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  1. I’m so jealous - you got to hold a sloth ! Loving the review! Kim
  2. Enjoying your review! Sorry you missed Bermuda - we were on the 9-22 Sunshine cruise and as you know we missed it too.😢. Maybe one day we will get there! Looking forward to the next segment of your review! Kim
  3. So I will be patiently waiting for your Glory trip report...... Booked Breeze for December 2020 out of Fort Lauderdale! So far the Breeze and the Pride have been my favorite ships! Kim
  4. Thanks for the review! And we felt the same way about the Sunshine - even though it was our first time sailing on her. We agreed that the only way we would sail her again was if it were going somewhere we really wanted to go. Maybe the no Bermuda thing played a part in it - I’m not sure. You will enjoy the Glory - we did! And Key West - I love love! Was really hoping we would have been sent there since we were missing Bermuda! Here’s to happy cruising in the future! Kim
  5. It was great meeting you and Chris! And running into you here and there through out the week. It did turn out to be a good cruise - not the best - but good. I was soooo disappointed about Bermuda but we made the best of it! We dined at Cucina one night as well and had the calamari. I love calamari and theirs was decent. Eat the scary ones next time - they are good I promise!😀😀 I didn’t care for PC that much. I had read about the rocks and didn’t bring water shoes so didn’t even attempt the water. We just found some loungers in the shade and read our books and went back to the ship after lunch as well. Give me HMC any day! Look forward to the rest of your review! Kim
  6. We were on this cruise as well. Although very disappointed about Bermuda we had a great time! Thanks for the review. Kim
  7. Just a really strong feeling we aren’t going to Bermuda....... but we will make the best of it! Kim
  8. Thanks for the awesome review - finally had time to sit down and read it! The pic of your Mom passed out is hilarious!! Hope your knee continues to heal - it looked bad in the pic. If it makes you feel any better I broke my nose two days before we sailed on the Pride. Got head smashed by a Rottweiler. See you on the Sunshine on the 22! Can’t wait!!! Kim
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