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  1. Sounds like a plan. Off to Maine in a couple weeks then to Montreal in August and we are looking at early September. Stay tuned.....
  2. We lived in Dublin for 5 years. Suffice to say, a few times in Temple Bar. Our favorite steakhouse anywhere is Shanahans on the Green. Www.shanahans.ie. Great story to it and downstairs bar, the Oval Office, filled with US Presidential artifacts. Fantastic food and wine. Bill….looking to get up to Greenville in the not too distant future.
  3. Our Splendor cruise mid March had culinary kitchen events. However, they were demo only and not hands on. Given that, we were reimbursed our charges for them both.
  4. Hey Dino! You, but nobody else will get that. Well, we just put a hold on an Explorer cruise for Oct. 19, and in an Explorer Suite. After a few SS cruises, we still were not all that impressed, so we will do Regent again. They just match up best with our personalities.
  5. We have a hold on a similar cruise in October on Explorer. Virtually an identical one we had booked on Splendor a couple years back. Hopefully we will get things finalized and booked by Monday. Thanks for taking us along with this cruise.
  6. Three months post cruise….dust has settled and now want to make a few more comments. Splendor was beautiful and staff great, for the most part. Our suite, 1201, was terrific except for strong vibrations at night in the bedroom. From, the ship. Dining for the most part ranged from “not so good” to “very good”. Pacific Rim was exceptionally disappointing with no sake served and mediocre food. It did not help that a server spilled a plate of food on our table. Our favorite was Sette Marie…..consistent, excellent food and service. Certainly can not say the same for other dining venues. CD Nevin was AOWL virtually the entire time. Did we get our money’s worth in a Grand Suite? Not at all. One bartender, Vita, stood out and was sensational. Will we cruise with Regent again….for sure. But not in one of the “named suites” as we just don’t see the value attached to them for price charged. Costa Maya POC cancelled due to apparently rough seas. No credit given.
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