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  1. jclinard - You're clearly quite jaded but why not just get a cheaper plan as it's better than nothing? You're acting like it's go big or go home. That's just my thoughts. If you're booking a luxury cruise then obviously you might be out quite a hunk of change but I personally figure that even if I just get my premium back at least I tried. Say I paid $150 I'd *hope* to get hundreds or thousands but at least if I got my $150 I tried my best to insure my trip. When I made my claim I think I got $500 or $600 but we'd only paid in $100-something so we got back more than what we'd put into our plan. It was better than nothing...
  2. I look into travel insurance and purchase every time I cruise. I spent several hours pouring over the fine print this past weekend. I got several quotes from several websites and purchased the best coverage that I felt we could afford. We ended up purchasing with Allianz (this time direct through Allianz /not using a broker) rather than the cruise line and I did do optional add-ons. We full well realize it won't cover everything that could crop up but we have had to file a claim in the past. It's been awhile I can't remember who the policy had been through but we'd purchased that one through insure my trip (I just don't recall if it was Allianz, AIG, etc etc). At that time my inlaws had to make a similar claim through their cruise line insurance (Princess') and their payout was less than what we got (they still were happy, though and they still prefer the ease of just paying more to buy through the cruiseline).
  3. I've been on a Po' boy kick lately, making them myself but they certainly aren't cheap to make in 2023, lol. I've been slow cooking either beef or pork roasts and making custom mayo blends. I also love a good BLT with nice crispy bacon and shredded lettuce, yum.
  4. As a rule, my family prefers to not be flashy! Definitely safer that way wherever you may be traveling to. Flashy jewelry or designer brands plastered all over yourself is not the best idea. Anyone who must do those things is assuming all involved risk, haha.
  5. Where I live they charge a fee to convert USD at our banks (I believe it's a $10 processing fee)! Definitely cheaper to just pay the 50 cent penalty, give or take. I mean either way they will be able to tell I'm not a tourist. Regardless, thanks to OP for this rec. 🙂 I'd definitely give it a go but just would skip the pesos part. 🙂 So thank you!
  6. The arch is nice, took my son on a water taxi tour when he was about 2. I haven't done Medano Beach. When the tour / water taxi dropped us off at Lover's Beach (I believe that's the one by the arch if I'm not mistaken?) We asked if we could just stay on the water taxi ride back to the ship, we were only there to get an up close view of the arch. They let us, we just had to wait for any other pax who also wanted to head back.
  7. I know a lot of people like to showboat and look expensive, but I honestly feel it's always safer to fly below the radar. Very basic tees, solid colors, no fancy jewelry, no name brands. Maybe that's just me. I personally always feel safe in port and I live 2 hours from Vegas. I feel safer in Mexico, Vegas is nuts man lol. I mean it doesn't stop my fam from going to Vegas, but just sayin' it isn't the safest place to go by any means!
  8. I just realized I had replied but I was speaking of the one by the cruise port, not by the Malecon. (Edited to remove). As others stated either location should take USD.
  9. Not sure how close it is but YouTuber Christy Gior has a video on her channel going to The Mango Deck. It is very touristy but looks like it could be fun. Anyone know how far the Mango Deck is from port if you're walking? If you want a calm sit-down type place it wouldn't be for you.
  10. Was in Mazatlan in December & felt very safe walking around in port.
  11. I know it's been a year now ... but do you remember who you booked it with? Did you get it for the $20/hr or did you keep the $150 rate they initially quoted you? Thanks. 🙂
  12. My experience with the 72styles dress I mentioned was as follows... Meh. LOL. I wore it for photos but wasn't 100% confident that I wouldn't have a wardrobe malfunction. The tube top it comes with kept rolling down. Before we left our cabin, I used safety pins and had on a cute lace bralette under just in case. After our photos I still felt more comfortable changing into a different outfit for me to eat dinner in (still nice attire). I had concerns earlier before boarding about the dress so I'd luckily brought a nice pant suit to eat dinner in. Our family formal photos turned out really cute, though! That's honestly all I really wanted was to match my daughters dress for the photos. Also, the print quality (with resolution) was awesome buying the digital photos through Carnival and printing with Costco. I'm sure there's nicer options for print quality but I was still quite happy with the prints. If anyone is interested in the dress I'd consider letting someone borrow it, I'd be nervous I might not get it back though but also I've had trouble with selling stuff online anyhow. I think my husband wants me to save it BUT I hate recycling my special occasion outfits. A look is a look, am I right?!
  13. After reading both this thread and the other in the Princess forum I still don't understand why people are saying you knew what you were doing, even if you were a crew member I'm sure most don't know all the rules when it comes to age of sailing into certain locations. That never was cleared up for me. As a parent I don't read my entire passage contract, most of us don't, let's be real. I think a lot are judging you too harshly but that seems to be human nature and it must be stopped. But you know pot callin' the kettle and all lol. Don't take it too seriously I bet half those people who are being super judgy also don't read theior entire 13,000 word document. Hopefully karma comes for them. I feel for you, both you and Princess were at fault but Princess should've caught their error. Thank you for sharing your story so hopefully it won't happen to anyone else. Even if you helped a few families from avoiding the same mistake, that's what matters.
  14. If that were the case then that does seem fair enough. I'm a parent and to be honest I don't read my entire passage contract. I mean, it is really really long, come on people. Maybe like a handful of people do but most of us aren't reading that sucker in it's entirity.
