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  1. Thank you - that’s what I need to know. Mainly I want to be able to text (and make a few calls if needed) to check on my animals. Having to use Messenger with the Carnival WiFi doesn’t always work that great. ATT also has a $60 plan that includes unlimited texting and a lower amount of WiFi. The WiFi isn’t that important to me. Kim
  2. Planning on using the ATT plan next month on Mardi Gras instead of Carnival WiFi plan. If anyone has used the ATT plan would love to hear how it worked for you! Kim
  3. Following! We sail Mardi Gras January 6 for the first time! Can’t wait but have Sunshine as an “appetizer” in November.😀 Kim
  4. Believe me I’d delete my post if I knew how. Didn’t mean to come across as having bad manners. I never would have mentioned the stupid steak if someone else hadn’t previously. Live and learn.
  5. Nothing. But read back to the beginning of this thread and it was mentioned Sea Day Brunch steak was bad too. Does it irritate you that I mentioned it? Kim
  6. But the steak at Sea Day Brunch still sucks. Hubby got it on Sunshine. Ordered it medium and it was served a bloody mess with crinkle cut fries soaked in blood. That’s all that was on the plate. It was so disgusting. He being a man - ate it while I gagged. Kim
  7. Been riding shot gun all day from St George Island, FL back to SC. Your review has kept me from being bored. 😀😀. 2 hours to go! Kim
  8. Thank you for another great review and I look forward to the next one! Kim
  9. I love how you guys always play mini golf. I live in Myrtle Beach which has mini golf EVERYWHERE. I think I could play every day in a year and play somewhere different lol. Kim
  10. My respect for my AirTags just increased 1,000%. So glad you have clean clothes! Kim
  11. Following along! Love the pool! Kim
  12. I have been to Disney Springs many times and have never eaten at The Boathouse. I have a friend who loves it - I need to try it! I would love to see a pic of the Disney shelf as well.😀 Kim
  13. So glad you are finally at your hotel! Hope you bags show up soon. Kkm
  14. Raglan Road - my fav place to eat at Disney Springs! I also love Goofy’s Candy Store as well. Kim
  15. Great start and looking forward to the rest! We will be doing the same itinerary on the Mardi Gras in January. Kim
  16. I hate OT with a passion. At least it didn’t go to 4 OT periods like Thursday night. THAT was a brutal OT loss. Kim
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