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  1. $74 dollars! Even with a BOGO50 it is still $55. That's outrageous. They had a small planner sale for Majesty yesterday at $48. As always, very much enjoying your review. We will be onboard in Feb.
  2. Hopefully they will refund or rebate the folks that had expensive things booked on Coco Cay. (for a shortened day). Thanks for letting us know. Please let us know what happens.
  3. It is an "and" not an "or" . IMO it means you can have multiple entrees anywhere you wish.
  4. We used to love Serenade, and didn't like it all last time onboard. There were very few tables in the shade on the pool deck for reading or playing cards, etc. It was mostly just loungers and a few chairs. The HD was not inclined to provide more areas for socializing. And Radiance also has a lot more restaurants. I would choose Radiance over Serenade.
  5. Coralc


    What a beautiful photo!
  6. Coralc


    Beautiful photo!
  7. Well. We don't know what Swank Pad G might purchase, but I think twangster said in his previous photo that it is $3000+ equipment. Sony maybe? And I am not an awesome photographer, like he is, so my cameras definitely run in the lower price range. The difference is evidenced by his wonderful photos.
  8. It just means no indoor smoking (or balcony smoking). The regular outdoor smoking areas are still in place.
  9. Or people could just be surprised and read the current editions when they are onboard.
  10. Merion Mom is onboard Majesty, and mentioned that they had taken (a crew member) that was late returning onboard their ship. And there is a port agent at every port that will assist stranded passengers with their return. The ship will try to locate the passports for the passengers and leave them with the agent. The port agent contact information is posted in the port handout and compass, and it is advisable to have this information with you onshore.
  11. Oh thanks! I am glad to hear that it is not being closed. As others have mentioned, I am always happy when I am directed to the OR reps.
  12. There is no special way to get to them (and I thought that I had read on here, that OR was closing) The other country reps have been helpful enough. If they aren't then I just thank them and call again. You just have to explain exactly what you need, and sometimes repeat.
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