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  1. Well that is weird Kel. I was away from the computer yesterday and late to the party. I had to cancel our previous drink package purchase in an attempt to purchase the lower price that was showing in the planner. I received an "unable to add to cart" message. So after several attempts I just re-purchased it at the going price. Normally that would result in a credit/debit to our charge card. Instead...we also received a new guest invoice from RCL last night. Apparently, instead of a refund to my credit card "they" decided to apply my $1625 drink package refund to my total cruise fare for my 2020 Allure sailing. So I will end up paying another $1625 for the drink package on my credit card next month. Nothing like forced payments. In the long run, it doesn't really matter. But it seems odd that they decided how they would use my money or apply my refund. I suppose I could make a fuss, but it isn't worth it. ~Patti
  2. Well phooey. A bunch of folks on my Roll Call did purchase it for the discounted price. It seems that they should honor it. TY I should have jumped on the computer earlier today, instead of sitting outside reading. Silly me.
  3. I missed getting the discounted price, but where are they saying they will not honor it?
  4. I give them a dollar sometimes, or 5 dollars after a while. If they give me 0.00 receipts, I usually hand them back and don't sign them. 18% is already included in your deluxe package purchase. If I wish to tip extra to an attentive pool bar server I do so.
  5. Just for that, I think I am going to make reservations.
  6. Samba is available for booking in our cruise planner for Allure Nov. 2020. So maybe/maybe not. I liked Samba on Radiance, so I hope that they decide to retain it.
  7. We don't really use the concierge much anymore. Not since Maritza left. She was like the epitome of over the top awesomeness. And the passengers and staff loved her. It was the second time that we had sailed with her as concierge. I was sitting in the Next Cruise waiting chairs, when she walked by. (It was back when Next Cruise certificates were worthwhile). She stopped by and asked, "Mrs. H, why are you waiting in here?" I said that that I was waiting to purchase a Next Cruise certificate. Maritza said, "Oh don't be silly. For you and Mr. H? I have your information. I will just get one and deliver it to your stateroom. You don't have to wait in here. " And she did. To this day, I think it was the most impressive customer service thing that has happened for us on a ship. We don't really have special service like that anymore, but we still like the cruiseline.
  8. Which one is cheaper? If you don't want to visit the Ports of Call board (look at tour operators) and arrange your own private tour, then I would go with whichever one costs less.
  9. Can they make blender drinks, like a frozen Margarita?
  10. They sort of lie about stuff all the time. It is not unusual. Just go to a different bar. It is something that we no longer make an issue of, unless we need to get the bar manager involved.
  11. So after all of this lead up Mike...what did you think of your cruise?
  12. Probably Eastern Caribbean. The ports are nicer with shopping and sightseeing. St. Thomas, St. Maarten, etc. Western seems to have more adventure activities. Enjoy! And welcome to Cruise Critic!
  13. It tends to work that way. When Diamonds were booted from the CL we were in a Grand Suite, made D+ and never lost that access. Unfortunately, we are still D+. (that is a long stretch.) And we are slowly but surely losing that access again. Oh Well.
  14. They are mules. Not donkeys. MULES. Look at a photo.
  15. My mom always really wanted to go to Alaska. We decided to take her and her long time companion on a cruise there. The cruise left from Vancouver, so they both had to get passports at 80 years old. They had a wonderful time. Since she had a passport, about 6 months after we returned, she had the opportunity to go to China for 3 weeks with the Chamber of Commerce group. So she did...and had a fabulous time. She was 6 days short of 90 years for a renewal, but she did make use of her passport. That said, he just needs a certified birth certificate and photo ID for a closed loop cruise from the US.
  16. Seriously cb? All this cruising, obviously only from the US...and you don't have passports to venture out a little?
  17. I love the new avatar Fred! Now he looks like a Komondor dog.
  18. We use a battery powered travel clock. Electric clocks (used) to be unreliable as ATG mentioned. I have no idea if they still are. My husband uses his phone. Which is fine, as long as it doesn't reset to local time with WiFi or cellular.
  19. 😛The list is there. (Windows 10 desktop/Microsoft Edge) I just looked at it under my RCI log-in this morning when Ginny inquired. You just can't select anything from it. You have to call to make requests or changes.
  20. I see Soozin posted it. https://dlxffu6hwewxp.cloudfront.net/cas/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/18063159_CAS_MemberBonus_Amenity_List_v3.pdf You can also log into your RCCL account and click on Diamond Plus or Pinnacle, then select Onboard Rewards and scroll down to the Amenity List link.
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