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  1. We got the same card on the third day of the cruise, but it wasn't exactly a comment card. It was more of a "is there anything wrong?" card. I filled out one on a previous cruise just because we didn't have any laundry bags in our cabin, and due to a language barrier I couldn't make our steward understand what we needed. I thought it was just a simple form that would clarify my request. Oh no, within a couple of hours the Head Housekeeper was knocking on our door with a handful of laundry bags and an offer to do our laundry for free! That night a new cabin steward introduced himself and apologized for the disappointing service of our "former" steward, whom we never saw again! The rest of the cruise I spent trying to explain to everyone from the Hotel Director to the bathroom attendants that we really weren't unhappy with our first steward, and that the whole incident was really my fault for not downloading Google Translate onto my phone.
  2. When we first started cruising back in the 80's, Royal Caribbean still did the written on-board comment cards and everyone in the cabin received his/her own. I don't know if they valued the actual comments as much as they did the number of cards submitted. But it was important enough that, at 8:00 am on the morning of disembarkation, the Cruise Director picked one card out of the bin and that person won a free cruise!
  3. Within hours after we disembarked Equinox last week, we received the standard online survey about our cruise. This survey appeared much less detailed than ones we have taken in the past, although the 1-10 ratings were the same. We thought it lumped far too many areas together. For instance, there was only one question about live music. We loved the Celebrity orchestra and the solo guitarist, but disliked other groups. It doesn't seem fair to give one rating to all live music aboard the ship when there is such a wide gap in quality. The same was true of guest entertainers. We loved some and walked out on others...do they all deserve the same grade? The survey didn't provide any opportunity for you to explain your ratings. In fact, there were only two opportunities to write in comments. One space specifically asked for the names of staff who were exemplary, and the other asked you to describe your "most memorable experience." It really didn't feel like Celebrity was looking for ways to improve the cruising experience, just fishing for the highest ratings so they could brag. As a passenger, how valuable do you consider these after-cruise questionnaires?
  4. On the first day several different people were taking reservations for anytime dining, and apparently they overbooked themselves for popular times. Our reservation was for a table for 2 at 8:15; and when we got to the dining room, there were about 25 people in line in front of us. Everyone who arrived was told to "just stand in line" whether they had reservations or not. Equinox recently eliminated the 2 lines -- one for those with reservations and the other for those who just walk up. Now everyone is herded into the same line. We waited 35 minutes to be seated and another 20 minutes before anyone brought us a menu. We were so frustrated that we asked the Captain's Club Hostess to make arrangements for us to have fixed seating every evening at 6:00. That worked most evenings, but if we didn't want to eat right at 6:00 on some nights, we simply enjoyed dinner at the Oceanview Cafe.
  5. We were also on this cruise and I noticed immediately when the ship stopped moving, even before the lights went out. What made me uncomfortable is that no one explained the reason for the outage. In fact, when specifically asked about it at the Officers' Q&A on the last day at sea, the Chief Engineer just brushed off the whole incident by saying Celebrity turned out the lights to make the cruise "more romantic"...at 8:00 am! The Cruise Director immediately asked for the next question and no further mention was made.
  6. We were also on this cruise and agree with OP that it was excellent. I don't mind the music being especially loud at parties on the deck or in the foyer, but why must it be deafening at events that are specifically designed for passengers to get to know one another? For instance, the Senior Officers Party and evening socials in the Sky Lounge. You would think Capt. Kate or the Hotel Director would have asked the band to lower the volume, because for 1 1/2 hours they were shouting to communicate with passengers standing right beside them.
  7. At the Meet & Mingle aboard Equinox last week, Capt. Kate stated that both she and her Mom read Cruise Critic regularly. I doubt that she posts, but don't you know she must be tempted when some of these forums get out of hand!
  8. We did a repositioning cruise from Vancouver to San Diego with an overnight in San Francisco. One of my favorite things was the nighttime tour of Alcatraz, which you need to book in advance. The prison itself was eerier at night, and seeing the city lights on the ferry back was beautiful.
  9. Also recommend Earthworks-pottery.com where you can visit their studio and watch craftspeople design and make pottery as well as purchase handmade items. As I recall there is a batik studio next door that operates similarly.
  10. We met a couple on cruise several years ago who actually have a "cruise closet" in their home. Don't we all have things we typically wear only on cruises? Fancy dresses, tropical shirts, etc. They also keep all the small "what ifs" on shelves in the same closet. We're trying to downsize at this point in our lives, so I told DH I would readily give up several rooms in our home (kitchen, dining room, laundry room!) if I could just have a Christmas closet and a cruise closet.
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