  15. I hope they get it together because I sail Saturday. If they post tomorrow would I be able to buy it and have it Saturday?
  16. I absolutely hate wearing a damp swimsuit. It would have to be on like my top 20 peeves of life list. I bring 2 swimsuits. I don't care about my tan lines but I very much care about wearing a damp swimsuit.
  17. I love a good Cardigan! I'm bringing 2 this cruise. One is a plain black cotton button front, great for dinner if it gets a bit chilly in MDR. I also brought a favorite soft light blue acrylic button up cardigan. Both are solid color. I'm also bringing a zip front hooded sweatshirt.
  18. New to the thread so I don't know you yet but best of luck. Hoping for the best. We sail Saturday on CCL Panorama. I got the 72styles Infinity Dress with Bandeau, Convertible Twist Wrap Dress in dark purple. My daughter has this super cute purple dress that she was gifted. I thought her purple dress would look adorable for formal night. I wanted something to match her dress. It's a pretty close match. It'll be DD's 1st cruise. So it'll be extra fun to get her first formal night photos taken.
  19. That would scare the living tar out of me. I am praying my daughter doesn't try this. Especially since her brother will be in the other pullman. We were planning to do my husband in one pullman, my son in the other, myself below, and my daughter opposite me also below. An all twin set-up for us on CCL. We sail next week we're not planning to do bed rails. We are a smidge concerned but we do think she'll be ok if we just roll up some towels as a bed rail. I can report back. My daughter sleeps in a big girl bed at home, she's almost 3, but her bed is low to the ground at home. Hopefully the Carnival bed is fairly low to the ground but it probably isn't since suitcases go underneath. It's got to be at least up as tall as a horizontal suitcase. Although, glancing over at my luggage maybe that is pretty low, lol.
  20. I did something that I heard a Youtuber refer to as "Lazy Keto," like I wasn't super strict and I still lost quite a bit of weight on it. My one tip was using a few treats as rewards a piece or 2 of VERY dark chocolate. I think what I bought was Lindt Special Dark and I think I also got one by Ghiridelli. I also got Philadelphia Strawberry Cheesecake Snacks, 2 ct Pack, 3.25 oz Cups it's got 19 g carbs and 16 g sugar but my body did ok if I had a few of these each week like 2 or 3 staggered (1 pack each time but I mean 2 or 3 nights per wk) when I felt the urge for a late night snack. My late night snacking is the hardest for me to kick. I know everyone is different, some people their cheats do derail them entirely but I look forward to treating myself so much that it keeps me going.
  21. Really? I've never found this to be the case but I also don't get the best offers from any line sent to me. I've previously sailed CCL, NCL, and Princess, when they send me offers or mailers none are great so it's usually just what sale each line is offering everyone, or so it seems. Maybe being a previous cruiser they're offering a small discount but CCL is usually the best price. When I price out my cruise I go through the booking process almost to the end to see my final prices. If you're using a TA maybe you also could be getting better rates, I never use a TA I have used a Carnival PVP but I usually book online myself.
  22. Wow, there's a lot to unpack here. I never said OP shouldn't share their observation but there's a lot of opinions OP and I do not share, clearly. As I said, I wouldn't have stayed to see how it ended, and I think that's the point of my comment. I am being accused of belittling OP, or at least that's how it seems but apparently it's okay for a few of you to make sort of passive-aggressive comments that I feel are belittling to me. Again, at least that's how it seems. You don't like what I say so all of the sudden I am belittling someone and thus deserve to ... be belittled? ok. That aside, while violence is never the answer some people might be more deserving than others and that's what people are getting at. If some ordinary dude were just walking around and minding their business and then bam all of the sudden a bunch of guys start beating on him it's just another ball of wax than if some guy was pestering people and gets beaten on. Security should be more active in both scenarios but at the end of the day they made their decision and while it's not backing up the new no tolerance policy I think a few of us are saying we just see both sides. I'm a Libra so I tend to try and see both sides of any given situation and not just be quick to make a rash decision on a situation. Wild, I know. I wish more people were like me and quite frankly at least a few of us exist who refuse to conform to conventional thought processes. I am not here to start a fight, just to be clear. You guys are welcome to your opinions. I FEEL I DESERVE THE SAME. You thought I was being disrespectful but that was you reading between the lines, an assumption. I would kindly appreciate you not being disrespectful towards me based on your assumptions. What I will say with all of the recent fights on Carnival it seems a lot of people like to watch the drama unfold. If everyone just left as soon as these fights started that would be super helpful on so many levels. Not to say OP was enjoying the drama unfold, but why stay to watch? I am making a general statement that less people should be sticking around to watch. 1) It helps security to get in there and not have gawkers around in their way. 2) In some of these cases the people in these fights are feeding on all the attention they're getting... and finally 3) It's safer for everyone to get out of there. Obviously if security is unaware simply find them and point them in the direction of the fight. I'm not saying otherwise but no need to be a spectator.
  23. A YT Influencer was mentioning that there's a hop on / hop off bus tour that is being sold as soon as you exit the ship (private tour). Have any of you done this in Mazatlan? Tell me more! This sounds perfect. Is it the standard bus route, is there a map?
  24. I would say if you see something like that, get the heck out of the area. Only continue being a witness if you have literally no other choice because an exit is blocked or something. OP didn't state anywhere that the exit was blocked and that they were stuck there. I just have noticed a lot of people like to be witnesses when stuff is going down. So whose fault is that if they end up hurt? Unless they were truly blocked from leaving.
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