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  1. Justin Trudeau has declared Monday September 19 as a National Holiday. Right now it only affects business/government/etc. under control of the federal government. The question is how it will affect cruises should the Provinces also declare a holiday. We're in St. John on Monday. I guess we will have to wait and see.
  2. I'm a HUGE fan of fixed time dining. One of my favorite things about being on a cruise is having the same servers every night - they really get to know you, your preferences, etc. If you always want a martini or coffee to start dinner, after a couple of nights you are likely to find it waiting for you. They can also help you decide what is best to try for dinner based on what you've ordered before. I enjoy structuring my day around dinner. I HATE when, on land based vacations, you have the discussion: You hungry? Nah. When do you want to go for dinner? Whenever you want is fine by me, etc. When on a cruise I want as few decisions as necessary, and figuring when to go to dinner is one I can do without.
  3. Thanks. I've been googling restaurants - It looks like St. John might be the best bet.
  4. You could ask your doctor for a prescription for an antiemetic - that's the class of drugs that stop vomiting. I get really really motion sick, and take meclizine (Bonine) every night at bedtime. Since I've been on a cruise thru a hurricane AND a cruise thru a blizzard, I also take regular dramamine if the bonine isn't doing enough.
  5. I'm going to try this again because I wasn't clear on my last post. Some of us are planning to find a place to have lobster in St. John or Halifax. What would be a good place for us to meet up ahead of time to plan our excursion? Thanks!
  6. Some of us want to get together to go for lobster while we're on the Magic. What's a good place to meet up? Thanks!
  7. I know the walls of the cabins are magnetic. Are the doors magnetic as well? We want to decorate our door for the first time! Thanks!
  8. We were on the old Royal Princess 20 or so years ago with Buzz Aldrin. Nice guy, but a lot smaller than you would think.
  9. I'm putting this out there for anyone who may be interested: My daughter and I are on Carnival Magic from 9/17 - 9/24 As a life long Mainer, I'm a little surprised that everyone seems to be more interested in lobster rolls, rather than actual - you know - whole lobsters. If anyone is interested in learning how to eat a whole steamed lobster in St. John or Halifax, please let me know! We can meet up and we can show you how!
  10. Do you get a better deal booking spa treatments before you board, on booking once you are on the ship? I'd like a massage, but I'm not at all particular as to when. Thanks!
  11. So my first couple of rooms were inside, which I was perfectly happy with. Then I did OV. After that, couldn't go back to an inside. Then I upgraded to a balcony. Couldn't imagine going back to the OV. On our April cruise (on another line), we had a bid accepted to upgrade to a suite with a balcony.......... It's called Cabin Creep
  12. I have sailed on Carnival, Princess, Royal, NCL and Disney. Before April I was a huge Royal fan. However, my last cruise in April on RCCL's Anthem of the Seas was pretty disappointing. I had sailed on the same ship a couple of years before and loved it, but this wasn't all that great. We were on the Magic last November (post re-start) and had a great trip. We are on her again this month. For the price point, Carnival is definitely worth it. But you will NEVER see me on a 3-day booze cruise! How much fun you have on a cruise is dependent on SO many different things, especially your expectations.
  13. I gotta say, I don't understand the emphasis on going to Bean's (as we locals call it!). I LOVE Bean's - I go there several times a year. But it's just a store. A really cool store, but a store nevertheless. When I go to a new place, I like to see stuff that's interesting and unique to that place. It will take as long, if not longer, to get to Freeport from Portland and back as you'll spend in the store. Downtown Portland is a wonderful place with lots of independently owned stores (Freeport has your standard outlet stores like J. Crew, Old Navy, etc.) wonderful restaurants, etc. There's a small but interesting Museum of Art, The Victorian Mansion (pretty self explanatory) and and fun things like mail boats to then islands, whale watches, etc. This is, of course, my own opinion.
  14. I wo night wonder if they will be showing NFL football on deck at night? Last November I saw three games and it was a great way to watch football!
  15. I'll tell you how I convinced my parents to go on a cruise. I knew they would enjoy it (among other things they love production shows, and my visually impaired father LOVED food! - they also generally love being by the ocean. All I got was "we're not beach people" "we can't spend any time in the sun, etc. etc. So I asked them what they thought about a cruise to Alaska. Well now, THAT was a completely different story. We had a wonderful time, and they went on several more after that. My suggestion to you: Ask her if there is somewhere she'd really like to go? And then research like crazy and work with a TA who specializes in cruises. If she is uncomfortable with how expensive the gift is, you can suggest she pay for her own drinks, excursions, airfare, whatever. Also there are lots of threads about handling the seasickness issue. I can make myself motion sick by driving in heavy traffic. I swear by meclizine (Bonine) and have successfully sailed thru both a hurricane and a blizzard. Five years ago I convinced my BFF to go on a cruise with me - now we go on one every 3 years! Hope this was helpful!
  16. We are on the Magic Sept 17 - 24 Does anyone know what the Dive-In movies or know where I could find out? Thanks!
  17. 2016 we did a cruise out of Cape Liberty in February and came back in a massive blizzard! We couldn't go on deck for the last 2 1/2 days of the cruise.
  18. Bar Harbor and Portland are unlikely to have any color. Because of dry conditions we are already seeing spots of color up here. My Burning Bush is already starting to change.
  19. My daughter is somewhat intellectually disabled - when on Carnival we use the Hub. $5 per device/day. We can then use our phones on board to communicate. Not sure what other lines use.
  20. It can be quite warm or kinda cold depending on the weather - and no one can tell you which this far out. Bar Harbor will be pretty much closed up by then. Don't forget that you are going pretty far north on this cruise. If you are looking to spend a lot of time on your balcony, you may be disappointed. If you are going to see fall foliage, you will be VERY disappointed. The leaves will be long gone by then, and you'll be looking at a lot of bare trees. I live in Maine and am looking forward to a Canada cruise on Sept 17th. I would not book a Canada/New England cruise that late in October. The weather is WAY too unpredictable and could be quite cold and windy.
  21. I can make myself motion sick while driving in bad traffic! I'm a meclizine girl all the way. I start taking it 24 hours before I leave at bedtime, and then every night after. I also take traditional Dramamine with me just in case. I've been thru a hurricane and a blizzard and not had any problems.
  22. I found larger, heavier duty ones on Amazon.
  23. Yes, it's worth a visit. The LL Bean campus in Freeport has more than one building. There are some interesting things in the flagship store, including a small trout pond wrapping around the main staircase, a big aquarium with a small bubble underneath that children can stand in and see the fish, and two stuffed moose who died when their antlers got stuck together. I have been to LL Bean stores in other places, and they don't compare at all to the one in Freeport. It's 96,000+ square feet over multiple levels. Until Covid hit, Bean's was open 24/7/365 and had no locks on its doors. Furthermore, Freeport has lots of outlet stores and several wonderful local restaurants. If it were me, I would rather wander around the Old Port in Portland, but if you're into shopping or really want to see the Bean's flagship store, Freeport is definitely worth it. I hope this is a little more helpful!
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