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  1. My mom said that for sure I had the vaccine (Way before 1970)....but I don't have a scar from it.
  2. That's okay. It is not like we are personal friends or anything.
  3. The Governor said vaccines will be available by early summer in California. It would be nice if it was earlier, but if they are readily available by then, that's fine. Article in the paper said that all the vaccines are mostly being manufactured in India, because they have the large scale production facilities, that other countries do not.
  4. DBP on Vision next December dropped from $54/day to $40/day. We're in.
  5. In other news, I just copied Skater Jasp's photos of the Ham, Turkey & Swiss hot pockets onto a Word document for instruction reference. I will probably try making them over the long weekend. Thanks!
  6. What's a Sag? I could think of a few things that end with Aussie Gentleman, but I am curious as to the meaning.
  7. Is the movie in Spanish? It looks entertaining.
  8. I still like, "If the earth was actually flat, cats would have knocked everything off the edge by now. "
  9. Jewel doesn't have a Johnny Rockets. Although we really like Jewel.
  10. I agree with BND. I just want a vaccine so I can quit being so paranoid about going out in public. I don't care which one it is.
  11. Interesting that the Eastern Canada blue jays are sort of gray. Ours are very blue.
  12. We have an actual squirrel feeder, we fill it with walnuts & peanuts every morning. Squirrels are very entertaining and they don't run up vet bills like the cats do.
  13. Are you using the same county status levels as CA? (widespread) Purple/Red/Orange/Yellow (minimal) ? We were Orange, and got bumped back to Purple. Along with 40 other counties. Things are closed again and there is a 10 PM - 5AM curfew, statewide. 😒
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