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  1. Agree, we did this when we cruised from San Juan. It was great, especially at night with them coming in late. Late afternoon, they were in our room using the balcony .
  2. Elation, May 2011, 7 days out of Mobile, and went to Grand Cayman, Montego Bay and Cozumel. Wanted to do something different than a beach vacation at Ft Walton or Destin.
  3. I was on Duval street this week and in many of their restaurants. Other than my hotel room, the plane was one of the safest places to be. I have had my shots, so I getting out.
  4. Flew through Orlando's Jet Blue and Frontier terminal today. At least half of the food court stores were closed. Terminal was not crowed. My plane seated 48 and we had 31on the flight. Also flew through Tampa earlier this week, similar situation. Not worried about the airlines being a super spreader at this moment. They are no worse than WalMart, Home Depot, Lowes, grocery store, etc....
  5. People on 2 hour sunset excursion without a mask.
  6. Cruising with no restrictions!
  7. The hardcore's will go to another thread and continue their amusing comments.
  8. We need more hijackers, some are taking themselves way to serious.
  9. That is a bar in Key West.
  10. Please wear a shirt to prevent skin cancer and hold down my insurance rates.
  11. That is why I read this site.
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