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  1. The section about indoorpools is not in line with the policy in most European countries. In Germany and the Netherlands for instance, hotel indoor pools and spas have reopened. So why forbid them on a ship ? Healthygateways.eu is by no means an official organization that sets guidelines. The EU would have to do that. But as the crisis has shown us, individual countries have a different set of rules. Even the advice the EU has given about barring people from 15 countries, US including, doesn’t go far enough for Belgium for instance. So all in all, interesting piece of reading but by no means something to get upset about.
  2. We have received the FCC’s and refunds on all 4 cancelled cruises ( 2 in april , june and july) to the last penny . All paid back to the credit card. Flights, port fees , taxes , CPP , transfers , the whole works .Except where bookings in euros did not give the option in refunds but FCC. No problem since they can be converted to money when not used and guaranteed by SGR , a fund where most reliable TA’s as well as HAL in the Netherlands participates in. If a company goes bankrupt they will reimburse the travelers. No complaints.
  3. Received the refunds today of our april 3rd and april 17th cruise. Wait was 91 days. Got the FCC’s of april and july cruise 3 weeks ago. Used them already for two 2021 cruises.
  4. We received FCC for april 17 th and july 27 Th bookings , but no refunds for april 5th or FCC for june booking . No refunds for air , port fees and taxes either. Just shore excursions were paid back. So we wait .
  5. Just booked the 12 day Mediterranean on the Westerdam , leaving Barcelona april 20 2021. Feels good to have an a active booking again 😊 . Next booking will probably be a 7 day Norway out of Rotterdam ( done 5 of those already , but so convenient leaving from my hometown.... ) and looking at another European cruise in July or August 2021.
  6. That’s true , but when HAL did do the Canary Islands in december 2015 and in 2016 their tours were much more expensive. And for Europeans the Canary Islands are a popular destination in February, not only by cruiseschip but also flights / hotels , so it’s not really off season. From friends who did AIDA in season we saw the prices and possibilities of shore exs, again much more variety and lower than HAL.
  7. I started this topic. And yes it is my intention to make a document and sent it to the new CEO.
  8. It wasn’t that long ago that chilled soups were on the menu. I’d say three or four years ago.
  9. Officially called the Rijnhavenbrug (bridge) , but people in Rotterdam are quick with nicknames . As the bridge is pedastrians only and goes the former red light district, a name like hoerenloper seems only fitting ....
  10. From what I heard , they were not really into it. A shame imo , because the family van der Vorm had been in the company since 1933 .
  11. Thanks. I figured Katwijk would be the best spot.
  12. Great pictures, I thought they would be further from the coast . I know where I’m heading this week !!
  13. Oh oh De Haag ... mooie stad achter de duineh Sorry to all non- Dutch speakers!
  14. Not on ships registered in Rotterdam !!! Btw , on our last cruise on the Rotterdam, we departed from amsterdam ( was originally the Prinsendam’s itinerary) . Our captain apologized, he said the Rotterdam really shouldn’t be in amsterdam ! So no way a bar is going to be called ajax .... hahaha.
  15. Katendrecht or de Kaap is a separate area. Close to Feijenoord and since the new bridge , de hoerenloper , connected to the pier where the HAL is.
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