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    Theater, Ocean Liners, Art, Reading
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    Royal Caribbean, Cunard, Princess, Holland America Line.
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  1. cruiserking

    How many days until your next cruise??? Part 2

    10 days till Regal Princess!
  2. cruiserking

    Font Size and Color Missing on Repy Menu

    How did you accomplish this? In word? or through this new fangled format? Jonathan
  3. cruiserking

    Roll Call Lists are Scrambled

    I'm not very tech savvy. But, I did manage to just type a new lists in word with colors and larger print size then cut and paste it to the roll call forum and it worked. Jonathan
  4. cruiserking

    No numbered posts within the thread?

    Yes, so I saw. They were added after I posted of their absence. Glad to have them back. Jonathan
  5. cruiserking


    Thank you Jenn. I will email you at the community address. How would I tag you on the roll call? Thank you. Jonathan
  6. It was great to be able to use different colors when making lists for roll calls, that option is no longer available. Please bring it back. Jonathan
  7. For our upcoming October 27, Regal Princess cruise I have kept numerous lists for Slot Pulls, Gift Exchanges, Sail Away Mingles; however, all of those lists are completely scrambled, filled with computer and not legible. I hope this glitch can be fixed so that everyone on the roll call can benefit from the various lists for events during our cruise. Jonathan
  8. cruiserking

    No numbered posts within the thread?

    Please restore the post numbers. It is much easier to see which posts are new when you have posts numbers. Jonathan
  9. cruiserking


    I have kept careful lists on our roll call for Slot Pulls, Gift Exchanges & Sail Away Mingles; now all of those lists are impossible to read. Instead the posts are filled with computer jargon. Our October 27, Regal Princess cruise ships out next week, truly hoping this glitch can be fixed so everyone can properly attend these on board events and the lists can be legible for everyone on the roll call. Thank you. Jonathan