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  1. Which lets face it may be a very long time......
  2. LOL they're still selling this cruise.....
  3. Fun fact, if a pool has a strong chlorine smell it's not from the chlorine but rather too much urine.
  4. Um, this is awkward. Please check out the recent news about positive Covid-19 crew on said European cruise. Will probably set back cruising months more.
  5. The other part of this that I missed and did not know is this....."This dreadful news follows ten AIDA crew members testing positive last week."
  6. "It permiited all of its passengers to do ashore, apparently without notifying anyone that its crew members were infected with COVID-19." WOW
  7. The statistics don't lie. Those who contract Covid-19 who are 20-40 overwhelmingly have mild to no symptoms. Make no mistake, mask use and social distancing are only in place to protect the more at risk.....and I agree with these precautions. Someday this will be under control even without a vaccine and proper therapeutics.
  8. Would probably start with the at risk age groups and go from there. Nothing will be off the table in order for the cruise lines to get back to business.
  9. We are most definitely making our final payment for our January 2021 cruise because I don't want to cancel and be held hostage with an FCC. If Royal cancels we'll gladly take the refund (on cruise and flights through Choice Air) and if the cruise is still on we will gladly go as we are in the very low risk group and aren't concerned about catching Covid (we most likely already had it when we got off Allure this past Feb). BUT, if the cruise goes on as planned but with restrictions, ie masks ,we'll gladly take the refund in that case as well as those restrictions weren't in place at time of booking and we are ok with not cruising as long as those restrictions are in place. Mind you if the only restriction is a 50% full ship that's a bonus and we'd love to do it. So basically making the final payment is the only way to ensure the refund is given.
  10. I have a feeling there will be cruises in February (maybe even January) but the question is at what capacity and with what precautions?? Personally, I'd LOVE to sail on a half full ship but not if there will be crazy precautions in place. And to that end if cruises are only sailing at say 50% capacity how do they decide who gets to go and who doesn't? We have 2 JS's booked that now cost almost triple what we paid.....I suspect Royal would love for us to cancel (won't happen) so they can have the higher fares sailing.
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