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  1. Wow. I actually was faster to post? Have you been away?
  2. Heard about it? Only like every 6 months or so. There have been no announcements made, only speculation, although many of the concierge lounges have been converted to suite/pinnacle lounges. What that means for the Diamond Lounges? Your guess is as good as anyone else's.
  3. I hope that you are all doing B2B's or doing other vacation things. I can't believe that you would fly all the way from California to Florida for 4 night cruises.
  4. That is correct jc. She gets 3 points per night and the husband gets to tag along on her higher point level. When she gets to Pinnacle, they both do.
  5. I haven't sailed on Norwegian, but the inappropriate serving of the entrée while I am still eating the salad or appetizer is something that really annoys me at all restaurants. At this point, I just ask them to take it back and bring it when we are ready to eat it.
  6. We received that one today too. At the bottom it was addressed to my deceased mother. All that I could think of was....oooh. Made you look! 🙂
  7. I don't actually believe what you were told.
  8. @KteacherI absolutely agree with you declining to move. The afts on Brilliance are very nice. Just out of curiosity and to better prepare other cruisers in the future, what did they offer you for a downgrade from an aft GS to a lesser cabin? It should have been a pretty significant offer.
  9. Oh coaster that's too bad. It was for a special occasion. You could have taken your OBC and booked another sailing with it. That's what we have done with cancelled sailings, even if it wasn't for the dates we had planned on.
  10. No. Their TV programming has only gotten worse.
  11. Nice review. I never thought about that, even though we have been to the Southern Hemisphere enough times that we should. Is the school summer break from November to January, or thereabouts? Interesting. That would encompass most of the big holidays that we have here. And I guess New Year's Eve would be a big beach party? Fun to read, please continue.
  12. Well...at least you received something instead of an outright denial. We usually just receive the denial, although we have no OBC on our next sailing...but we will probably get denied for the balcony discount.
  13. Just call them. 1-800-398-9819 They will let you book one deluxe package with Voom and one deluxe package without. Online bookings are not set up for all the little nuances of what people want to do.
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