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  1. Looks very much like Pioneer Beach ? Lucky you, my favourite Paphos hotel!
  2. Booked for Feb also. Itinerary looks much better on Britannia than Arvia. Ship is filling up fast!
  3. Thank you Slugsta, sounds good. Will look at their website.
  4. Thank you for that info Tommart, much appreciated.
  5. Hi Annefield We are overnight in Helsinki this June on Arcadia. Tips please as to what you did during the day? during the evening? We are thinking it would be nice to eat out for a change rather than onboard? Any recommendations gratefully received.
  6. We have always been very satisfied with Mazda garage at Northwich (Oakmere) not too far. Have to agree, very comfortable cars (CX5]
  7. This thumping music was unbearable on Arvia last Caribbean season. We complained to the butler and because other aft cabin/suites had complained to him, he had it stopped. It was such a shame to have the fabulous wrap round balcony but having to retreat inside when the DJ started. We now cruise on Britannia aft suites as they have no bar or hot tubs beneath, just the lovely swaying wake!
  8. Hi there Barbadossunshine, we are on this cruise also. Have just started a roll call for this cruise. Don’t blame you not flying from Manchester, much easier for you if you live nearer Glasgow. We won’t fly from Manchester anymore either, think it’s a horrible airport now T2 is so huge, we love flying from Birmingham (it’s an airport like Manchester used to be). Looking forward to sailing on Britannia again.
  9. I just love the short tasselled dresses with pearls and feathery headdress and no, never even entered my mind to think of gangsters! Will do what you suggest and wear for formal night.
  10. Hi Purdey Bill and Terri here (from Arcadia Oct 2022} We too are on our first Cunard on Queen Anne for Xmas 2024 and have been slightly perplexed with dress code, we have red and gold for Xmas Day and Masquerade for NYE. Am disappointed we have no roaring 20s, was looking forward to that! Whatever, we will enjoy a new ship on a different cruise line although we are on Arcadia in June of this year for Baltic. Best wishes, hope you enjoy.
  11. QA 501 Xmas cruise 22 Dec 2024 to 5 Jan 2025 25 December. Red and Gold 31 December. Gala. No theme 2 January. Masquerade This will be our first Cunard cruise and I am disappointed there is no Roaring 20s, I was really looking forward to it! Would someone be kind enough to give me a guide to the Masquerade evenings please.
  12. We were on a B2B incorporating the repositioning cruise in March/April on Arvia in an aft suite. For the first few days the noise was horrendous, we had to retreat into the cabin and close the doors. We complained vociferously to the butler who, because he had other complaints, dealt with it and the noise ceased thereafter. So that is why you were not affected, it was stopped during our first fortnight and did not recommence. The weather over the Atlantic was fabulous every day and we were able to enjoy the splendid balcony in peace.
  13. We are in Aarhus next June and Den gemle By sounds fascinating. have noticed it is not on the excursion list so will def. visit independently Thank you for your input.
  14. Thank you Slugsta, that restaurant looks great. Will certainly book it nearer the time. We are there overnight so no rush in the evening. Will the tram stop nearby or is a taxi recommended. It is the first time to Helsinki for us so we know nothing! Is the ferry to the island you mention fairly close by? It is June so should have lovely long days. Thanks again.
  15. Hi Slugsta, just noticed your query on Helsinki overnight on another thread. How did it work out? We are overnight in Helsinki next June and am finding it a bit difficult on what to do both during the day and in the evening. Would welcome your thoughts.
  16. Isn’t it strange with plum trees, last year I had not one plum, but this year I’ve just picked nearly 30lbs off one tree, all destoned and now in the freezer!
  17. The Nationwide package covers only UK citizens who also have to be registered with GP in the UK.
  18. Have had excursions at all your ports and the two outstanding ones were Bonaire, hired a golf buggy (with top cover) to drive wherever you want , the roads are quiet and you can stop at your convenience, you will pass loads of beaches where you can park up, swim,and get back in. You are given a map, two alternatives, east or west. plenty of time to do one of them. We are looking forward to going again so we can do the other direction. The place to hire the buggy is only a five minute walk from ship. Not a lot to see at St Vincent but one of the neighbouring islands is Mustique! Fabulous. We went on a catamaran (p and o excursion) took about one hour to get there, land near Basil’s Bar, a favourite of Princess Margaret. Lunch was organised. Everything was top notch. BUT you will need to book the excursion asap because there are only 25 visitors allowed on the island daily. Enjoy!
  19. Hi Roger b in Palma off cruise ship Saturday 10 June. In port 10am to 8pm we wish to meet friends at San Joan Restaurant, Carrer de Sant Joan for tapas lunch. If we meet them at Cathedral is the restaurant walkable (I have booked it for 1.30] or do you suggest getting a taxi from port direct to restaurant.Many thanks.
  20. Yes, you will get a lot of noise from the Club House, both in the evening and during rehearsals. However it will be nice to hear the hymn singing at the Sunday Services.
  21. We are on this very same journey now. We are due in Soton on Sunday. We have one more call in La Coruna tomorrow. I cannot praise Arvia enough. She is a fabulous vessel. We are wondering if we can ever do a normal P and O ship again! The dining venue options are amazing. Would recommend to all of you. I am really surprised how much we love it. However, we have just received a letter in the cabin stating that Border Force need to see all guests and we are required to attend a face to face inspection on board prior to leaving on Sunday. Has anyone come across this before? We have sailed loads of transatlantics and never had to do this. It’s no problem because we are booked on the coach to take us back to airport we flew from, to the OP, go for it, it’s fantastic.
  22. Also Paula, as you have not cruised before do not hesitate in asking your cabin steward, they are usually lovely people and only too willing to help out. We sometimes go in a lounge at Birmingham but we are not doing this time as we quite like Birmingham airport, it is how Manchester used to be but is now awful. Depending on the weather, will probably have a red anorak on, we are getting a taxi from Redditch. Any other queries, glad to help, we have done this cruise very often so as you can tell, we like it!! Terri
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