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  1. That is why we haven't booked airfare yet. Not sailing from San Juan, but Vision was supposed to sail from there before the ship moves to FLL. It is still kind of up in the air for December.
  2. No fair! You don't get to have two invitations! How long is the Independence test cruise?
  3. That is OUR neck of the woods! She is across the bridge. Let us know sooner next time.
  4. The Pacific Ocean is not warm. I wonder how the Navigator sailings will do over the winter. Although we will probably book. There is no snow.
  5. I wanted to book a cruise out of Cape Liberty in February. And my husband said, "Are you high? NO."
  6. And a farewell message in the compass...already! 2 night cruises are very short.
  7. In order to cancel for a non-vaccinated status and receive a refund, you have to wait until the protocols are issued for your sailing. That might mean actually paying in full, before they are issued. If you cancel now, it will be an FCC for the deposit. And hopefully the terms well be more favorable for you on your next sailing. Things are changing pretty quickly.
  8. It is a crew stairway. No view. And although I have heard of passengers using it, it is for crew only.
  9. I really, really like this one. Thank you for posting it. It is such a wonderful sentiment.
  10. Only what I know. Oasis and Ovation class ships. Navigator and Freedom that have been amped. There are probably others.
  11. They are here too. But it seems kind of silly when you visit the dentist. Mask in. Remove mask so he can work in your mouth. Swish/spit. Replace mask and make 6 month appointment at nearby reception desk.
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