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  1. We were in 1012 on Splendor for a TA this past April, and noise from the pool was negligible.
  2. Agree with you, Bill. My older ones will work just fine on our upcoming Grandeur cruise in July. Upgrade to wines would be our first choice.
  3. On our last Splendor cruise (TA), we tipped our room stewards, butler and various other staff, and also contributed to the Staff Fund. We also brought some local candy from Savannah and gave them to stewards and butler.....we were told that in their culture (sorry....can not remember countries they were from) that having candy given to them is almost "sacred" and very much appreciated.
  4. Or into the lounger you have “reserved” for 9 hours….
  5. We will be in 1012 on Grandeur on a July Med cruise. The only references I can offer is for a GS on Splendor. We did a Caribbean on Splendor a couple years ago, in 1201, and there was considerable motion/vibration at night. We then did a TA in 1012 in April '23 and very much preferred the mid ship location. We felt zero vibration, even when sailing through some rough seas. Looking at Gradeur deck plans, I can not see suite 984..??
  6. Regent has a website selling some of their bedding, toiletries, etc but not, I believe, towels.
  7. bitob......question here as we will be in 1012 on Grandeur in July......how have you found the GS? We're anxious to compare it to both 1201 and 1012 on Splendor.
  8. I suspect Regent would rather passengers get in fights rather than having a proactive policy to avoid it. Absolutely crazy.
  9. On our TA Splendor cruise in April, there was a table set up by the pool bar with signs stating items left on chairs alone will be picked up after 30 minutes and brought to this table. Was hilarious to sit at pool bar and watch miscreants do the walk of shame. And it was rigorously enforced. We had a lady with a dog on Splendor on a Caribbean cruise just over a year ago…..very special attention as it was Shania Twain. Rules should be rules for ALL PAYING PASSENGERS. And I am betting, Ms Twain in the Regent Suite had a sweetheart deal.
  10. Thanks for the update and trust there will be “staff smooth sailing” when we are on Grandeur in July. Need a Dino fix…..will head up some time in the Spring. Joyeux Noel!
  11. Thanks for the reply. We have been in 2 Grand Suites on Splendor, 1201 and 1012. Yes, quite large for 2 people but appreciated the large living/dining area. Balcony for 1201 far too large (wrap-around) to enjoy and felt movement at front of ship. Also enjoy the 2 full bathrooms…..looking forward to experiencing the difference of a GS on Grandeur compared to Splendor. Good sailing…..\
  12. bitob......couple questions for you. Have you noticed during these past few cruises you have been on staff "finding their pace" a bit more each day? Also, how have you found the Grand Suite?.....we will be in 1012 on Grandeur in July.
  13. With a last name of Pilon, and being originally from Montreal….think I can ask “Comment ca va?”.
  14. On our Splendor TA this past April, crew had a table set up by pool bar and notices advising anyone who left items on a pool chair for more than 30 minutes (believe that was time) would have their items collected by staff and placed on this table for pickup. Became the walk of shame for far too many miscreants. Would hope/expect Grandeur to do the same thing. I would be speaking with someone about it.
  15. We were in GS 1201 and then 1012 on last 2 Splendor cruises. I came down with a nasty respiratory virus on our TA this past April. Bride kicked me out to living room area so she could sleep!
  16. Nice inconvenience move. We will be in 1012 on Grandeur in July.
  17. Suggest you check out Suite Guru for deck 6 on both Splendor and Explorer. Good into there.
  18. From someone whose Bride is going through bout #5, and doing GREAT two years after last diagnoses, we hope the best for you. We will be on Grandeur in July and will toast to your health around pool bar.
  19. Hopefully our July Grandeur cruise will be the usual Regent life they offer. Suite 1012.....love it.
  20. Agree with you. But it would seem that this present issue involves Grandeur perhaps not being completely ready? That, would be Regents fault, if true.
  21. Whoa....a $500 OBC! Which is to say, that if you buy a $500 watch in the Boutique, said watch costs Regent probably $200....so there is your actual OBC while Regent makes an additional $300 off it. New President has been very quiet during this whole issue......Andrea, you out there??
  22. Agree also. Have one at home that I "blast" but the one on Splendor just is not very good.
  23. After all her past health issues, I suspect it is an emotional support dog.
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