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  1. On our Dec, 2019 cruise wine by the glass was served by the MDR stewards, but wine stewards still did the bottle service. There was a wine steward in the Pinnacle and Tamarind dining areas.
  2. If you search through this forum you will find more detailed information on this, but basically I understand that you are allowed two bottles of wine per cabin, up to 12 CANS of soda or water, but NO bottles of soda or water. No plastics.
  3. I do not know for certain. I have done the extended balcony cabins (angled) and they were nicely sized.
  4. 5191 without a doubt! Have been it before and loved the HUGE balcony. I have been in 4185 and it was nice, but no comparison. I think 6166 is much smaller balcony. 5191 is a great choice if you have a scenic cruise like the Panama Canal or Alaska.
  5. I was in SY 8099 (and same with 8094) a couple of years ago and I noticed that these Vista class ships "bump out" cabins have partial tile floors above them.
  6. I like deck 8, as long as the cabin is below the carpeted area of the Lido dining area. Nice and convenient and minimal noise from above.
  7. I would doubt it, but I would call the 800 number mentioned on the offer and ask. No harm in that!
  8. I think that whoever you talked to at HAL was misinformed, as this does not make sense. Typical for HAL, employees often make up answers to questions when they "do not know".
  9. With HAL being more aggressive on offering paid upsells, I think the days of getting great upgrades for free is limited. HAL needs to maximise revenue anyway they can. Of course, there may be certain categories and situations that lend themselves to getting free upgrades, but I think they are getting fewer and fewer. Having said that, I admit to taking a guarantee in Dec for a Neptune, but only because it was a great casino offer. Has anyone be able to upgrade from this (a SC guarantee to a SA)? I tried the Club Orange approach, but no go on this due to already getting Club Orange with the Neptune. Also, I seriously doubt I will get a paid upsell offer as in the past.
  10. Priority does not always mean you get it faster. On one cruise we were the last ones in our general area to get our luggage, even though we had checked in and boarded early.
  11. Thanks. Sounds like a good deal IMO. I really like selecting my cabin.
  12. How much of a category upgrade was the cabin?
  13. I do not know for certain if it always can be done, but my relatives about a month ago had a casino offer with a guarantee cabin. They called the HAL PCC and purchased Club Orange and at that time were able to pick a specific cabin (a verandah right next to the Neptunes). They were very happy with this approach.
  14. On the longer cruises it is much harder to guess the Gala nights, but in both of these cruise the last Gala night very likely will be the Thursday before the end of the cruise (Sat. departure). First Gala likely on the first Sea Day.
  15. Neither do we and we got the $50 pp
  16. Post your port schedule here and someone likely will be able to offer you a guess. We like to do the Pinnacle on the last night as it almost never is a formal night AND it is a nice way to wind up the cruise.
  17. Sounds like a good approach. Besides, you might get a good free or paid upsell offer to a better cabin later on and the point will then be moot.
  18. I got this on my last booking several months ago. It was from my HAL PCC and I was somewhat surprised (she said it was a special promotion for PCC clients). Do not know if this is the same as yours.
  19. Aft wraps are especially good for Alaska and Panama Canal sailings IMO. Great views from several directions.
  20. Club Orange is available on all the ships, but only the Koningsdam, Nieuw Statendam and Rotterdam have a dedicated dining room for it. On all the other ships, you just dine in the Main Dining Room (there is a separate line there for Club Orange guests though) and you get one extra entree a day. There are other perks as well, such as VIP boarding, separate line at the front desk, free upgrades within your category and others. I would refer to the HAL website for details. Many comments on the CC board indicate that the cost of CLub Orange on the ships other than the ones I just mentioned is probably not worth the cost (judge for yourself), but on the 3 ships that have the separate dining area it could be worth it. Do some research on this board and you will find many comments on C.O.
  21. I still have my TI SR 51. Bought it back around 1973 to help in my work - sure helped!
  22. It does not make sense to move you to the same category from the port to starboard side. The only thing I can think of is perhaps they needed a triple occupancy VH cabin for a family or group and yours happen to be one of the few in that category. Also, did you originally book a guarantee?
  23. You so do, at least for the basics. At one time I was the "expert" in our large company when it came to PCs (bought the first one in 1982) and everyone came to me for advice. Now (long retired) NO ONE asks ME for advice, I have to check with my 11 year old grandkids!
  24. Agree! SD is sooooooooooo much easier to sail out of if you are flying in especially..
  25. Have you determined if the new cabin is in a "higher" category level than your old one? You can figure this out by looking at the deck plans (or post here the old and new numbers and someone will do it for you I am sure). Anyway, unless you have your TA mark your reservation "DO NOT UPGRADE", HAL can and will give you a free "upgrade" to a higher level cabin. Mind you however, what we and HAL think is a better (higher level) cabin is often not the same thing. For this reason, most times when I select my own cabin, I mark it "DO NOT UPGRADE". One more thing, HAL can still offer you a paid upgrade (called an upsell), but you have to accept it and pay more for it.
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