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  1. Each ship is different, each class of ship is generally the same. Look up your room and there will be comments. Each cruise has its own special events, but one general rule we follow, do not locate the floor under the pool area if noise bothers you. My spouse has issues with noise so we look at these things. Really look at comments about your room number and find out. Also, do not be afraid to tell guest relations when you hear noise, they will respond and try and do something.
  2. I just recently purchased an equinox cruise also. Your contract should show your perks, but most probably you have premium package, gratuities, wifi, and OBC of at least 300 from X and something else from your travel agent. You will get the xpass when you do checkin about 30 - 50 days from departure date. Have fun. Search site for specific cabin information.
  3. No video last time we were on in October.
  4. Can board whenever. Lunch in Oceanview starts at 1130am. Mast grill also at 1130am. Have a great cruise.
  5. Slow package. Never tried photos.
  6. I could do Facebook on equinox in October.
  7. Yes, I use surf package each voyage. You are not limited to what you app you use. I watch and listen to Espn app while on cruise. I use my banking apps and also play games like Clash of Clans and word cross and spider. I have also downloaded a TV show while on the cruise. I have also FaceTimed many times. So that is what I know I can do. I am not sure what I cannot do because I have not experience that yet.
  8. HI, On my last cruise a month ago the game was on the tv. If it is an ESPN or ABC broadcast it is usually on. A couple of time I streamed it when I went to dinner. You will be able to find it especially if it the Minnesota or OSU games. Go State.
  9. I just did a family vacation this summer on the summit. I had a problem like you. I went to guest services and had all the rooms linked to my card. We had 5 rooms and 11 people. it was easy. All worked out well. Good luck.
  10. We have been visiting the Martini bar since Maiden voyage of the Solstice ship and it has always been 6. They will do anything else to make you happy and perform. They use to serve them on a paper with the names of the 6 but have stopped that. There were six named martinis.
  11. We were just on the Equinox and did the Murano Chefs table. The wines were included in the price. Thanks though we will now always ask about the price. Our Table was excellent and the price included lunch at Murano the next sea day.
  12. We have done our 58 cruise on X. Over the years until this last cruise there have been from 5 to 10 free movies on the ship not counting the channel that has continuous movies. There always were movies that were very current which cost money. I hope that answers the post from Oville.
  13. We just got off the Equinox and we did the Sushi bar on 5. It was great. We spent $25. We had a drink package. It was nice to spend a couple of hours there until the rooms were ready. We enjoyed it so much that we did lunch again two other sea days.
  14. Very sad. They have added showing more movies in the Theater and in Celebrity Central. But most of the times are not convenient. We did see the new Elton John movie in the theater. We do not like watching in Celebity Cental. It is not very comfortable seating for two hours.
  15. We just finished a ten day cruise on the Equinox and there was only 1 movie available for free on our tv on demand. There were several others for pay. There was another movie available on channel 7 each day. Plus they showed several current movies in the theater and the celebrity theater. On this cruise there were many sea days and we love to watch s movie each day in the afternoon so we were disappointed. Our cruise was great but we do miss the movie.
  16. Our last two cruises this year on the Summit and the Edge we were charged with additional mini bar charges. We called CC and bill was reversed. We usually empty mini bar and will do on ever cruise henceforth. We also had drink package and never use the bar in the room. On the last cruise we actually left an additional Diet Coke in the fridge. Let's hope this practice stops.
  17. Yeah, Movies are back. Thanks to all who voiced their opinion. I believe X always listens whether hear on CC or onboard. They do not always change but they listen and sometime change. That is what hooked us on X. Before that we were Princess was our favorite cruise line. Thanks X.
  18. thanks X. We are boarding Equinox on Oct 4 and look forward to watching several. We do this every cruise. I would have personally told every officer I saw on the cruise if they had not reversed this decision. Thanks again X.
  19. This subject caught my eye. 22 years ago I was a loyal Princess elite. They messed up a cruise for us and our TA suggested X. We thought it was great and the tie breaker for me was the availability of on demand movies. 87 cruises later on x, we still love movies in the afternoon while my spouse naps. I guess we have have a choice, to download or find another line. It is too bad we are only a few cruise from Zenith.
  20. In the last six months we have been on the Summit, Equinox and Edge. We had surf wifi because we were elite plus. In all three cases Internet was fine. I was able to call on FaceTime, watch tv (ESPN) while near the US, play games, text and do email. Internet some is affected by storms and is usually shutdown during coming into some ports. On the whole is ok, just not like home. I have never gotten the high speed. I have not downloaded movies. Good luck.
  21. I was just on the summit. When we got water which was every night, we received spring water, not Avian which is the premium package water. Some night very hard to find the premium water on the ship. They save it for the dr. Large bottles are not an option at cc happy hour.
  22. We could not figure out why our son in law was not being charged extra for Evian and premium wine at dinner. We thought our sommelier was nice. It was not smart of us who have been on 57 cruises with X not to know to ask. Stupid us now that we see this. By the way the cruise was great. We were in md and food was outstanding and service was very good. We had a nice table. It had a Tuscan view(like on S class ship) but on the Summit. There are some great views in the MD in the aft section. We had such a great time we turned down a Tuscan reservation and a captains table because out experience in MD was so good.
  23. We were on the July 7 cruise to Bermuda celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary and we bought 5 rooms for our family to celebrate with us. We all had drink packages. We are also elite and two rooms were the one time cruisers with X. Anyway, I was checking each pass as I saw each family board and meet us at the area near the gelato station. The father of the family had Premier on his pass not select like the others in his family. I did not know what this classification meant. All the others in his family were select. As the week went on we found out we were top cruisers and attended the CC event. We were curious that he was invited to the senior officers party. At dinner when we all met, we told the group we were invited to that event and the father said he was invited also. I was surprised. I thought maybe there was some kind of mistake. The father never got any list of the benefits he would receive. We should gone to Guest Relations but we had some other problems that kept us from doing that. Reading this thread, X was probably testing this program on the Summit since that is their Beta test ship for most things. . The bad thing is no one knew the perks to even evaluate the program.. He did not pay extra for this perk. Since we were all together he did not enjoy any of the perks. They could have used the internet. They used ours when they needed it. I will ask him if X sent him any questionnaire about having the perk. I know he does not know what it was. Thanks for the post. At least I know what my son-in-law was given. Thank you X.
  24. We have been on the Jazz cruise two years ago and the Mardi Gras cruise this year. We have been on each side. Each side has its advantages. I like facing the river, port side, because we like looking at the water. We saw fire works from the port side.
  25. Thank you Jim for the wonderful review of your Summit cruises. We will be cruising btb starting on June 27. It is our 50th anniversary with the whole family coming. We will be 11 in total. I would like your opinion of a table for 10 and be tight or two tables of 6 in MD. We will be in Blu on the first cruise. Another question, who is CC hostess. Thanks again.
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