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  1. I'm willing to risk it. I can't recall how many days we did last winter, I think around 4 as a couple and perhaps I did a total of 2 alone and the weather was amazing. I just got back from Mexico -- 10 days away, non stop flights there and back, and all 10 days on the forecast showed rain, and we had exactly 2 hours of rain over the entire 10 days. Was perfect plus we tried 2 different resorts. October we're doing 9 days, November I think we're doing 10, and December is the 15 day trip, so it's very similar to a cruise ship but with fewer "free" restaurant options. I think we will have a good position to compare between land-based and ship-based travel after doing so many resorts this year -- probably the biggest nightmare for cruises is losing customers forever to all-inclusive resorts! The only "downside" for us is that we were D+ so we had the option to do 3 free drinks during happy hour each, and we aren't drinkers. At the AI resorts, you automatically get "free booze" in your price, but since we don't really drink, we're paying for it in our AI package. Wish they offered a wristband without drinks!
  2. The only issue here is weather related. Going on an 11-12 day cruise to 5-6 different islands means a much better chance of sun. The captain is going to try to avoid storms as possible on sea days, too. I have a 15 day Christmas trip to Mexico (3 resorts, each 5 days long) and I worry about hitting a storm front for 15 days. I would MUCH rather take my 10 and 5 day "B2B" cruises instead, but alas not worth all of the risks. Cancelling my airfare to Miami and switching it to Mexico cost me over $1000 extra I didn't want to spend because of last minute flight changes.
  3. Zero. I had 5 figures in deposits with RCCL I was loaning to them thru 2021 that I just cancelled over the phone. 6 deposits. My only reasons for cancelling them are: not being able to apply more than one FCC to a single booking not being able to cancel my guest on a booking and then get the full FCC in just my name (I cruise 10-14 times per year, my guests only cruise 2-3 usually) being forced to have some foreign corporation's contract worker scrape near my brain is not acceptable wearing a mask is not acceptable on a vacation I love RCCL as a company overall, and I know they're going through a difficult time, but if they would have given me no time limit to apply FCCs and allowed me to apply more than one FCC to a single booking, I would have let them hold my deposit infinitely until such time that we returned to normal. I just got back from a nice vacation to Mexico and it was amazing. It was more expensive by a bit -- but it was nice and convenient and no masks at all. No scraping of my brain.
  4. You're right. It will be a long time before I cruise again -- I'm Diamond Plus with RCCL, did it in 4-5 years, and was likely on track to Pinnacle in 4 more years. But if masks are required, I'm out. I've gone to Mexico a few times this "quarantine" season already, and I will be back in October, November and 2-3 times in December. No masks at the resorts, service was better, food was acceptable. We will see how it will be in the busy season. I much prefer cruising, it is way more my style, but I am not having some foreign-owned corporation swabbing my nasal passage or taking my temperature and deciding what to do with me when I'm far far from home.
  5. I would have easily cruised in April, May, June, July or August if there was a waiver of liability I could have signed. You start the cruises, I'll sign whatever paperwork it takes to hold the corporations harmless in the event I catch a virus.
  6. Can I do this? i thought FCC is only on new cruises. if I can apply it to already booked cruises then I definitely will!
  7. If that’s true then I’m ok. I’m already booked thru 2021 tho so hopefully the FCC isn’t expiring quickly.
  8. Was cruising first week of April on the Serenade. its my most expensive cruise booked ever. Can an FCC be applied to more than one cruise booking?
  9. We decided to skip September cruises due to hurricane issues but this year snagged a fantastic deal on the Freedom 9/1 out of San Juan. Definitely monitoring the storm but we are flying and cruising regardless. Our cruise during Irma was the best cruise we ever took — “stuck” for ten days, and RCL took such amazing care of us.
  10. Super disappointed that Hooked wasn’t mentioned. We love Hooked so much and heard rumors they were replacing Sabor with it on Freedom. boo!
  11. I snagged the card just for the $100. Used it once, cashed it in, put it in the sock drawer. My Discover IT Miles card is a 3% cashback card the first year. Everyone can do this one. Then Alliant CU is a 3% cashback card the first year (no fee the first year). Then I get a new Discover IT Miles in year 3 for another year of 3% cash back on general spend. Chase Sapphire Reserve and Amex Platinum are my go-to cards for charging travel, tho. General spend is 3%, Amazon is 6%, groceries is 6% on Amex Blue Cash Preferred. So many ways to maximize cash back — the RCCL card isn’t a huge winner for that. But nice bonus for new card holders, for sure.
  12. They just said that I was misinterpreting what the email said. unfortunately I emailed someone on land that I know and within an hour the ship staff jumped when I said frog — which is NOT what I wanted. Now I can eat at all the restaurants but I just wanted clarity — not special treatment. We cruise often but I never want anything but what I’ve been promised. the HM told me he would get me clarity from corporate before the end of the cruise, but I told him I do not want special treatment. I just want to know what is correct so when I make suggestions to others they won’t have to push to get the benefits. ill update this post at cruise end and see if corporate as made a decision.
  13. Molly — that is indeed how I read it! I am not really one to try to take advantage of loopholes in general and I bet I’m as low revenue a passenger as possible already, but I do expect some clarity on the verbiage used in the official website and email marketing. Thanks for posting the actual email, I’ll send this over to the specialty dining manager and see if he can get any clarity from corporate. Too bad it’s a holiday and no one can verify! also — no lunch in embarkation day on the freedom with unlimited dining. Wasn’t expecting it but forgot to mention that.
  14. On Freedom this week. Unlimited Dining Package upgraded from the ultimate booked online forever ago. night 1 we had the guacamole appetizer at Sabor along with the yucca fries and hopped over to Chops for dinner. today we tried to book Giovanni’s for appetizers and then Chops for dinner and were firmly denied by both restaurant hosts. our usual telephone contact at RCCL is on vacation this week so no help at the corporate offices but my read is still that you can have multiple restaurants on the same night. FWIW we aren’t big eaters at all, but just wanted to try appetizers at one joint and a meal at another. we always get the old ultimate dining package on every cruise.
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