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  1. Aw please! Really miss the Suez cruises now both Celebrity and Royal have stopped doing them, Emirates to the med in spring great trip!
  2. Thanks for your kind wishes! I will try not to compare the Marella experience to our other cruises, After 12 cancelled cruises during the Pandemic we are just so looking forward to being back on a ship. Hopefully things are getting better! Dianne
  3. Also sailed on Century for the last cruise and have to agree she was looking her age! We are on the Explorer end of January first time for us on Marella we sail most of the time with Celebrity and Royal, but hopefully will have a nice trip around the Canaries. Final payment due soon.
  4. Which ship was it when owned by Celebrity?
  5. We have enjoyed the chefs table lots of times, last time on our last cruise on Jewel of the seas back in February 2020 we were on a b2 b2 b and booked it each week. Usually book once on the ship and always get a discount! Well worth the $$$
  6. That’s not right is it? These two cruises are my 4th change since the start of the Pandemic with Royal, I’m getting mail trying to sell me drinks packages etc. on the second cruise but haven’t so far got a cabin on the first, still saying cancelled! They should of looked after the people they have messed with instead of opening bookings on Wonder, I will not be going on a 7 day cruise when I booked a b2b, hope you get your refund soon. Dianne
  7. Hi everyone; well I thought I had been allocated my same cabins on Wonder as I had picked on Allure, when I looked on my travel agents page I am charged to Wonder on both cruises and the same cabin number! Today I looked on cruise planner and my first cruise is showing cancelled and the second one is in the same category as originally but a different location. As this is a b2b I want the same cabin for both legs, my TA says Royal have told her it will be November before they allocate the 1st cruise, not too happy.Dianne
  8. We are booked on this ship for the end of January on a 14 nt canaries cruise, It’s the first time with Marella Cruises although we have cruised many times with other lines. This will be our first cruise in nearly two years, do you need a test before boarding the ship? Dianne
  9. Just checked my b2b after reading here that people are getting their cabins allocated, pleased Royal have kept us in the exact same cabin as we booked on Allure. 8290 for both parts, didn’t want to move for the second cruise.Dianne
  10. We are hopefully doing a b2b end of May two 7 nt cruises on Wonder! Because of lack of flights near to departure I’ve decided to book 4nights in Barca, although we have stayed in this lovely place many times I’m happy to stay 4nts pre cruise just adds to the trip😊
  11. Have you a b2 b booked on Allure now will be on Wonder? We have end of May/June b2b and waiting to hear if we will get the same rooms for both legs, as I pokes the same rooms originally
  12. We have booked a 14 nt on the same ship in January, first time on this brand! We have mostly cruised Celebrity and Royal, not sure what to expect but looking forward to being back at sea.
  13. Think it was a 4D balcony, couldn’t see any available on the deck plans for Wonder
  14. We have had the email last week to say our Allure b2 b would me moved to Wonder, Just logged in to my cruises and still showing as one cancelled and the other as changed from 7 nt Mediterranean to 6nts in the Caribbean !
  15. Here we go again, Just found out about this through you guys! Haven’t been reading the boards for a few days, no email received from Celebrity they have sent them on all my other cancelled cruises. Im going to try and lift and shift my b2b in September to next year! These cruises have been cancelled three times in total, I really thought we had good chance of sailing this time. Flights will have to be cancelled so we will be loosing cash on them, Ten cancelled cruises now.Dianne
  16. I have the my GP app, but for some reason there’s no Barr code and it seems we have to get our surgery to allow access to medical records. At the moment can’t visit the surgery without an appointment and they are only answering the phone for emergencies! Hopefully this will become easier in a short while, we have until September before our next trip. Dianne
  17. Great news, still wondering what proof of vaccine they will require
  18. It’s all sorted now and I can apply to next summers cruise😄Just hope my 2 Celebrity cruises in September go ahead it will be 20 months without a cruise by then. Dianne
  19. On the Norwegian cruise they applied the FCC and like you the exchange rate was good! When they cancelled I thought they would give me the old FCC as it stood and then I could apply it to the cruise I have booked for next year, I have received the future credit from the amount I paid on the fiords cruise but would of liked to have applied all credits to next years booking. Doesn’t seem like a big task! But hey! Dianne
  20. Hi everyone, a wee problem maybe someone can help with. At the end of last year I received a FCC on a deposit on a cancelled cruise, this cruise was booked in the uk. I booked a cruise on Anthem for Norwegian fiords through my American agent, and Royal applied the FCC to the new cruise. The original credit was £300 as I was rebooking in dollars they converted it to dollars$408, this cruise as of course been cancelled and I received 125% of the money paid as FCC but I have not had the $408 refunded at 100%. The agent says they are looking into it and the problem is it was originally inGBP, The Noweigian cruise was paid almost in full I still owed $200 to pay on final payment so I was told I wouldn’t get the taxes back, perhaps someone knows if this makes sense, maybe Ken or anyone who has a clue. I have emailed the agent in USA to see if she can find out why it’s taking so long, the last time I heard from her was 10 days ago. Thanks,Dianne
  21. Our Anthem cruise in July has been cancelled and in the cancellation letter it said if you accepted the option of 125% future cruise credit you should receive it by April 16th so this would be about 2 weeks from the email setting out the options. I have booked two cruises b2b for next May/June at quite a good price with the crown and anchor balcony discount! I hope to apply the credit to one of these cruises, it should almost pay one off.
  22. Just wondering, as anyone ever took the 125% future cruise credit from a cruise booked via an agent in the US and applied it to a new booking with a uk agent? Don’t know if this is ok or not!
  23. Tanks guys. So I will try and sort this with my travel agent xx
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