past we often got "upsell" offers the month prior to sailing and the fee usually was about $200-300 pp and we jumped on those everytime. Now, on the upsell offer we were able to select our own cabin, but remember that at that point the cabin selection could be limited (one time it was only one cabin). Also, the Koningsdam has far fewer Neputnes than the Signature class ships, so this could be an issue. Further, I have a Neptune guarantee on a ship ship to the K (same deck plan) and am worried about it a bit. There are deck 11 front facing cabins that I do not want to get, and also some on deck 10. Also, I would like to be near the Neptune Lounge, not on the deck below it, like some other Neptunes. So, for me I would pay the extra $400 pp to get a well located cabin. But again, thats me and you might want to just take your chances and pocket the money!
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