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  1. My argument would then be, don’t advertise it as a perk of a certain suite, if it possibly is not going to happen. For us…no big deal. However, there could very well be some people booking these suites expecting it will happen. Another Faux Pas with Regent.
  2. Last two past Splendor cruises in Grand Suites, we were never invited to dine with a senior officer, even though it is advertised as a perk for that category. Just was not something we would have done, regardless.
  3. My pleasure. We are on Grandeur in July and again have opted for 1012, midship. We enjoyed the layout more and it was a most comfortable suite with very little noise nor vibration, and the deck was terrific to sit out on enjoying food and cocktails.
  4. We were in 1201 on Splendor about 2 years ago for a Caribbean cruise, and during the night there was considerable motion and vibration. We had a wrap around balcony (much too large to be useful) that we enjoyed cocktails on but that high up and forward, you will feel the wind. On our TA on Splendor last April, we wanted the same category suite but moved to one on Deck 10.......huge difference.
  5. Agree. We were in a GS on Splendor our past 2 cruises, and our butler secured our reservations each night with no problems. We will do the same on our upcoming Gradeur cruise in July.
  6. We will say “thank you” in an envelope at the end of our cruise to those who have looked after us well. Last TA on Splendor, we also brought candy, indigenous to Savannah and handed them,out to room stewards and others. Our steward told us that in her country (?) receiving candy as a gift is treasured. We will bring more, along with some cash, on on Grandeur cruise in July.
  7. Pool bar. 4th sear from left…..3rd seat from right. Maybe one day we’ll jockey for it. Enjoy your cruise.
  8. Close to 2 years ago, we stayed in 1201 on Splendor, and felt motion and vibration quite often, especially at night while the ship was moving. Being a little farther back from the front as you will be in 1215, you may not experience the motion and vibration that we did. Good luck and have a great cruise.
  9. Z....we are on Grandeur in July.....4th seat from left at Pool Bar is mine. Will look for your imprint when we board.
  10. Loss was actually a profit. And yes, mired in debt but have to start somewhere to alleviate that.
  11. Very positive earnings report today from NCL.
  12. On our Splendor TA this past April, there was a table by the pool bar with a sign indicating that any items left on a lounger longer than (? Can’t remember the exact time) would be collected by crew and brought back to this table for pickup. Loved sitting at the pool bar and watching these selfish miscreants shuffle back to the table and pick up their “I can leave this on the lounger for however long I wish” items. Think I may have cheered one or two of them as they did so. People with a feeling of entitlement just burns my butt. Hope there are no issues on our July Grandeur cruise.
  13. Agree with you relative to issues lines are facing. And I am sure we, like all cruisers, want to get what we pay for these days. Rep was Ina…nice young lady.
  14. Absolutely agree. Clients paying thousands of dollars and then Regent nickels and dimes. Advertising and goodwill? Out the window. An aside here….our TA hosted a Cruise Event last night at our Club with over 300 attending. All major cruise lines were represented. We’re off in July on a Grandeur cruise, and talking with the Regent rep (have met her before at these events) I was shocked to hear her say she did not have business cards. She also stated Mike Moore is no longer with Regent. This will be our third Regent cruise in under 2 years in a named suite…..and are beginning to wonder if Regent’s recent cost saving moves will result in us doing different vacations in the future.
  15. The hotel had an elevator not operating, which is inconvenient given the "lobby" is on the 17th floor (if memory serves correct). The included breakfast was extremely poor and on one of the lower floors of the building. The hotel restaurant/bar was "ok", but certainly we would have expected more for a Regent supplied hotel.
  16. Sorry…referring to AKA Brickell.
  17. We were booked there on a Splendor cruise as part of our “free” hotel package about 2 years ago. We would not want to stay there again and it has had some bad reviews here on CC over the past. Appears Regent heard the critiques and changed hotels.
  18. We have done the same for our July Grandeur cruise. Out TA advises the Majestic's breakfast is sensational.....most likely no lunches those 2 days.
  19. We also use Blacklane extensively in Europe. Very professional staff with excellent vehicles. CurlerRob.....lived in TO for 18 years and curled a few times at St. Georges.
  20. For our Grandeur cruise July 22 from Barcelona, we arranged our own air and pre-cruise hotel at the Majestic. Included hotel is Sofia which seems to be in a kind of out of the way area from Barcelona hotspots and Majestic looks terrific. Last time in Barcelona we stayed at El Palace and very much enjoyed it and the location. Uber from Majestic to pier then looking forward to Grandeur.
  21. Any reason given for cancellation? Ship?
  22. Whoa.....we had thought about Explora but more than happy we booked Grandeur in July.
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