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  1. They say one formal night a week on the two new ships, so as far as I'm concerned I'll be taking the DJ. I'll have to practice tying the tie again though!
  2. I'm not flying in on the same day, I'm talking about flying home from Haneda. I intend to use Haneda and spend a day or so beforehand. I've been to Tokyo before, so want to see Yokoham this time. I was hoping they'd use Osanbashi, so I could walk from the hotel, but if they use Daikoku, then I'll have to rethink!
  3. Do Celebrity run airport transfers in Yokohama? I mean without sightseeing.
  4. I did a 65 night South America circumnavigation in 2018 and had a great time. But I'm not sure how many places you'd be able to disembark, even in 2013. There were a few stops in Brazil and I'm not convinced they'll have their act together by then. I cancelled my Amazon cruise on Arcadia for next year and swapped it for Norway!
  5. You're probably right Andrew.
  6. I thought they usually registered in Southampton for the first few years and then changed it later.
  7. I managed to get black status on MSC from my Diamond Status on Royal Caribbean. I've never used it though!
  8. I booked via a TA and didn't get an email. It took about 8 weeks to get the refund in the form of a cheque. Remember them?
  9. When I changed my 2022 cruise on Arcadia last week, my TA said that 2023 cruises should be on sale sometime in March. My 25 September cruise on Iona isn''t cancelled (yet)!
  10. I've just changed my Arcadia 55 nighter to the following 12 nighter. I was offered £145 OBC or free parking. I said I'd look at the cost of parking when she came back and said there was a deal available, free parking and £90 OBC. I snatched it out of her sweaty little hand! So it may be looking to see if a deal like that is available.
  11. We visited Israel on Aurora in 2013, it was part of the world cruise. I guess it's worth looking at cruises out of Malta and see if any of those call there.
  12. It's only two or three nights on a cruise. They have other shows and guest appearances too.
  13. I hope so, Aurora is my favourite ship!
  14. I was on a Grand Voyage when Britannia was named bringing the fleet up to 8 at the time. One of the entertainment team told me that P&O only wanted 7 ships and one would be for the chop. He was right. Goodbye Adonia!
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