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  1. I cancelled a cruise a month ago. How long does it take for the deposit refund? I was told one to two weeks but I still haven't received an email or anything indicating the refund.
  2. I gave up and booked through the American. The flights were very reasonable anyway. Celebrity "IT Dept." really needs some help!
  3. I have cruised on the Edge in a Sky Suite and Aqua Class. The Retreat area on Edge is amazing! I would switch to the Suite in a heartbeat for that price!
  4. This is so frustrating!!! I have been trying to book our airfare with Celebrity on line since yesterday. I keep getting the pop up message about filling in guest information that already is! The thought of killing 2 hours calling them is not something I'm currently willing to do. Ugh!
  5. Hi. We are booked on the December 4th Reflection cruise. I want to book my airfare and hotel but I'm getting nervous that the cruise is going to get cancelled. When will the crew be called back and when we will we know 100% that these cruises are going to move forward? I'm an "over planner" and this is making me nervous especially since people booked on the first cruise November 6th are not able to check in yet.
  6. We did curbside check in for Southwest on September 4, 2021.
  7. They replaced it with Deal or No Deal
  8. Hi and welcome back to cruising! We just got back from Edge on September 4th. We have cruised 28 times on Celebrity and RCCL when the kids - now 35 and 33 were young. You will absolutely LOVE Celebrity, Equinox and Aqua Class! We took our first cruise on Celebrity 10 years ago and completely fell in love. Equinox is our favorite ship and Aqua Class and Blu are amazing! Can't wait to follow along! We love the Southern Caribbean and the ABC Islands. Any questions feel free to ask. Wanda PS - we have 4 grandbabies 5 and under and I was a nervous wreck waiting for the negative Covid test. We also did it through CVs, so easy!
  9. I have a cute wristlet I carry which holds my cel phone, tissues, hand sanitizer and my card. 🙂
  10. Same here! We were on Edge August 28th and we didn't even have a "welcome aboard" photo. 😞
  11. Was there last week on Edge. I asked the same question on board as I LOVE shopping in St. Maarten. Then answer unfortunately is NO. You can not go shopping or wander away from your group if you do an excursion. Unfortunately we stayed on the ship. From the deck of the ship it appeared all the shops at the dock were closed.
  12. We just got off Edge Saturday. The metal water bottles are horrible! The caps are tough to open and I saw more than one person cut themselves on it. The water definitely tastes metallic.
  13. Easy peasy! The port is less than 15 minutes from the airport. We just got off the Edge yesterday. We had a leisurely breakfast and walked off the ship at 8:15am and we’re at FLL and at our gate at 8:50am. We had a 10am flight to Philly. I would book it in a heartbeat!
  14. Thank you! Great Bay Beach by Water Taxi.
  15. Hi. We will be on the Edge this Saturday cruising the Eastern. We received an email last night that when we go to St. Maarten we can only get off the ship if we are on a cruise excursion. If we book the beach excursion does that mean we are not allowed in any of the shops? I understand why this is happening but I'm still disappointed.
  16. We are Elite Plus. I just called to inquire about the price to upgrade from Surf to Stream. I was informed WITH the discount it was $20pp per day.
  17. Do you know if the water taxi is running in St Maarten?
  18. https://www.dayuse.com/s/united-states/florida/broward-county/fort-lauderdale?gclid=Cj0KCQjwu7OIBhCsARIsALxCUaOCFqw_K9pmoqcsxUnzqd6vXC7-xC9PvUv6yII1Mf-l-fFPr1cBQ3waAoFHEALw_wcB
  19. From what someone told me on another social media forum you lose $200 per ticket. I'm calling and cancelling and will NEVER book with Air2Sea again. That experience has been nothing but unpleasant!
  20. On August 28th. Can we can get a refund or just FCC? This was the ONLY reason we are flying to Nassau for a cruise! Beyond pissed off!
  21. Yay! Thank you for doing this! We are on Adventure August 28th and can't wait! I heard that they are going to be opening up the Windjammer for dinner sometime this month. I hope so! What category cabin are you in? Have a fabulous time!
  22. I noticed a BIG price drop on our Adventure cruise which is past final payment. I called today and the rep I talked to said "if" the new price is approved I will receive the amount in OBC. Just wondering since I didn't receive anything in writing how I will know if it's approved and where will the documentation of the OBC be? Thank you!
  23. QUESTION - we are on the August 28th sailing. I haven't started the process for the Health Visa yet. Can I do it for both my husband and myself or do we each have to do it separately? Thank you!
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