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  1. I'm on the 55 nighter too! I went on the 2013 World Cruise and the 2015 South America and Pacific cruise. I'd suggest you decide what it is you want to do in the ports, lots of research Then try different excursion companies as well as P&O. Viator, crusingexcursions.com etc. In Brazil I used toursbylocals.com (they're worldwide), not cheap but a brilliant day. Some ports you just want to wander around. In Papua New Guinea, we piled off the ship and negotiated with a local minibus guy. Don't forget, if you have a lot of OBC, you can always use it to book onboard. Fingers crossed it goes ahead, I made friends for life, have memories to treasure and a lust for cruising honed by the worldie!
  2. Moved both my September and November Iona cruises to their equivalents in 2021. Fingers crossed you can go in November.
  3. Sorry to hear of your news. I've had two friends die this year, both suddenly and neither from COVID. One of them was one of my oldest friends, I'd known her for over 50 years. Stay strong.
  4. I hope not. I'm due to do her Amazon cruise in 2022. Assuming the Brazilians haven't cleared the jungle by then and Bolsonaro hasn't killed off most of his population!
  5. I was on the cruise from Southampton to Dubai in January 2018. We flew back to Heathrow on an Emirates A380 and it wasn't very full at all. In our cabin, it was about 30% full.
  6. I was due to go in September this year and your cruise in November. Both now changed to the equivalent 2021 cruises.
  7. Well we now know the name of one of the ships. Costa Victoria has been sold for scrap. One down five to go.
  8. A member of the entertainment team told me in 2013 that P&O only wanted 7 ships in the fleet and that when Britannia joined one of the others would be for the chop. That ship was of course Adonia. So did Oriana make way for Iona? When Gala2 arrives then presumably another ship is heading for the exit. Of course non of this takes into account our good old friend COVID-19.
  9. Apparently they've signed or are about to sign agreements. So who knows? After all an unknown Chinese line bought Oriana.
  10. I see that Carnival are getting rid of six ships, supposedly over the next 90 days. No names given, although Costa Vitoria was mentioned. Think a P&O ship could be on the block?
  11. I've not been to St Vincent, but I'm not too fond of Martinique. Been twice. First time, people were being pickpocketed in the small market they'd set up, including one woman who had her purse taken from a bag on the back of her weelchair. Second time we got a minibus on the dock for an island tour. He took us for an hour less than agreed then kicked up a fuss about not getting 100% of the fare. Having said that, the ferry ride to the other side of the bay and the little area there was nice, way better than Fort de France.
  12. I went to Odessa on my first cruise way back in 1970's! All I can remember are the famous steps. I've missed a few ports but last year the weather was too bad to tender into Mykonos so we were sent to Katakolon. I'd never heard of it. It was great, pretty little town, nice waterfront. It's about 10 miles from the ancient site of the Olympic Games. I took a ramshackle local bus and got into the site for €6 as I was an EU pensioner (I guess that deal's gone now). I had a wonderful Greek salad in the local town and had a great, if unexpected day.
  13. I've been on Symphony of the Seas and nothing about it felt impersonal! Mind you my favourite ship is still Aurora, having said that I'm still looking forward to my two cruises on Iona, even if they are now delayed by 12 months.
  14. I could, but it wouldn't help as I booked through a TA and I'd lose the deposit
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