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  1. See if they can give you a Win/Loss statement so you can subtract the losses from your taxes.
  2. Oh no! I am always so sad and tired of these cruise cancellations. We thought our December and February cruises were safe out of Florida...but no, they were cancelled in the August blitz. We never did receive an email?
  3. You are not in Colorado anymore then, I take it?
  4. Just order them when you are closer. It has already been announced that there will be a massive ramp up in test production. It didn't look like they were going to be needed, and then the testing requirements were changed for so many people for employment, schools, vacations, sometimes twice a week. The demand outnumbered current supplies. They will get caught up. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2021/10/06/biden-administration-wednesday-announced-new-1-billion-investment-home-coronavirus-tests-quadruple-n/6025952001/
  5. I think @Ashland said should be one of the perks, not is one of the perks.
  6. I look at animal ambassadors differently. But that would be a whole different discussion.
  7. Well obviously. Because I don't think WEDESDAY is this month.
  8. That doesn't sound very fun. I wouldn't want to arrive in Barbados on embarkation day and board the ship. If we were flying all the way to Barbados, I would want to see more of the island than we have previously.
  9. Thanks. Is that the one he drops it in? I didn't watch the whole thing. I just selected one.
  10. I could have been more helpful. Here is a link to a You Tube Binax home test videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Q0HWzCE9lw There are on You Tube. Step by Step.
  11. We received our $203 missing refund without having to call again and after about 30 business days. Kudos, that they actually followed through. I do have to wonder if we would have received it without the initial call though.
  12. You don't scan it until you are ready to take the test. You should probably watch some of the videos online, as they explain the process.
  13. I have never heard of that Greg. It is that a family or regional thing? I don't imagine that it would be bad. We had egg noodles last night with a little milk, butter, Italian herb seasoning, and some other seasonings. But it would never to occur to me to put them on mashed potatoes. They probably would be good with some gravy on them. But they would have to be in separate piles. I like mashed potatoes smooooth...
  14. It is a really short distance from FLL to Port Everglades. Just about anything would be cheaper than their transfer, including a taxi or Uber or Lyft. But if you are taking a transfer, uniformed folks will be waiting for you with a Royal Caribbean sign and clipboard. They will wait while you pick up your luggage and direct you to the bus. And then you will wait, while the bus waits for other passengers.
  15. Have you checked your Cruise Planners? That is where ours shows up, although we usually do receive a new guest invoice also, showing it has been applied. Have a great time on your respective cruises!
  16. I didn't know Plum Island was a real thing with animal disease research until I read the Nelson DeMille book and talked to a co-worker from New York. That is an interesting facility. And it is pretty windy here, we are getting 50 mph gusts. And I keep hearing firetruck sirens. Hope not. Oakland firestorm was Oct. 20, 1991.
  17. Same thing here. We can get down to San Francisco Bay in 15 minutes or to Alameda beach on the mudflats in half an hour. But it is not the same. The Pacific Ocean is about an hour away. But we are more fortunate than others in many states.
  18. You probably already know this. I just saw a flyer posted for UDP on Symphony purchased onboard. Fine print says that an 18% gratuity will be added to each guest check. The question would be, 18% of what?
  19. You might be waiting at the port for a while, but you will also likely be waiting at the airport for a while, as they wait for other passengers to arrive. Bring a book, or consider taking an Uber or taxi. You will most likely be waiting somewhere.
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