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  1. Thanks for watching. Jonathan
  2. I am constantly imagining where we'd we be had Empress sailed. Sipping cocktails on that beautiful aft deck gazing at the pastel buildings on Front Street as the sun sets over the turquoise sea. How about you? Hope Empress is cruising to Bermuda next June so we trade these couch dreams for the real deal. Jonathan
  3. I don't think Royal will be in a big hurry to sell the Empress. She is a unique ship with a great following. Empress can easily sail into smaller ports around the world. Particularly coming out of this Covid-19 pandemic I think smaller ships will be a lot more appealing. We were supposed to have boarded Empress today for 7-night cruise to Bermuda. Porting in Hamilton and St. George is a unique experience and one that I hope is still available to book aboard this classic, elegant little liner. Jonathan
  4. I asked if cruising will return soon and the Magic 8 Ball replied "Most Likely". I feel better already. Jonathan
  5. Thanks for posting. Just watched an episode on YouTube. Such a nice departure from the typical Mighty Ships shows. So Jonesing for a cruise right now, this will do nicely until Princess starts cruising again. Jonathan
  6. In Thailand many office buildings have retrofitted their elevators to function via foot pedals to alleviate the spread of Covid. Wonder if cruise lines could adopt this same technology. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-thailand-lift-peda-idUSKBN22W294 Jonathan
  7. I disagree. I think in light of Covid-19 a ship like Empress is very appealing because she is much smaller. Furthermore, Empress is a wonderful ship and I hope she continues to sail as part of the Royal Caribbean fleet for many years to come. Jonathan
  8. Dropping our dog off at the pet care facility. Once that's done it's cruise Mode all the way. Jonathan
  9. cruiserking


    They already have; "Outbreak", "The Stand", "Shaun of the Dead". Wash your hands and steer clear of zombies.
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