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  1. Almost at the end , the “ Groote Beer” , a former Victory ship ( ss Costa Rica Victory) which was rebuild into a passenger ship . Mainly for carrying immigrants . It was managed by the HAL. In 1963 , a Rotterdam newspaper called Het Vrije Volk, chartered the Groote Beer and the Waterman , another converted Victory, to transport football fans from Feyenoord Rotterdam to Lissabon for the semifinal of the European Cup against Benfica. An epic journey for several thousand fans. Too bad we have take airplanes today to go to European away matches....
  2. Or not . HAL at that time had a large fleet of freighters as well , all sold eventually. Last ones early 70’s . Besides the freighters also lots of interests or ownership of companies active in harbor, transport and storage activities. The company was simply referred to as “ The Line” in the Rotterdam area and everybody knew what you were talking about. The whole port area of Rotterdam has changed tremendously. Ships getting bigger , introduction of container vessels , bulk carriers etc. Most traditional cargo handling is gone and the harbor has extended into the North Sea , especially
  3. The monologue is by Simon Carmiggelt, a famous Dutch writer . Did you notice the production company ? Corona film NV ......
  4. Booked april( Westerdam) and august 2021(Statendam) . Both in Europe. But I might do one sooner on another cruiseline in European waters, see how TUI and Costa ( not my choice under normal circumstances) are faring the next couple of months. So far hardly any problems. TUI had some positives , but those turned out to be false. 🤞🤞🤞🤞
  5. For me the model of the ss Nieuw Amsterdam 😊
  6. Back to the high seas... which ship ?
  7. Olympic Stadium is not used for league football anymore, just athletic games and sometime amateurs play friendly games there.
  8. They do some nice pre-match actions as well. Thanks to stopping the league last march (due to corona) they didn't relegate... Three weeks ago Feyenoord -ADO Den Haag 4-2 😄
  9. The seal of the the city of Rotterdam is displayed here on the biggest hand painted banner ever to used in a football (soccer) stadium in Europe. It measured 105 by 50 meters and was completely handmade ( I know, I worked on it...). It was displayed before the cup game between the eternal rivals Feyenoord of Rotterdam and Ajax from amsterdam in october 2015. Feyenoord won the game ;-). As you can see , my avatar also displays this seal. This one in the tunnel before players reach the pitch in the Feyenoord stadium in Rotterdam. If you're ever in Rotterdam again, do a stadium tour !
  10. Right. It was done in 1967 at Wilton-Fijenoord shipyard in Schiedam , the Netherlands. They were shipped to the yard on the HAL freighter Schiedijk .
  11. Which ship and what is going on ?
  12. I'll book in an instant ! The Statendam is till anchored off the coast of Scheveningen , The Netherlands, I'm hoping for a cruise to nowhere. Wouldn't hesitate one second.
  13. Maybe it is a “language “ thing , but why are most ( non- Dutch) people referring to the ships as “ Rotterdam, Veendam etc. “ instead of THE Rotterdam and THE Veendam . Onboard ( remember when) , when the CD makes an announcement they say , for instance, activities happening on Rotterdam today . When the captain makes his announcement he always says THE Rotterdam. Same with the name of the company, it is Holland America Line , not Holland America or , even worse, just Holland . So , I p*ssed my vinegar for today 😉
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