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  1. The whole point of having a service dog is because the human needs the dog ALL THE TIME. So you are actually saying the family shouldn't take a cruise because of the dog. Not your dog (hahahaha!), not your race.
  2. Mullwi - I loved your review, and it was NOT too much information! It helped a lot.
  3. I've looked up renting a golf cart ahead of time. There are a couple of vendors that are charging $90. Since the prices seem to be higher when you book one right off the ship, does it make sense to reserve it before we get on the ship?
  4. Has anyone seen her/on her/pictures since she came out of drydock?
  5. Which dining room is for anytime dining, and which is for set time dining? Thank you!
  6. We loved the cove balcony we had on Magic. Just be sure that your balcony isn't under the galley, or it will be really noisy!
  7. Are these available on shorter cruises? We are on the Freedom November 11, and I'm not seeing anything!
  8. I'm confused. I got the Carnival MasterCard, bought something, paid it off, and got my 20,000 points. I redeemed my point on September 18 for (2) $100 Carnival Digital Gift cards. They sent me an email receipt with a redemption number, which also said 'Standard Delivery' and 'Estimated Delivery Date 7 - 10 business days. So for those of you who have done this before, do I get something in the mail, or are they digital and do I use the Redemption number to redeem them? Thanks in advance for your help! Susan
  9. I'm probably making this harder than it needs to be! 1) I got the Carnival Credit Card, made a purchase, got the 20,000 bonus points. I cashed them in for (2) $100 on-board credits. I can't figure out how to add them to my account for my November cruise. Could someone please explain to me how to do it? Which brings me to: (2) How can I find out how much on-board credits I have? I know what I started with, and what I've added, but I've bought some stuff so don't know what I have left. I'm sure this is relatively easy to do, but I'm not seeing it. Thanks so much!
  10. Besides the new whale tail, does anyone know what other work may be done during the drydock in October? We're on her November 11th, and I love to know what we can expect! Thanks!
  11. There are several companies offering shuttle service from the pier to Orlando Airport. What experiences does anyone have and who do you recommend? We will be on Carnival Freedom, disembarking Nov 16 2023. Thanks!
  12. I was on RCCL Majesty of the Seas November 2001 during Hurricane Michelle. We were in Nassau on Saturday but were supposed to leave to have a sea day on Sunday. They kept us in Nassau until Sunday noon, then we headed back. The ship was really rockin' and rollin' all night, with barf bags on every available surface. Unfortunately, the seas were too rough for us to dock Monday morning. We sat outside of Miami all day and didn't get in until about 4:00PM. All day we watched the Miami skyline waiting for the pilot to come get us. My daughter and I still had a great time! Then in February 2013 we were headed back from Puerto Rico and ran into Winter Storm Nemo a/k/a the blizzard of 2013. The ship was locked down for 2 days, with no one allowed outside on deck. We had a deck 2 outside cabin. My daughter and I spent a lot of those two days with our noses on the window watching the waves crash up on the window. It's still one of our favorite cruise memories!
  13. You can now get 15" suitcases that fit under the seat in front of you. So you can take your 20" carry-on AND the little one under your seat. Whole lotta room for stuff!
  14. But then we'd miss the fun of the cruise!! The Miner's Museum is a minimum 10 1/2 hours drive from here.
  15. Vanilla from different islands/Central America countries tastes different than what we have available in the States. I love trying the different vanillas.
  16. Don't rely on this information. Check with your cruise line's website for this specific information.
  17. I have cruised several times to the Caribbean/Bahamas and am kinda bored with the various ports. Is it worth flying to the west coast to cruise out of LA to Mexico? We live in Maine, so it's a looonnnng flight for us.
  18. Anyone stayed in one of these? (Carnival Liberty) How tiny are they? Do they work for two people - my daughter and myself? Any information and/or pictures would be helpful! Thanks!
  19. Last fall we were on the Magic and did those three ports. In Sidney we took a taxi (scheduled ahead of time) to the Miner's Museum. It was really interesting. I learned so much about coal mining and will be forever grateful that no one in my family had to make those sacrifices. One of the best shore trips I've ever been on.
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